Lady Leshurr Is “Open To Everything” When It Comes To Love

“I’d never draw the line at anyone.”

Lady Leshurr Is “Open To Everything” When It Comes To Love
David M. Benett/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Appearing on BBC’s Rock Till We Drop alongside Spandau Ballet’s Martin Kemp, rapper Lady Leshurr has been making moves since the release of her debut single “Lego” in 2011 and her Queen’s Speech five-part series on YouTube. But new-found fans have been speculating, is Lady Leshurr dating? And if so, who is she dating?

Identifying as pansexual, the Dancing On Ice star opened up about her love life in an interview with The Sun in early 2021. “I’d never draw the line at anyone. I’m open to everything and I’m spontaneous. That’s why I’m pansexual – because I love experimenting. If I connect with somebody and they happen to be in their 40s, I wouldn’t mind that.”

In spite of all that though, the rapper is quite content with being single right now. “I’m pretty happy that I’m not in a relationship right now, because I wouldn’t know how to balance a relationship with all the work involved. It’s intense,” she told the paper.

But that’s not to say that Lady Leshurr hasn’t had her fair share of romance in the past. Referencing her former flame, fellow rapper Paigey Cakey in the 2017 song about their fiery altercations, “On The Road,” the pair were forced to open up publicly about their past.

After the release of “On The Road”, Paigey tweeted: “Lady Leshurr was not my best friend, she was my GIRLFRIEND. And it was a toxic relationship. I was not the bad person! I never wanted to take it here.” Lady Leshurr hit back in January 2018, saying Paigey used her “for money and a place to stay” as well as “hacking all my stuff.”

Elsewhere, Lady Leshurr has admitted to “awkwardly” ending relationships over a text message. Though she hasn’t named any names, she told Metro that “I text a lot when I don’t want confrontation and I think if a relationship’s not going too well, we do tend to hide behind or shy around a text message.” Adding: “I was dating this guy and I was just like ‘I don’t feel the progression with him.’”