9 Card Tricks That'll Make You Look Like a Wizard

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Learning new card tricks, especially ones that are easy but still cool, isn't something that comes naturally to everyone. I'll admit it: I'm not good at any magic tricks. I mean, I can learn things but I am no Neil Patrick Harris. I still feel residual shame from the one time in fifth grade when our teacher made us each learn a card trick that we would perform in front of the class for a grade, and when I screwed mine up in front of the whole class, I sat in a corner and very quietly and melodramatically cried. I tell you this because now that you know how completely inept I am at magic, you will know that when I tell you that this list of card tricks I compiled is super easy, I mean that even a moron could do it (and that moron just happens to be me).

You might be wondering why card tricks are a valuable life skill for you to learn at this point in the game, so gather round, fellow people of the internet, and I'll tell you: You can learn magic to make friends at parties, to get out of speeding tickets, or if you're feeling particularly ambitious, keep mastering the craft until you become the next David Blaine, make bank, and meet a ton of celebrities.

1. "The Power Of Four"

Wow your party guests by letting them shuffle the deck and split it in half. By looking at the fourth card down in one half of the deck, you always ~magically~ know the exact fourth card in the other half of the deck, too.

2. "Make A Prediction"

This one is the same magician as the first one, but a little more complicated. You pull out a "prediction" card at the beginning and split the deck three ways, and your audience will be boggled that the second card in every deck is always the same number/royal figure as the prediction card you pulled aside.

3. "Screw Up Proof"

Literally all you need to be able to do is count out loud. If you watched Sesame Street as a kid, you will be able to perform this trick.

4. "Pick A Card, Any Card"

Nothing like some good old-fashioned audience participation to get the magic party started. They pick a card, shuffle it back into the deck, and then wave their hand to get a little magic started. Then you show them the top card — but it's a red herring. It's not their card. Then you reveal by fanning out the deck that all the cards are facing up, except for the very one they put in the deck themselves.

5. "Give Me A Number Between One And Ten"

Here's a quick one if you're trying to get your flirt on in 30 seconds or less. They pick a number between 1-10, shuffle the deck, and then pull however many cards depending on the number they chose. If they chose 7, they look at the seventh card, memorize it, and shuffle it back into the deck. Not that it matters because you already know which card they chose.

6. "The Mind Reader"

OK, so technically this is a card trick "for kids," but it's also the quickest of all the card tricks to learn because it requires zero prep and the actual teaching part of it takes 40 whole seconds. So useful! What was I even doing in college, anyway?

7. "WTF Just Happened"

I'm warning you right now that this one will mess you up a little bit the first time you watch it, because there is some slight of hand involved. But the next few minutes of tutorial are totally worth the mind-boggling reaction you're going to get from the first unsuspecting victim you use this on.

8. "The Spelling Bee"

You don't even have to touch the cards on this one. No excuses. You do have to rely on your audience member's ability to be able to spell out numbers, so maybe wait before you debut this one at the local daycare.

9. "The Introvert's Dream"

This guy specifically made this video for people who were afraid of performing in public so that they could learn a card game. Props to him and his baller accent. This is another classic "find your card in a shuffled deck" trick, and comes with the added charm of being "fail-proof."

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