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10 Sex Positions For Small Spaces

Whether you’re stuck in a tiny apartment or twin-sized bed, it’s time to get creative

by Aly Walansky and Carolyn Steber
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If you live in a tiny apartment that can only fit a twin-sized bed, then you're already well aware of how tricky it can be to have sex in small spaces. The same is true when hooking up while camping in a tiny tent in the woods, doing it in a shower stall, or when trying to contort yourselves into certain sex positions in the car. It isn't always easy, but it is often worth it to find a way to make sex happen, anyway.

The truth is, "sex in small spaces can be even more intimate and exciting because you have to be creative with how you use the space," Dr. Shannon Chavez, a sex therapist and K-Y’s intimacy expert, tells Bustle. "You are even closer to a partner than you would be in a more expansive space," which can make for an extra sexy situation.

It also requires you to use your imagination in a way that's intriguing. "Smaller spaces [...] require good communication and flexibility, literally and figuratively, to make it work," Chavez says. "It helps partners work together and have some fun while being creative."

Even if you usually have sex on a queen-sized bed, finding yourselves in a tiny space — like a car or shower, or even a couch — can be exciting. "Novelty is a key component to sparking sexual desire," Chavez says. So if you've like to give it a try, read on below for the best sex positions for small spaces.


1. Car: Kneeling Doggy

To squeeze yourselves neatly into the back seat of a car, Tyomi Morgan, a sex expert and sensuality coach, recommends the kneeling doggy position, which she says is one of her favorites for small spaces.

Morgan says one partner should kneel on their knees facing the back of the car while the other crouches and enters them from behind. This position can be used as a vaginal sex position or an anal sex position — or for some sexy grinding.

Just make sure you're parked somewhere dark and out of the way, so you don't get caught. Oh, and make sure your car is actually in park, so you don't go rolling down a hill mid-sex.

2. Couch: Lotus

If you find yourselves on a couch, where you can't lie down properly, Morgan recommends trying the lotus position, since it requires you both to fold up a bit.

In this position, one partner sits down and leans against the arm of the couch with their legs slightly bent, while the other climbs on top to straddle them. You'll both have control over speed and depth of penetration, which makes this one extra fun.

3. Car: Launch Pad

For another great car option, try the "launch pad," which Morgan says is basically a compact missionary position. To do it, whoever is on top will put one foot on the floor, and the other up on the car seat. The other partner will lie down on their back, bend their knees, and put their feet on the kneeling partner's chest — kind of like they're going to push off.

From there, you can have missionary-style sex for as long as you like, or until one of your legs goes numb.

4. Chair: Lap Dance Position

Even if all you have is a chair, you can still get it on with the lap dance position. According to Dr. Jess O'Reilly, a sex expert and resident sexologist for ASTROGLIDE, one partner will sit on a chair (or edge of a bed) while the other partner sits down on their lap.

If you're on top, you can look back and make eye contact for extra intensity, "or turn around and grab your ankles, depending on your preferred angle," she says.

5. Long Spaces: Rear Entry

If you're in a space with not much height clearance — think tent, bunkbed, etc. — one of you can lie flat on your stomach with legs stretched out but closed firmly together, while the other penetrates or grinds from behind.

6. Twin Bed: Side By Side

Classic missionary can work in a twin-sized bed. But if you want to spice things up, lie down next to each and squeeze up as close as you can. If you need a little extra support, wrap your arms and legs around each other so you don't fall off. Then, either facing each other or away, do your thing.

7. Twin Bed: End Of The Bed

If your bed is literally too small to lie on comfortably together., you don't even need to use it! Instead, simply sit or lie on the end of the bed while your partner enters you. (Or vice versa.)

For a better angle, "use the pillows as wedges to elevate the bottom partner's hips while they are on their back and the other partner is standing," Kristen Thomas, a certified sex coach, tells Bustle.

You can also prop yourself up on your hands and knees, Thomas says, with your partner behind you with both feet on the floor, or one foot up on the bed.

8. Shower/Airplane Bathroom: Standing One Leg Up

Ready to join the mile high club? According to O'Reilly, all you need to do is shimmy into a standing doggy style position, and do your thing from behind. Just make sure you don't hang onto any faucets or towel bars, since the weight of your bodies can tear the fixtures right out of the walls.

If you happen to have a stool or some other raised surface nearby, you can change the angle by putting one leg up. From there, hold onto the wall for support — and make sure you don't slip.

9. Upper Bunk On A Train/RV: Sideways 69

This one is good for upper bunk on a train or RV, should you ever find yourselves in either scenarios. all you need to do is lie next to each other head-to-toe. Have your partner part their legs and rest your head on their thigh, for full access. And have them do the same.

10. Car/Twin Bed/Tent: Manual Stimulation

If the space is so small that thrusting and grinding isn't even an option, then resort to manual stimulation, or mutual masturbation. "This can often be done extremely discreetly and with little to know room needed," Dr. Christopher Ryan Jones, Psyd, a sex therapist, tells Bustle. You can do it over your clothes in the back seat of a car, while curled up in a tent, or sitting next to each other in a tiny bed.

It's all about using your imagination and getting creative. Should the mood strike is a small spac one of these compact positions will definitely come in handy.


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