The 5 Best Ceramic Travel Mugs For All Your Hot Drinks

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Travel mugs make it easy to consume your favorite beverages while on the go, and the best ceramic travel mugs are designed with convenience and functionality in mind. Namely, they all feature secure lids. They range in capacity from 12 to 18 ounces. Some travel mugs are microwavable, just in case you need to reheat your cup of coffee or tea, and some have double-wall designs for extra insulation. Whether you prefer a tumbler-style design or one that looks more like a traditional coffee mug with an easy-to-grip handle, you’ll find a great option below.

If you tend to be particular about the temperature of your beverages and like your drinks to stay hot, consider a travel mug with double-wall construction. As the name suggests, these mugs have two walls, creating an extra buffer to help slow the transfer of heat, keeping your drink hot but the outside of the mug cool. (Just don’t be alarmed if you find a hole in your double-walled mug: Most are equipped with a small drainage hole to allow hot air to escape in the manufacturing process.)

If hours of warmth aren’t as important to you, a single-walled ceramic mug might be a better fit. Single-wall designs tend to be lighter for their size, simply because they incorporate less material. The single-wall mugs below also feature helpful designs such as handles, built-in coasters, and silicone sleeves.

If you plan to use your mug in the car, make sure to opt for one that’s compact enough to fit in a standard cup holder. And if you hate hand-washing, be sure to choose a mug you can clean in the dishwasher.

From an extra-large pick with a sturdy handle to a reusable coffee cup that resembles a disposable paper one, these are some of the best travel mugs made of ceramic. (Plus, I’ve included a ceramic-coated stainless steel option in case you’re in the market for a light cup.)

1. The Fan-Favorite Ceramic Travel Mug With A Handle

Boasting more than 2,300 five-star ratings on Amazon, this large 18-ounce ceramic travel mug from Ello looks and feels like a traditional mug with a handle — with the addition of a built-in silicone coaster and a splash-resistant lid. The entire mug (including the lid) is both dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Its single-wall construction clocks in at 1.1 pounds and keeps coffee “at a great temperature for about maybe 30 minutes,” wrote one reviewer. Some users have also reported that it doesn't fit in their car cup holders, so this one’s probably best left at home or the office. It’s available in four colors.

Promising Amazon review: “Love the ceramic travel mug [...] I did not like drinking my tea from a steel mug. This has the benefits of a ceramic mug for taste and feel with the travel ability of a lidded travel mug. Feels great too.”

2. This Ceramic Travel Mug With A Full Silicone Sleeve

Not only is this W&P Porter ceramic mug entirely dishwasher- and microwave-safe, but it’s also designed to fit in most car cup holders and is available in two sizes: 16 ounces (pictured above) and 12 ounces. While it doesn’t have a handle, the exterior of the tumbler features a full silicone sleeve to help you keep your grip, and the plastic lid seals securely to prevent splashes. It has a single-wall construction, weighs 1 pound, and comes in eight colors and patterns.

The manufacturer notes that the mug is not designed with insulation in mind and that “drinks will cool at a regular pace.” One reviewer described: “I personally don't like when metal mugs keep your coffee burning hot for a super long time. I feel like I have to wait and wait to drink it. This ceramic mug is like the goldielocks mug for me, nothing stays too hot or too cold. It's perfect!”

Promising Amazon review: “Best coffee mug ever! I love how soft to the touch the outer layer is and how substantial the ceramic mug feels. Great purchase! I now have 2 of them! Love!”

3. This Double-Wall Insulated Mug

Mora Ceramics’s ceramic travel mug is designed with double-walled insulation to keep your drink hot but your fingers comfortably cool. One reviewer wrote, “The beverage stays hot longer than a normal cup, and if you close the lid after taking a sip even longer.” The manufacturer specifies that it can keep drinks hot (or cold) for up to two hours. The 14-ounce mug is safe to clean in the dishwasher and heat in the microwave. The splash-resistant plastic lid is dishwasher-safe, too, and equipped with a removable silicone ring that firmly grips the inside of the cup to stay put — just make sure you don’t microwave the lid.

At roughly 1.2 pounds, this ceramic travel tumbler is one of the heavier options on this list by a little. It doesn’t feature a sleeve, but it does fit in most car cup holders. Plus, you can snag it in one of six colors.

Promising Amazon review: “I like to take my tea with me to work in the morning but I just don’t like the taste of anything out of a metal or plastic travel mug. This one is perfect! Keeps my tea warm for quite some time, it’s easy to clean & is the perfect size too. I’m very happy with this purchase.”

4. A Stylish Travel Mug With A Wooden Handle

The Ello Fulton mug features a sleek handle that’s made from real wood. The plastic friction-fit lid provides a tight seal to prevent splashing. It weighs 1 pound and holds 16 ounces. While it ultimately depends on the size of your car’s cup holders, many reviewers have attested that this mug fits in theirs, with one user writing, “I like this mug because it fits in my car cup holder and the handle hangs over the side.” Since this mug is single-walled, it may not keep your coffee piping hot for a long time — one reviewer confirmed: “They do not keep your coffee hot. They are essentially like a mug that you can take with you.”

While all parts of this mug are safe to run in the dishwasher on the top rack, the manufacturer recommends hand-washing the mug if possible. Unfortunately, the mug is not microwavable. Don’t like this white hue? The mug is also available in gray.

Promising Amazon review: “Great product! Elegant look and sturdy handle. Definitely one of the best traveling ceramic mugs I’ve ever purchased.”

5. A Double-Wall Tumbler That Resembles A Paper Cup

Looking for something with a basic look? This 12-ounce ceramic travel mug resembles a traditional paper coffee cup, and it’s available in white or black. According to one reviewer, the double-wall mug “keeps the liquid super hot for at least 20 minutes and very warm for at least 1 hour.” The silicone lid seals tightly to keep spills at bag, and the optional sleeve can offer more traction and protection for your hand. Reviewers have reported that it’s great to take with you in the car. While this mug has the smallest capacity of the options on the list, it weighs a heavy 1.2 pounds. However, it’s completely dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

Promising Amazon review: “I've been looking for a good, insulated cup that was ceramic only [...] These hold heat very well. I love the design play on a paper cup and I love the fact that these can be microwaved (helps to warm them once we come in from below-freezing weather!). Definitely worth the price.”

Also Great: This Lightweight Ceramic-Coated Stainless Steel Travel Mug

If you’re looking for a lightweight option that’ll keep your drink warm or cold for longer, this ceramic-coated stainless steel tumbler holds 16 ounces of liquid and weighs just half a pound. It also maintains the temperature of your beverage for a long time: According to the manufacturer, the Thermalock double-wall technology helps keep drinks hot or cold for up to seven and 18 hours, respectively. Since it’s so well insulated, you likely won’t need to pop it in the microwave — which is a good thing because it’s not microwave-safe. It fits in most car cup holders and has a soft-grip sleeve.

The dishwasher-safe plastic lid is leak-proof for on-the-go convenience. The mug itself must be hand-washed, and it comes in both silver and black.

Promising Amazon review: “I wanted a travel mug that did not leak, no matter the orientation. I wanted a travel mug that actually keeps the contents warm for a long time. I wanted a travel mug that was easy to keep clean and won't take on the taste of its contents or develop its own taste. Checks all the boxes, especially the ceramic coating inside! The only piece that is a little difficult to clean is the cover. But soaking it once a week does the job.”