47 Calming Products On Amazon For People Who Are Anxious AF

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Deadlines, money worries, train schedules, tense relationships — when it comes to stress, no one gets through life unscathed. That said, there are healthy coping mechanisms, and then there are less healthy ones. Luckily, Amazon is loaded with genius things for people who are anxious AF, and they all fit into the former category.

These surprisingly wonderful self-care products help you get through your day while building good habits to manage your anxiety. Through the use of herbal remedies, acupressure, positive psychology, and ancient practices, these unique but effective items have reviewers raving about their newly-lowered stress levels. The best part? They're all relatively affordable and easy enough to implement into your daily routine, so you, too, can chill the F out when things start getting stressful.

A quick heads up: If you're suffering from — or think you may have — an actual anxiety disorder, it's a good idea to get in touch with a specialist or doctor. These items can help you relieve some stress on a day-to-day basis, but they're not a replacement for prescribed anxiety treatments. That said, if you're one of the many people who could just use a break from general, everyday tension, these brilliant products are well worth a try.


This Pure Magnesium Spray That Has Been "Life-Changing" For Reviewers

Since magnesium is an essential mineral that's needed for over 300 functions in the body, studies have shown that magnesium supplementation actually really helps with stress and anxiety. This magnesium spray is an efficient way to supplement because your body can absorb as much as it needs, and knows when to stop. Reviewers say they "can't live without it" because it's pure, non-irritating, easy for your body to utilize, and helps with tension, aches, and trouble sleeping.


This Aromatherapy Inhaler That You Can Fill With Essential Oils

Bring the calming benefits of aromatherapy anywhere — or leave them right next to your bed for sleepless nights. Sold in a pack of three, each aromatherapy inhaler has a wick that can be saturated with your favorite essential oil. Six wicks are included, and they’re easy to swap out when you want a new scent.


A Gorgeous Ring That Doubles As A Discreet Fidget Toy

The Bling Toman ring is available in gold, rose gold, or silver. It has a gorgeous faux-diamond setting and an open cuff design to fit any finger, but the real reason why reviewers love it? The setting spins on a stainless steel bearing, so you can fidget away your stress and anxiety.


This Natural Propolis Spray To Keep You Feeling Healthy

Everyone dreads that initial throat tickle that tells you you're about to get sick. For hypochondriacs, Beekeeper's natural spray is the best thing to have in your bag. It's packed with real Canadian bee propolis to boost your immune system, coat your throat, ease your allergies, and keep you feeling healthy despite elevated stress levels. Best of all, it tastes like candy.


A Genius Planner That Doubles As A Stress-Relieving Coloring Book

Reviewers love this coloring planner because it has thick pages and plenty of room to write. In addition to organizing your weeks and months, each spread offers gorgeous, intricate doodles so you can color your way to stress-relief — and the pages even minimize bleeding, so yes, you can use markers.


This Portable, Light-Up Purifier For Fresh Air Anywhere

Desk-side meditations tend to lose their effectiveness when you take in a deep breath and your lungs fill with your co-worker's overpowering perfume. The Mooka air purifier is designed for portability — so you can take it anywhere, from hotels to the office. It's small but has three layers of filters to remove odors, allergens, and germs. Plus, it has 360-degree air intake, a built-in nightlight function, and a whisper-quiet operation.


These Cute Toys You Can Pop Like Bubble Wrap

If you love the satisfaction of popping bubble wrap, these reusable pop toys can give you that feeling on repeat. They’re made from soft silicone and double-sided, so when you’re done popping the first side, just flip the toy over to keep going. They’re sold in a set of two, available in lots of designs, and easy to wash as needed.


A Roll-On Essential Oil Blend That Helps Release Tension

Roll-on essential oils are pretty genius, and this one contains a calming blend of ylang ylang, lavender, and other oils to help you relax and release tension anytime. The essential oils are pre-blended with coconut oil, so they’re ready to use right away — just roll the blend onto the inside of your wrists, back of the neck, and soles of your feet as needed.


The Number One Book To Read If Stress Rules Your Life

Admittedly, I waited way too long to read Michael A. Singer's The Untethered Soul, but now that I have, I'm recommending it to everyone. This life-changing book is a number-one best-seller because it clearly outlines how to wake up from your negative thought patterns and start living in a state of peace — no matter what's going on around you. After all, you are not your thoughts; you are the being observing them, and you always have a choice.


These Pants That Look Like Professional Slacks But Feel Like Pajamas

For those days when you just cannot convince yourself to put on uncomfortable, restricting work pants, there's another option. Rekucci Ease Into Comfort pants look like professional, straight-leg slacks, but they're made from a stretchy, yoga-like material without any buttons or zippers. They're available in dozens of colors and designs, too.

  • Available sizes: 2 — 18, including short and tall sizes
  • Available color and styles: 40


A Comfy, Affordable Meditation Cushion To Encourage A Daily Practice

The Peace Yoga zafu may be one of the most affordable meditation cushions on the market, but it doesn't skimp on quality — just consult the 4.8-star rating. On the inside, you'll find removable buckwheat hulls that promote proper posture and conform to your body. On the outside, there's a machine-washable cotton cover with a handle, and it's available in five uplifting colors.


A Felt Organizer Insert So You Can Always Find Your Essentials

Everyone's familiar with that moment of pure panic when you can't find your keys in your over-sized purse. Eliminate that feeling entirely with this felt organizer insert. It adds various new pockets and a zipper pouch to any bag (and it comes in multiple sizes and colors), so you can find anything you need in a split second.


A Natural Acupressure Mat That Reduces Muscle Tension

“I have been using [this mat] daily since I received it and have already noticed a significant difference in the tension in my shoulders, neck, and lower back,” one reviewer wrote. "I think my sleep quality has improved and I have come to really look forward to using the mat to help reduce my stress levels." How does it work? The acupressure mat has over 6,000 lotus-shaped spikes that stimulate pressure points in the back, neck, and shoulders, so your body releases tension as well as endorphins. This one is made with thick cotton and plant-based foam — and it comes with an acupressure pillow.


A Gel Eye Mask That You Can Put In The Fridge Or Microwave

Because it's filled with temperature-retaining gel, this eye mask soothes headaches, eases puffy eyes, or helps lessen stress after a long day. Pop it in the microwave for relaxing heat, or store it in the fridge for inflammation-reducing cold. Plus, the mask is washable and reusable.


This Cast Iron Teapot That Comes With An Infuser

Nothing eases your nerves quite like a good cup of tea, and this pretty cast iron teapot makes the brewing process even more enjoyable. The 34-ounce teapot is available in blue and black and comes with a stainless steel infuser you can use with loose leaf tea. And since the interior is enamel-coated, the teapot is a breeze to clean.


A Best-Selling Noise Machine So You Can Sleep More Soundly

Though it’s designed for a nursery, the best-selling Hatch Baby sound machine works just as well for adults, with one reviewer writing: “It helps me stay asleep & I love it dearly.” You can customize the sound, color, brightness, and volume levels and program it to run according to your sleep schedule. Control it manually or with the easy-to-use smartphone app.


These Satisfying Toppers So You Can Stop Chewing Your Pens

Can't stop chewing on your pen or pencil? Chewberz are latex-free rubber toppers that are extremely satisfying to chew — and a lot more sanitary than your eraser. The pack includes three navy blue toppers in smooth, dotted, and ridged textures.


This Number-One New Release To Get Your Yoga Practice Started

Science shows that a regular yoga practice really does help with anxiety, so if you're ready to start one, the TOPLUS Yoga Mat is a reasonable and worthwhile investment. It's already skyrocketing in popularity because it utilizes high-resistance materials for non-slip security, cushioning, and an eco-friendly design. It also comes in multiple colors and includes a carrying strap. "I will never buy another brand after trying this one," says one reviewer. "I did yoga for about an hour straight and not one foot cramp or any sore knees."


These Adorable Glasses That Block Blue Light From Your Devices

If you're already feeling over-stimulated, the blue light from your computer or phone could be making it worse. Luckily, these adorable glasses actually block ultraviolet wavelengths so you can reduce stress and produce melatonin near bedtime. They're also totally clear, non-polarized, and come in seven colors. (If you use reading glasses, try these ones instead; they allow you to personalize your magnification.)


This Copper Bracelet That Helps With Pain And Swelling, Reviewers Say

Not only is this copper magnetic bracelet subtly gorgeous, but according to the brand, it can help relieve joint pain and inflammation and improve circulation when worn on a daily basis. While the benefits of magnetic therapy haven't been scientifically proven, one reviewer called this bracelet a “life saver” for their arthritis pain. It comes with a sizing tool so you can find the best fit, too.


A DIY Kit To Get You Started With Calligraphy

Studies show that artistic mindfulness practices like coloring and calligraphy could help reduce symptoms of stress. This Wildflower Art Studio lettering kit comes with everything the beginner needs to get started with calligraphy, including multiple pens, tracing paper, practice alphabets, and step-by-step instructions. Buyers also say it makes a "fabulous gift."


This Weighted Blanket For Both Cold And Hot Sleepers

According to recent scientific studies, weighted blankets help users experience a "calmer night's sleep." They're a go-to solution for those with anxiety or insomnia because the weight simulates the comforting feeling of a hug — but for hot sleepers, the weight can also feel confining. Unlike other brands, the Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket set comes with two different duvets: one for hot sleepers and one for cold sleepers. It's also available in two colors and three different weights.


This Blackout Eye Mask That's Also A Wireless Headphone Set

Block out the world for a better night's sleep — or during plane trips, meditation practices, and work naps. The TOPOINT sleep mask uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly pair to your music, white noise, or audiobooks. It then delivers the sound into your ears via flat, cushioned speakers that won't get in the way of sleeping — and the washable cotton material even doubles as a blackout eye mask.


A Set Of 100% Pure Essential Oils

Featuring six scents — including lavender, eucalyptus, and lemongrass — this essential oil set is perfect for both calming and energizing aromatherapy sessions. The 100% pure oils can be used individually or mixed together to create your own blend. Put a few drops in your diffuser to unwind, clear your thoughts, or prepare for a great night's sleep.


These Effective Patches To Ease Puffiness And Dark Circles

Stress, crying, or sleeplessness can take its toll on your under-eyes. Luckily, these Calés patches are packed with witch hazel, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and Irish moss seaweed to tackle dryness, inflammation, and dark circles. Reviewers say they've "used other brands," but these ones are "pure magic." Just wear them while you're having your morning coffee for glowing skin by the time you have to leave for work.


This Cute Organizer To Help Relieve Some Of The Anxiety Surrounding Mail

For some, unopened mail and foreboding paperwork can be a huge source of anxiety. As someone who gets pretty nervous when it all starts to pile up, I can tell you that the best solution is getting organized before it gets ahead of you. The Blu Monaco wooden mail organizer has three tiers and various-sized compartments to file bills, sort incoming and outgoing, and store important documents — all in a durable, cute container that you won't mind having out in the open.


A Soothing Projector & Sound Machine That Makes You Feel Like You're On The Ocean Floor

Although it's marketed towards kids, multiple adults have purchased this ocean wave projector for themselves. It features a handful of peaceful sounds that block outside noises, and one reviewer wrote it “helps tremendously with stress and insomnia.” The projector has seven different color modes, an adjustable tilt, a convenient remote control, three built-in timers, and even has an audio input port so you can play your own music.


These Epic Patches That Shrink A Pimple Overnight

Acne seems to pop up most often when I'm stressed — which, as these things go, tends to stress me out more. Luckily, I'll forever swear by these Mighty Patches. They're tiny, translucent stickers that are filled with hydrocolloid: so if you put one on a blemish at night, by morning, all the gross stuff has been sucked out. Not only does it protect against bacteria, but it seriously speeds up healing, too.


These Stylish Bracelets That Diffuse Your Favorite Essential Oils

At first glance, these essential oil diffuser bracelets look like match-all accessories with stylish beads. You'll be the only one who knows that the beads are actually made out of lava rock, so they're super absorbent — meaning that, when you apply a few drops of your favorite essential oils, they'll release the soothing scent all day long.


A Himalayan Salt Lamp With A Few Modern Twists

Affordable, sleek, and USB-powered — what more could you want from a Himalayan salt lamp? Like usual, this one gives off a soothing orange glow and purifies the air with negative ions: But the touch dimmer, three replacement bulbs, and crystal-clear basin design definitely set it apart from others.


This Number-One Best Selling Journal To Cultivate Gratitude

According to a 2016 study, gratitude writing exercises actually have a physical effect on neural activity and the parts of the brain that handle empathy and personality expression. No wonder this Good Days Start With Gratitude journal is a number-one best seller. Each weekly spread provides an inspirational quote and space for three daily gratitudes — so it's quick, easy to implement, and according to reviewers, actually puts you "in a positive mood every morning."


A Special Pillow To Relieve Neck, Head, And Back Tension

"I have a lot of neck, shoulder, and trapezius muscle strain from looking down at my projects," one reviewer comments on this Lumia Wellness wedge pillow. "I’ve been using this pillow every day for about 20 minutes for the past week and it is relieving a lot of my neck strain." How does it work? The hypoallergenic foam cut-out restores proper cervical posture and stretches the spine to offer relief from pain, headaches, and stiff muscles. Buyers say it's a brilliant way to unwind after "sitting in front of a computer all day in the office."


These Natural Candles For Those Who Are Sensitive To Artificial Fragrances

Instead of artificial fragrances and headache-inducing chemicals, these Graceful scented candles are made using pure, biodegradable soy and real essential oils. Each color is a different subtle scent — rose, lemon, lavender, sea, vanilla, and peach — and reviewers say, "I got these candles because people in my house tend to react to chemical smells and these were amazing."


An Essential Oil Diffuser That You Can Take Virtually Anywhere

Even though it's portable, USB-powered, and fits in your car's cup holder, this Vyaime essential oil diffuser has a 200-milliliter tank to run for up to 10 hours. It also has a soothing, color-changing LED ring, and works just as well in the office as it does during your commute.


This Pillow Spray That Reviewers "Strongly Recommend" If You Have Trouble Sleeping

If you have trouble getting to sleep at night, reviewers "highly recommend this product for those who suffer from insomnia and anxiety." Juniper Mist sleep spray is made using pure, high-grade essential oils like clary sage, lavender, Frankincense, and bergamot. Since it skips all the artificial ingredients, you can spray this one in the air, on your pillow, or directly on your body.


A Curved Massage Tool That Soothes Hard-To-Reach Areas

The Body Back Buddy makes it easy to give yourself a massage, thanks to numbered knobs that correspond to pressure points on the body. The curved massager helps you reach tense muscles on the back, shoulders, neck, thighs, legs, and feet, so you only need one tool to get a full-body massage.


This Amazing BB Cream For A One-Step Makeup Routine

Some days, you're just way too stressed for your full morning routine. Maybelline’s BB cream is a life-saver for those days. This product uses a lightweight, oil-free formula to help hydrate, smooth, and brighten skin, and it’s also a trusty SPF 30 sunscreen. It's available in three different shades, and buyers “absolutely love it for everyday use.”


A Memory Foam Pillow With Adjustable Loft

This shredded memory foam pillow is adjustable, so side, back, and stomach sleepers can all snooze comfortably — just add or remove foam to reach your desired loft. The soft, breathable cover is machine washable, and the materials are backed by CertiPUR-US and OEXO-TEX certifications.


This Customizable Letter Board So You Can Display Your Affirmations

Reviewers "can’t wait to change up this sign every so often with some positivity." The Little Hippo letter board comes with nearly 700 felt letters in different sizes, emojis and punctuation, an organizer box, a canvas bag, and a wooden easel stand. It's a great place to display your affirmations because it's easy to personalize — and an easy way to make your living space a little happier.


A Light Therapy Lamp To Help You Combat The Winter Blues

Portable and intuitive, this LED therapy lamp offers 10,000 LUX of sun-mimicking illumination. As a result, it can help you hack your circadian rhythm, fight winter blues, and boost your mood and energy levels throughout the day. Reviewers love its four brightness levels, three color temperatures, timer settings, and touch controls, with one shopper writing: “It really does elevate my mood when I use this.”


The "Softest Robe You Will Ever Own," According To Reviewers

Reviewers warn that once you put this on, you'll never again want to get dressed in real clothes. The Richie House bathrobe has soft, fuzzy fleece all over, but it's the details that buyers are truly in love with. The front has plenty of overlap so it won't fall open, the two pockets are extra-deep to hold essentials, the sleeves are narrow and roll up so they won't get wet, and the material "comes out of the dryer looking like new." It's even available in dozens of colors and patterns.


These Dead Sea Salts To Suit Any Type Of Day You're Having

Made with 100 percent pure Dead Sea mineral salts, this bath salt set comes with three different soaks to suit any particular need. The lavender is great for skin rejuvenation, stress-relief, and bed-time relaxation. The eucalyptus is ideal for detoxification, optimal breathing, and sore muscles. Finally, the unscented helps with sensitive skin issues like psoriasis, eczema, and dryness, and rashes.


The Acupressure Slippers That Massage Your Feet While You Walk

Featuring a massaging footbed, faux fur lining, and a cushioned sole, these acupressure slippers are both comfy and therapeutic. The insole boosts circulation and stimulates pressure points in the feet, helping to soothe pain and swelling with each step. The slippers are available in gray and tan.

  • Available sizes: 8.5 — 13


These Advanced Earplugs If Loud Sounds Stress You Out

Loud noises stress you out, your coworkers won't stop chatting, or you're trying to sleep on the train — whatever it is, Eargasm high fidelity earplugs are a life-saver for thousands of reviewers. They utilize special filters to protect hearing and reduce outside noises: all in a non-toxic, extremely comfortable plug. "No more distracting co-worker conversations for me," one person says, while another raves, "I would either get dizzy, anxious, or the ringing in my ears... Now, if I go somewhere noisy, I just pop these in my ears and it's great!"


An Extremely Satisfying Massage Ball

“This tiny thing is just what I needed,” one reviewer wrote about this textured massage ball. Made from durable material with raised tips, this ball rolls over your hands and feet to massage sore muscles, work out knots, and boost your circulation. Since it's small and fits in the palm of your hand, it's both portable and simple to use on yourself or someone else.


Some Handy Wipes For When You Don't Have Time For A Shower

Whether you're out of time or out of energy, a shower just isn't an option sometimes. GoodWipes are hypoallergenic, biodegradable cloths that effortlessly remove dirt, sweat, and odors — all without the need for rinsing. They're even lavender-scented and individually-wrapped, so you can feel fresh after the gym, while traveling, or during a particularly stressful workday.


These LED Candles "Look So Real," But Come Without The Risk

For households with kids, pets, or forgetful adults, you've got these Aignis flameless candles. Unlike your usual LED set, these are made from real wax and feature a plastic flame that flickers and moves — just like a real candle. In fact, reviewers say you'd "have to get up quite close to really notice." They even come with a remote control so you can set timers, personalize dimness levels, and turn them on and off from a distance.

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