Two Love Island USA Season 4 Exes Are Apparently “Besties” Who Still Kiss

Here’s where the final couples stand.

Which 'Love Island USA' Couples Are Still Together After Season 4? Photo via Peacock
Casey Durkin/Peacock

It’s been less than a week since the Love Island USA Season 4 reunion — but relationships move fast in the Villa and they can move fast out of it, too. As Collider points out, the American spinoff isn’t necessarily known for cultivating steady, long-lasting partnerships — in fact, none of the successful couples from the first three seasons of Love Island USA are still together today.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the latest Love Island USA couples will share the same fate. Season 4 was different in a few major ways, after all — a new host, a new platform, a new Villa back on the mainland — and the show’s success rate could always change, too.

Now that the relationship drama has settled down, you may be wondering: which of the Love Island USA finalists from Season 4 are still together? Here’s an update on everything we know so far.

Are Zeta & Timmy Together After Love Island USA?

During Love Island USA Season 4, Zeta Morrison and Timmy Pandolfi were drawn to each other from Day 1. “I’m taking him home. Let’s just go,” Zeta said, moments after first meeting the personal trainer, aka Timmy Swerve. Their connection proved strong enough to power through a temporary love square, win Hottest Couple, and ultimately take home the top prize. But are Zeta and Timmy still together today?

Casey Durkin/Peacock

Not only are Zeta and Timmy still together, but they’re already talking about weddings — in generalities, at least. Though Zeta and Timmy are not planning their nuptials, they told Page Six that they’re down to elope, if marriage is in the cards one day. “We have had our discussions about how most people go about [getting married],” Timmy told the outlet. “It’s super structured and scheduled, marking down calendar dates. I think, for us, if it were to get to that point, it would just be something like, ‘Hey, today’s the day. Let’s do it.’”

Are Sydney & Isaiah Together After Love Island USA?

Runners-up Isaiah Campbell and Sydney Paight had a little more drama during their time on Love Island USA. Despite their on-and-off relationship during Season 4, they are still together after the Villas. In an Aug. 29 interview with, they revealed they were navigating their long-distance relationship, but Sydney said, “living in the same city is the goal.”

As for what city that might be? TBD. “I don’t know if I would move to L.A. yet or she would move to Miami. It would depend,” Isaiah said. “We don’t really know yet, obviously. See how things go outside the Villa for sure. But, I think right now, we’re just going to remain distant for a little bit. Flying isn’t too bad.”

Are Deb & Jesse Together After Love Island USA?

After coming in third place on Love Island USA Season 4, Deb Chubb and Jesse Bray have kept no secrets about their current relationship status: They’re very much together and loving post-Villa life.

“I don’t think I’ll last very long without him,” Deb said during the Love Island reunion. “So I think he’s moving to California. So he’ll be close.”

Are Nadjha & Jeff Together After Love Island USA?

Despite being one of the final couples on Love Island USA Season 4, Nadjha Day broke up with Jeff Christian over his jealousy issues. “All I did was say sorry to Timmy, and Jeff got pissed about that,’ Day said. “That’s when I just knew, this isn’t the person for me right now.”

They left the show after Nadjha called out Jeff’s “red flag” behavior and did not get back together after the Villa. There are no hard feelings between the pair, though. “Although we parted ways at the end, i am forever grateful to have gone thru this whole experience with him,” Nadjha wrote in a Sept. 1 Instagram post. “I have nothing but love for Jeff & i don’t want any more negativity spread to him. we have spoken and are on good terms.”

More recently, Nadjha and Jeff shared photos that see them spending time together and calling each other “bestie.”

But in one of Nadjha’s photos, they’re actually kissing! So does that mean they’re back together?

“We’re feeling things out and just seeing how things are in the real world,” Nadjha wrote on her Sept. 6 story, adding that they “really haven’t put a label on our relationship.”