The Best Careers For Cancer Zodiac Signs, According To An Astrologer

All they want to do is take care of people, OK?

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Learning your strengths and hidden power moves as determined by astrology is great for introspection, but it can also be helpful when finding your professional match. For Cancer zodiac signs, who are known for their keen intuition and giving nature, it’s important that their work can support others and make them feel at home. The emotional water signs are sentimental, sensitive, and concerned about the welfare and comfort of others. That’s why the best career for Cancer zodiac signs would be a field where they can channel their compassionate energy into making others feel cared for.

“The best career for Cancer will most always be one where they’re nurturing someone or something. They’re the world’s best caregivers,” Erin River Sunday, astrologer for Birthdate Co., tells Bustle. “Of course that can look like many different things, from being a chef that bakes nostalgic desserts to being an interior designer that sources gorgeous vintage rugs.” The delicate water sign is all about the importance of home and family, and any career that melds the two is one where they’ll excel.

Your professional calling may align with the crab’s even if your sun sign isn’t Cancer. For example, having a Mars sign — which demonstrates passion and drive — stationed in Cancer may give you the instincts you need to care for others. Those with a Cancer Mars are driven by their emotions, which is needed in spaces centered around empathy and compassion, like in hospitals or hotels. If you have Cancer in your tenth house of profession and purpose, also, it’s likely you’ll thrive in these Cancerian-type roles, too.

Cancer Career Compatibility, Explained

Cancers have a unique gift of near-psychic intuition. As water signs who are ruled by the moon, they’re in tune with their emotional side and are good at using their empathy to uplift and nourish those around them. Being natural empaths, they would thrive in fields such as a counselor or social worker.

They’re ruled by the fourth house of home and origins, meaning they value the concept of family and are associated with being the mother of the zodiac. This gives Cancers the kind of tenderness needed to work in areas involving the home or with family, like social work, making furniture, or decorating homes. “Cancers make wonderful interior designers because they understand the importance of an evolving home,” explains Sunday. Combining their family-oriented values with their gentleness gives the sensitive crab the kindness needed to thrive when it comes to the home.

With their fourth ruling house governing nostalgia, Cancers would make great thrift store owners and thrive in a profession involving recycled fashion — they love to appreciate and preserve the past. “They don’t just love old things, they intuitively know when trends will circle back around again and become popular, practically ensuring their success with all things vintage,” Sunday says.

Between their giving hearts and mission to bring more compassion into the world, Cancers have a knack for turning any ordinary place into a sanctuary. The crab’s deep connection with their emotions makes them fit for caring for those around them. Most importantly, Cancers do best in a professional setting that allows them to extend a helping hand to those in need — in both traditional and creative ways.