A Marvel Star Voices Pete The Logic Rock On Human Resources

The Logic Rock acts as the voice of reason for his sex-obsessed and emotionally driven co-workers.

Keith the Grief sweater, voiced by Henry Winkler, Pete the Logic Rock, voiced by Randall Park, in 'H...

If you liked Big Mouth but thought the show could use more of its fantastical creatures, Netflix has you covered. March 18 marks the premiere of Human Resources, another adult-themed cartoon set in the same world as Big Mouth that follows the hormone monsters in their day-to-day lives. Instead of focusing on the ins-and-outs of puberty, Human Resources is more of a workplace comedy. But like its predecessor, the show features an incredible voice cast including Aidy Bryant, Keke Palmer, Lupita Nyong'o, Helen Mirren, and Maya Rudolph.

Grounding his sex-obsessed and more emotionally driven co-workers is Pete the Logic Rock, voiced by Randall Park. If you’ve been paying attention to pop culture over the last decade you’ve definitely seen (and heard) Park before. He made his name starring as Louis Huang on ABC’s family sitcom Fresh Off the Boat and presidential candidate Danny Chung on HBO’s political satire Veep in the early 2010s. Since then, Park’s career has taken off. He’s landed significant roles in both Marvel and DC properties, appearing in 2018’s Aquaman as Doctor Stephen Shin. He’s slated to reprise the role for the upcoming sequel Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom. He also played agent Jimmy Woo in 2018’s Antman and The Wasp and the limited 2021 series Wandavision.

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Park is no stranger to voice acting, having already lent his vocal talents to shows like Tuca & Bertie, American Dad, and BoJack Horseman. On Human Resources, his character is the voice of reason, offering sound though sometimes robotic advice. When we see Pete for the first time in the Human Resources trailer, he’s reassuring an impatient passenger on a plane that just landed. “There’s no reason to stand up yet,” he tells the man he’s sitting next to. “I promise you will get off the plane.”

Later in the trailer, we see Pete talking to a grief sweater voiced by Henry Winkler. “Praying, crying, grieving, they’re all just exercises in self-indulgence,” Pete explains flatly. This sets off the grief sweater, who balloons in size and begins destroying the house. “You know Peter, you’ve got a really sassy mouth.”

In an interview with Access, Park said it was pretty easy for him to step into the role. “I just went in there and read the lines,” he said. “I definitely have a lot of Logic Rock in me, so it wasn’t that tough to go in there and be Pete.” Case in point, when he was asked what he would be doing if he wasn’t acting, Park offered a very logical response: “I’d be an electrician. There seems to be not enough electricians out there, at least in my neighborhood, so there’d definitely be a lot of work. It would keep me busy.”