10 Zoey 102 Easter Eggs From The Original Series

From the TekMate to justice for Dana, the reboot movie brings back most of your favorite things about PCA.

Jamie Lynn Spears as Zoey Brooks and Sean Flynn as Chase Matthews in ZOEY 102 streaming on Paramount...
Dana Hawley/Paramount+

Are you ready? Zoey Brooks is back. On July 27, Paramount+ released the long-awaited Zoey 101 reboot movie, cleverly titled Zoey 102, nearly 15 years after Zoey and her friends graduated from Pacific Coast Academy. Jamie Lynn Spears returns to the titular role and reunites with many of her former PCA classmates, including Quinn Pensky (Erin Sanders), Logan Reese (Matthew Underwood), Michael Barrett (Christopher Massey), Stacey Dillsen (Abby Wilde), Mark Del Figgalo (Jack Salvatore), and yes, her longtime love interest, Chase Matthews (Sean Flynn).

Spoilers for Zoey 102 ahead. In the new film, Quinn announces that she’s engaged to Logan, a development sure to please Quogan shippers, and asks Zoey to be her maid-of-honor. The couple brings almost everyone back together for the wedding, including Logan’s best man Chase, who Zoey hasn’t seen in years after apparently ghosting him in Hawaii after graduation.

Zoey 102 tells fans what their favorite characters have been up to since graduating from PCA, and the movie manages to incorporate references to many of the show’s most-watched moments and unforgettable characters, even revealing the shocking demise of PCA after the Class of 2009 left. Read on for all of the Zoey 102 easter eggs from the original series.

Chase Running Into Poles

The first time that Chase Matthews ever saw Zoey Brooks, he ran his bike into a flagpole and fell off. Almost two decades later, after a brutal break-up and years of not speaking, he runs into a flagpole yet again right when he sees her during Logan and Quinn’s wedding weekend. Never change, Chase.

Dustin’s Future

At Quinn’s wedding dress fitting, Zoey reveals to the bride’s mother that her little brother Dustin is “not so little anymore.” In fact, he’s already a father to two kids and has twins on the way. Well, that’s one way to make all the fans feel ancient.

Dean Rivers

According to Stacey, PCA shut down in 2009 after the state launched an investigation into the school following parents’ complaints of “poor education standards,” which led to findings that PCA was never formally accredited and Dean Rivers was blowing students’ tuition money at a casino. Did anyone see that one coming?

Sushi Rox Survives

One of the lone survivors of PCA’s demise is Chef Kazu and the school’s go-to hangout spot, Sushi Rox. While the restaurant no longer exists as fans knew it, Chase explained that it lives on as a food truck run by Kazu’s son, who agreed to cater Logan and Quinn’s impromptu wedding.

Coco’s Revenge

When Chase’s girlfriend Danielle tries to guess who Zoey is, Coco’s name comes out of her mouth, which may have been an insult to Zoey. Coco was the iconic but perpetually messy girls’ dorm advisor, always wailing about her boy problems to the students. Clearly, she left enough of an impression on Chase.

Justice For Dana

Zoey and Nicole’s freshman-year roommate Dana was the show’s resident tough girl, who mysteriously disappeared before their sophomore year, never to be heard from again. However, Dana was one of Danielle’s guesses of who Zoey was, making it the first time she’s been acknowledged on camera since Season 1 and confirming that she’s alive and well.

The JetX Returns

While transforming a deserted PCA into the wedding of Quinn’s dreams, Michael discovers a vintage pink Jet-X that must have sat there for ages. The motorized scooter was first introduced during Season 2 and quickly became PCA’s chosen mode of transportation across campus and the object of fans’ desire (if they existed in real life).

The Tek-Mate Lives On

Everyone who watched Zoey 101 wanted the Tek-Mate, a Sidekick-inspired phone that PCA students took everywhere, each of them with their own unique color. Fifteen years later, the Tek-Mate lives on thanks to none other than our resident scientist Quinn, who reinvented the device into a completely transparent and unbreakable smartphone that even we don’t have the technology for yet.

Quinn & Logan’s Screaming

On the Zoey 101 series finale, Logan and Quinn let go of their fears and took their relationship public by memorably screaming, “I love Quinn Pensky” and “I love Logan Reese” in front of the entire school. After Quinn calls off the wedding and Logan wins her back, the two recreate that special moment just for each other, affirming why they’re the show’s best couple.

Pictures Of Lola

While Victoria Justice did not return to Zoey 102 for unknown reasons, her character Lola lived on in nostalgic high school photos on Zoey’s camera roll, which she was sad-scrolling on her couch as Kacey Musgraves’ song “camera roll” fittingly played in the background. However, unlike some characters who also didn’t return, the movie doesn’t offer an update on Lola’s current life, perhaps opening the door for her to return if there’s an eventual Zoey 102 sequel.