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Ivan From The Bachelorette Is Officially On TikTok

In case you want to thirst after him on yet another platform.

Ivan Hall and Tayshia Adams cook together during his 'Bachelorette' hometown date  via ABC Press Sit...

We don't yet know if Ivan will take home Tayshia's final rose on The Bachelorette, but we do know a few things about what he's doing after the show. For one: Ivan is officially on TikTok. Within the last week, he's shared videos of his time sightseeing in Colorado, cooking lumpia with his mom ("I had to redeem myself," he wrote, referring to the not-so-great batch he made on his"hometown" date with Tayshia), and playing basketball... in Crocs. (Yes, they are unfortunately back in style.)

Ivan has also been dealing with a minor inconvenience — particularly for those of his fans who want to thirst after him on Instagram. On Monday, Ivan woke up to find his IG mysteriously disabled, which also recently happened to his Bachelorette castmate Riley Christian. "So I woke up this morning and my Instagram was disabled. Not sure why," Riley tweeted the day before. "I think someone out there is trying to kill our vibe #BachelorNation. We can’t let that happen."

Ivan promptly quoted the tweet, writing, "My Instagram just got disabled too!" Later, he warned followers of a fake account and said he has "no clue" what happened, that he "never received a warning or reason" for the deactivation.

"The timing is comical at this point," he tweeted, sharing the video. "Make sure you guys check out #TheBachelorette season finale tomorrow and Tuesday!!"

Riley's account was quickly reinstated, so Ivan should be back online in time to follow along with the Bachelorette finale. Thankfully, you can still find him on TikTok (and Twitter) in the meantime.