The Ultimate Guide To Every Love Triangle In XO, Kitty

It’s a lot to keep track of!

Anna Cathcart, Gia Kim, and Choi Min-yeong in 'XO, Kitty.' Photo via Netflix
Park Young-Sol/Netflix

If you’re watching Netflix’s XO, Kitty, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the world Jenny Han created in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: the romance, the high school drama, the vibey soundtrack. The new spinoff series has all of that. But, unlike the trilogy of films, it covers one semester over the course of 10 episodes — so there’s even more time to develop an ensemble of students and their intricate, ever-changing love lives.

Need help keeping track of all the love triangles in XO, Kitty? Here’s a handy guide to refer to as you watch. Spoilers ahead!

Kitty, Dae, & Yuri

The first episode of XO, Kitty presents the series’ central love triangle. When Kitty shows up at her new school, KISS, to surprise Dae, she ends up getting the worst surprise of all: her long-distance beau is dating his privileged classmate, Yuri. At least, that’s the story. Viewers learn before Kitty does that Yuri is actually using Dae as her fake boyfriend — both to evade her mom’s suspicions that she’s been seeing Juliana, and to help improve her hotel CEO dad’s reputation.

Once Dae and Yuri cut the act, it paves the way for Dae and Kitty to resume their relationship in earnest. But it doesn’t last long, because Kitty realizes she has feelings for Yuri. “I don’t regret anything with the two of us,” she tells Dae in the season finale. “I don’t regret coming here. I don’t regret the last few years. Dae, for me, you were the perfect first boyfriend.”

Kitty, Yuri, & Juliana

Even though Kitty resolves to tell Yuri how she feels moments later, there’s a new point in the love triangle: Juliana. Though Yuri and Juliana were kept apart all season due to their parents’ disapproval, Yuri’s mom finally decides to accept her daughter’s relationship — and even flies Juliana out to KISS to bring the girls back together. When Kitty sees them reunite, she seems to realize that her crush on Yuri will have to remain just that: a crush. But maybe that will change in a potential Season 2?

Kitty, Dae, & Min Ho

Speaking of Season 2, there’s another potential love triangle to consider for the future: Kitty, Dae, and Min Ho. Though Min Ho and Kitty don’t get along at first, they end the season on a plane together. They’re not a pair, per se, but Min Ho opts to sit near Kitty on her plane ride home because he “thought [she] could use a friend.” Moments later, he confesses that he might have fallen in love with Kitty throughout the season, and Kitty doesn’t seem to mind hearing that. Given Dae and Min Ho’s friendship (and the fact that Dae tried to beat up Min Ho when he thought Kitty liked him), this can’t end well.


Jina, Daniel, & Mr. Han

The adult characters aren’t above the love triangle drama. As Jina tells Kitty, Daniel (aka Professor Lee) was her first love. Daniel didn’t know until the events of XO, Kitty that he and Jina had a child, Alex, who was put up for adoption and eventually reconnects with his birth parents. By the end of the season, Jina tells Yuri she’s “tired of caring” what her husband Mr. Han thinks. Perhaps that leaves room for Jina and Daniel to reconnect as a family?

Eve, Simon, & Dr. Covey?!

There could be love triangles in the past, too. In the final moments of Season 1, Kitty reacts to an interesting tidbit from her mom’s letter to Jina decades ago: “I learned, I grew up, I expanded. My world got so much bigger. Because of you, and because of Simon.”

So I was right, Kitty wonders. Mom had another first love that wasn’t dad?

Based on the age of Kitty’s older sister, Margot, it seems that Eve and Dr. Covey started their family shortly after Eve’s time at KISS — which means there definitely could have been some love triangle crossover in their history.