Here’s Who Victor Chooses In The Love, Victor Season 3 Finale

A third romantic interest enters the chat.

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Michael Cimino as Victor in the 'Love, Victor' Season 3 series finale via Hulu's press site
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Spoilers ahead for Love, Victor Season 3. Following that Season 2 cliffhanger, Love, Victor Season 3 immediately reveals if Victor chose Benji or Rahim (Anthony Keyvan). It turns out, Michael Cimino’s titular character was standing at Benji’s door to profess his love. Explaining that he can’t let the night end with Benji (George Sear) thinking he’d moved on, Victor says, “You changed my life. I love you, Benji. It’s always been you.” Though Victor and Benji end up together, there are more bumps in the road for the couple. The Love, Victor series finale begins with the pair broken up and Victor dating a new man named Nick (Nico Greetham).

Viewers meet Nick midseason as a new love interest for Victor after Benji’s father blames him for his alcoholism relapse and warns him to stay away from his son. The Season 3 finale opens with Victor bragging that Nick is in his front view, and Benji is finally in his rearview mirror, on his one-year anniversary at Creekwood High. Before he can even finish his sentence, though, Benji texts him asking if they can talk before school. During their meetup, Benji explains that he’s leaving Creekwood to live at a Connecticut boarding school where his aunt is a dean. His reason? He saw Benji and Nick kissing when he came over to talk.

“Seeing you with someone new made me accept that you’ve moved on, and I need to move on, too,” Benji says. “I’m just not really sure I can do that here.”

After a lukewarm “see you around” goodbye and friendly hug, Victor is more nostalgic right before his big awards assembly speech. Enter Nick, who decides to “take the ‘B’ word out for a spin” and officially calls Victor his “boyfriend.” Though Victor’s mixed reaction tells viewers everything they need to know, his emotional bravery award acceptance speech removes all doubt. Of Benji, he says that after coming out as gay, he “fell in love with an amazing guy who’s patient and wise and pushed me to be the very best version of myself.”

After the ceremony, Nick astutely observes, “You’re not over your ex.” After Victor admits that he “really tried to be,” the two amicably part ways, and he goes on one last “dramatic sprint” back to his ex. Finding Benji and his father loading the car in their driveway, Victor confesses that he hasn’t moved on. After explaining that he’d been scared off by Benji’s dad blaming him for his relapse — a surprise to Benji — Victor asserts that he doesn’t think he’s bad for him.

“Benji, if you think he’s right, that I’m bad for you, get in that car, don’t look back,” Victor adds. “But if you think that I’m right and that we belong together, then stay. ’Cause I love you.”

Unfortunately, though, Benji tells Victor that he’s already decided to leave and it’s too late to change his mind. Fast-forward to the Winter Carnival, which brings all of the characters back to where the series started. Vaguely explaining to his friends and family that there is something he has to do, Victor heads toward the neon Ferris wheel for a solo ride. “Just me, and I’m OK with that,” he tells the worker.

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But then, Benji appears, in true cinematic fashion. “Wait. Room for one more?” he asks. After a stunned Victor accepts, Benji explains that he had a long talk with his parents about him, including the fact that he isn’t his trigger — they are. “I want us to be together, Victor,” Benji says. “But I still have to work on myself, like, a lot. And I have no idea how it ends between us, which scares the hell out of me.”

After Benji asks if Victor ever wonders what would have happened if they’d just gone on the Ferris wheel together one year earlier, he replies in the negative. “No, not really, because that isn’t our story. This is. And it’s perfect,” Benji tells him in the final lines of the series as they begin kissing.

Noting the unexpected “twists and turns” leading up to the finale, Cimino recently told Hollywood Life that he was satisfied with how Love, Victor ended prior to the episode’s premiere. “I mean, I wish that we maybe had some more time with the characters and whatever else,” he told the outlet. “But I am happy with how it ends.”

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