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9 Best Sex Positions For The Car

Shoutout to everyone back at home with their parents right now.

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Although getting to have sex in a car isn't an opportunity that comes my way very often these days, I do remember how fun it was. Aside from a mutual masturbation situation with an ex a couple of years ago, the last time I had sex in a car was during a snowstorm in college.

It is, however, something you can continue doing into adulthood. And it's nothing to be ashamed about. "People have been having sex in cars since cars were invented," Cassandra Corrado, a sex educator, and brand consultant, tells Bustle. "We might think of car sex as something that horny teenagers do when they go to their town's Makeout Point, but people of any age can have car sex."

As Corrado points out, there are also those who have car sex not because they want privacy — aka, time away from roommates or kids — but because they want to get caught. "For people who thrive on exhibitionism or who want a little bit of an adventurous feel, car sex is a great option," Corrado says. "You might just get off on the thrill that someone could catch you."

Although sex in public can be hot and exciting for the exhibitionists out there, it is illegal. So, as Corrados suggests, it's best to find a place that's a "balance between public and private" when trying out these nine sex positions for the car.


On Top

How to do it: With one partner seated, the other partner should straddle them, then lower themselves onto the seated partner while face-to-face. "This position works best if the person on top has a vagina," Corrado says, "regardless of what the other person is working with.

Why it's good for in the car: "If one of you is smaller than your partner (or if you're on the shorter side in general), then a modified you-on-top position works well," Corrado says. "Slide your seat as far back as it goes to give you both a bit more room, and then climb over to straddle them."

It works well not just in the driver's seat — if it's pushed far enough away from the steering wheel so there isn't incessant horn-beeping with every move — but works in the back seat and passenger seat as well.


Modified Missionary

How to do it: Get into a regular missionary position, which means lying back in the car as best you or your partner can. Next, whomever is on the bottom should pull their knees up toward them, while the other climbs on top. From there, just do your thing as you usually would in a bed.

Why it's good for in the car: Bent knee positions are great because they immediately shorten people up, making them fit into smaller spaces than they usually would. Since that's the case, this position will work well in several areas of the car.


Doggy Style

How to do it: First, decide who's getting on their hands and knees. Once that's decided, the other partner will shimmy behind them. To take it easier, get in the back and bring the front seats as far forward as they go to give you as much room as possible, Corrado says.

Why it's good for in the car: Even though it may seem like this position would take up a lot of space, it's actually fairly easy to find a way to make it work, especially if you have an SUV.


Modified Doggy

How to do it: You can either start in the traditional doggy style position, or just get right to it by both you and your partner lowering your bodies until you're almost lying flat.

Why it's good for in the car: This one can be done in the back seat, as well as the passenger's seat with a bit of effort.

Corrado describes the modified doggy style as a close doggy — which is technically what it is — because you're "keeping your bodies really tightly together." But if you have the space, you might as well use it.

"If you're in a larger car, use all of that open space to your advantage," she says. "The receiving partner can kneel on the back seat, with their face facing the trunk of the car. You can keep your knees open or closed depending on the access that you're looking for."


Reverse Cowgirl

How to do it: With one partner is lying down, the other will swing their legs over them while facing away. Lie down, and use the seat and door for leverage.

Why it's good for in the car: While you probably won't be able to do it in either one of the front seats, unless you have a car where the seat goes all the way flat (do those even exist?), you'll be able to pull it off in the backseat with some adjusting.


Mutual Masturbation

How to do it: Simply proceed to masturbate alongside each other. You can leave your clothes on, or start peeling layers away.

Why it's good for in the car: It's a great choice if you're short on time, aren't in a perfectly private area, or aren't too sure about getting undressed. It's also an option if your car is smaller and any other type of sex doesn't feel doable.

"Instead of figuring out how to make your bodies come together in that small space, do your own thing," Corrado says. Masturbation can also be really great if you want to put on a show for your partner — just get comfy in your seat, she says, and get yourself off.

As Corrado explains, mutual masturbation can be thrilling on its own. Throw in some dirty talk for extra fun, and you'll have one hell of an intercourse-free good time. "Plus, no worries about slamming your head onto the car roof," she says.


Weak In The Knees

How to do it: With your partner (or you) lying on their back with knees bent, straddle their face, and voila! Oral is on!

Why it's good for in the car: When we think about oral sex in a car, we tend to only think about blowjobs only. But this particular position can be great for anyone, penis or not.

While you won't be able to knock it out of the park in the driver's seat or passenger seat with this position, it can definitely be done in the back seat. So that's where you need to head for this goody — if only to keep your knees from knocking into the side of the door or the console between the two front seats.


On Top (Another Version)

How to do it: With one partner lying down, have the other partner crawl on top, straddle them, and get to grinding. Of course, "this works best if [the person on top is] wearing easy access clothing (like a skirt or dress), especially if you aren't wearing any underwear," Corrado says. So consider bringing different outfit options along if you'd like to give this position a try.

Why it's good for in the car: This one is easily modifiable, for any type of car. As Corrado says, "Figure out what will be comfy for your legs — you can keep your knees close to their hips, or if you're flexible, you can modify to have your ankles over their shoulders and the back of the seat."

Again we have a position that keeps the bodies parallel with each other, which is ideal sex-in-a-car material. This one can be done in the backseat or the passenger seat. You can also evolve this position into the other version of the person on top. (See number one.)



How to do it: While in the spooning position, have the bigger spoon penetrate the small spoon from behind. In order for this one to work in the car, though, the backseat needs to have a decent amount of depth to it, so two bodies can fit side-by-side.

Find a way to wedge yourselves in there, and give it a try. Bonus points: this is a great position to make your partner last longer if they happen to have a penis.

Why it's good for in the car: When you're finished, you can just cuddle up and relax there a while. Or go for round two, before driving home.

Sex in the car can be really fun! It's all about not being afraid to try other positions that may not have crossed your mind as "sex-in-the-car" friendly. But there are still a couple of things to keep in mind.

"Be safe — and I mean in the driving sense," Corrado says. "It's way easier to knock your gearshift into neutral than you might think, so put your parking brake on — even if you live somewhere relatively flat. Don't forget to lock your doors, either." And, of course, choose a spot that is dark and private.

You're never too old to have sex in a car, so if you get the opportunity, then go for it.


Cassandra Corrado, sex educator and brand consultant

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