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Here’s What Went Down Between Romeo, Jill, & Kira Before Bachelor In Paradise

Kira and Romeo met in New York earlier this year.

The first 'Bachelor in Paradise' love triangle has arrived. Here's everything to know about Romeo, J...
ABC/Craig Sjodin

As we’ve learned to expect from the summer spinoff, Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 promised several sticky romantic situations — as Johnny DePhillipo put it in one trailer, “There’s love triangles all over this place. It’s like geometry beach.” The show wasted no time living up to that promise, delivering its first love triangle between Romeo Alexander, Jill Chin, and Kira Mengistu during the BiP premiere on Sept. 27.

So, what went down? One part of the budding love triangle seems to have started well before the singles ever hit the beach. As Jill explained upon her arrival on BiP Season 8, she and Romeo were friends for a while — but then, Romeo acknowledged, he kissed Kira. “I didn’t know a lot of things were happening in your life,” Jill said. “I just wish I had a little more insight on what was going on.”

In February, Kira and Romeo were, indeed, photographed hanging out in New York together — albeit in a group setting with podcaster Justin Cole Adams of Justin Takes the Bach and Ivana Noble, a fellow contestant from Clayton Echard’s season.

Despite his history with both women, Romeo seemed intent on making things right with Jill. “I just want to pursue Jill ... I feel like we have a little more air to clear,” he said in a confessional.

Simple enough, right? But alas, Kira had her eyes on Romeo, too. In April, she told about her plans for Paradise — and who she hoped to spend time with there if she ended up going. Though she said she’d “be going in with a super open mind,” she named Romeo as one of the “really cute guys ... [she’d] love to meet.” So while things were never guaranteed between the two doctors (she an M.D., he a Ph.D.), it seemed like something might be brewing.

That crush was made clear when Kira arrived on the beach, immediately interrupting Romeo and Jill’s conversation — and taking Jill’s drink.

Later on, Romeo approached Jill to continue their conversation. “I like you. I’ve always liked you ... I don’t like that this has interfered with that,” he said. “I don’t have a connection with Kira. And I want to move on and just have a clean slate.”

This talk was more successful and ended with Romeo and Jill making out — until they were, once again, interrupted by Kira. Once they were alone (again!), Kira told Romeo he should be “open to exploring whatever connections you want,” but Romeo insisted he was into Jill.

Kira and Jill then had an argument of their own, in which Kira accused Jill of slut-shaming her. “Things would be simpler if I hadn’t kissed Kira,” Romeo observed from afar. It’s unclear how Romeo, Jill, and Kira’s love triangle will play out — but a promo for the rest of the season saw Jill declare “I love getting revenge,” so, we’ll see!