5 Airbnbs You’ll Recognize From Your Favorite 2000s Movies & TV Shows

Bella Swan, I’m taking over your room.

5 Airbnbs Used In 2000s Movies & TV Shows

Airbnbs are a godsend for when you’d rather skip the touristy vibe of a hotel and stay somewhere that makes you feel like an actual Brooklynite. But if you find yourself constantly reliving iconic 2000s pop culture moments, you can stay in Airbnbs that will make you feel like a Hogwarts student.

Yep, that’s right, you can stay in properties that were used as sets from some of your favorite 2000s films and TV shows. Thinking about a trip to the UK? Book a stay in Harry Potter’s childhood home. Is Los Angeles more your style? Good thing the Italian-like villa in Los Feliz used on the set of Entourage is yours to rent on your next vacation. Some of the coolest Airbnbs used in 2000s movies and TV shows are all absolutely available for your stay from the vacation rental company.

Not only do some of the homes have luxurious accommodations — think free breakfast, huge pools, gorgeous locations — they allow you to feel like you’re on set of some of your favorite films and TV shows. But please, promise me, if you book a stay at Twilight’s Swan House, you have to take a photo in the "lookout" room where Bella catches a glimpse of her vampire cutie, Edward.

Here are five Airbnbs used in 2000s movies and TV shows that you can book a stay in right now.

Bella Swan’s House from Twilight

I’m a sucker for romance and hot vampires, so you better believe I’m a diehard Twilight fan. If you’re also Team Edward, you must check out the Swan House on Airbnb. Yep, you can literally stay in the house used in the film. Located in St. Helens, Oregon, this Airbnb has a lot of the props used in the movie, making it easier to recreate your own Twilight moments during your stay. Eat at Charlie’s dining table and stay in Bella’s room for $379 a night. Edward may not show up in your room in the middle of the night as you’re sleeping, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

Harry Potter's Childhood Home

Another one of the most famous ~magical~ films featured on Airbnb is none other than Harry Potter. The young sorcerer’s actual childhood home in the film, the De Vere House, can be booked for only $256 (U.S. dollars) a night. The iconic home is located in Lavenham, England, which is considered one of the “finest medieval villages.” The town reportedly has over “300 protected heritage properties,” and also appears as Godric's Hollow in the Harry Potter films. Book your stay at either of the two rooms located on the epic property. Plus, you get a full English breakfast — score!

Breaking Bad House

The house featured in Breaking Bad is on Airbnb and available to rent right now, and yes, there are hazmat suits. You may recognize this house from an epic episode of Breaking Bad. Remember when Walter and Aaron entered a home in Vamanos Pest uniforms, and then changed into their hazmat suits once inside? Well, folks, if you’re a fan of the film, you’ll be happy to know that this house is the very house used for that episode (Season 5, Episode 3, to be specific). For $169 a night, you can rent out this 3,600-square-foot home for 16 guests in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Plus, if you’re a Breaking Bad fan, let the owners know, and they’ll leave out the series’ “package” — hazmat suits, Vamanos Pest uniforms, and self-guided tour instructions for parts of the home used in the episode. They’ll even set out their Breaking Bad-themed art.

Definitely, Maybe Bedroom

Ryan Reynolds may not have been married to the iconic Blake Lively yet, but he was still as much of a catch when Definitely, Maybe came out in 2008 as he is now. This Brooklyn home was featured in the film as part of the set, and a room is yours to rent for only $75 a night. The house is a Victorian Flatbush located in the suburban neighborhood of Ditmas Park in Brooklyn, New York. Fun fact: It was also featured in Solitary Man starring Michael Douglas and Danny DeVito, as well as the TV series, Damages, featuring Glenn Close, per Airbnb.


The Villa Sophia in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, is a luxurious vacation destination that features an enormous pool and beautiful gardens that will have you feeling like you’re in Italy. Oh, yeah, and it was used in the final scene in the hit HBO series, Entourage. South of Downtown L.A. and west of the ocean, you’ll find this breathtakingly beautiful villa and guest house, where you can book a stay for $474 a night. This home, according to Airbnb host Constantine, is an “Old Hollywood, spa retreat filled with amenities from fireplaces to fountains.” Sounds lovely doesn’t it?