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What Is Hunter Doing After The Bachelor?

Fans are upset she was sent home during the Feb. 14 episode.

After 'The Bachelor,' Hunter Haag has been traveling. Photo via ABC
ABC/John Fleenor

Though the Feb. 14 Bachelor episode saw Shanae Ankney’s much-anticipated (and much-celebrated) exit from the lineup, it also saw two upsetting departures — namely, Marlena Wesh and Hunter Haag. While you probably already heard that Marlena is eyeing a Bachelor in Paradise hosting gig after her elimination, you may be wondering: what is Hunter doing after The Bachelor?

Viewers don’t yet know if Hunter has similar aspirations for Paradise — but either way, she’s not waiting for an invite to start traveling. The Disney princess-turned-HR specialist has been documenting her international adventures on Instagram since being sent home in fall 2021. In addition to spending the holidays in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, Hunter’s shared snaps from The Bahamas, Disney World, New York, and Los Angeles.

She generally appears solo in her IG travelogue, but she definitely still has romance on her mind. “The birds and sailboat are giving Nicholas Sparks,” she captioned one Feb. 3 photo by the water. (According to Hunter’s official Bachelor bio, A Walk to Remember is her favorite book — so the reference more than checks out.) So even if Clayton Echard isn’t Hunter’s Landon Carter, per se, it seems that she’s staying open to the possibility of a Sparks-esque relationship somewhere down the line.

Further proof that Hunter is taking her Bachelor exit in stride? TikTok, of course. On what appears to be the former contestant’s growing account, she’s been sharing her feelings about being sent home via trending sounds. Is there any better way?

She had a #majorbagalert moment during the Valentine’s Day episode, joking about how much her therapist must be making off her Bachelor woes.

She also borrowed from a Euphoria exchange between Rue and Nate for another hilarious commentary on the financial perils of being on The Bachelor...

... and shared a very relatable reaction about the emotional highs and lows of the Feb. 14 episode.

So Paradise or not, you can at least keep up with Hunter on TikTok for some quality commentary — and maybe a peek at her next move.