The 7 Best Corner Desks For Small Spaces

No space? No problem.

Written by Claire Epting
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Anyone working or studying out of a bedroom or studio apartment might be hard-pressed to come up with desk ideas for small spaces. After all, a full-size option with all the trimmings may not be an option — which is why a corner desk can be so helpful. The best corner desks for small spaces have L-shaped or triangular designs that fit neatly into tight areas. Many feature space-saving storage solutions such as shelves, keyboard trays, and built-in file holders.

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Corner Desks For Small Spaces

L-Shaped Versus Triangular Designs

Corner desks primarily come in two different designs: L-shaped and triangular. An L-shaped desk has two separate, oblong work surfaces that meet in the center at a right angle, whereas a triangular desk has a single work surface that’s much smaller in size. If you have a little extra room to spare, an L-shaped desk offers more space to spread out your computer, writing utensils, and books. On the other hand, a triangular option is best for those who want their desk to take up as little room as possible — as long as you’re willing to pare down your work setup.

Features To Look For

Every corner desk offers a different set of features with space efficiency and productivity in mind. Here are four key design elements to consider:

Built-In Storage: When working with a small area, storage space is far and away the most important feature to think about — the more desk accessories you can stash on a shelf or in a drawer, the more surface area you have to work on. The best desks for small spaces either have drawers, hooks, file holders, or shelves built into the frame (and sometimes a combination) to make your workspace a little more convenient.

Keyboard Tray: Those who have a detached keyboard will benefit from a keyboard tray, which can be pulled out from underneath the desk and slid back in when not in use. A keyboard tray doesn’t just save precious real estate on your small desk — the lower placement also encourages ergonomic alignment while typing, keeping your hands at or below elbow level.

Computer Stand: Placing your monitor or computer on a laptop stand can help keep your neck in a neutral position and reduce strain, which is helpful if you spend long hours working on a computer. Some desks have one built in, but you can always add your own if you choose one that doesn’t. Just make sure you pick a corner desk with a work surface that’s wide enough to accommodate your riser.

Rotating Side Table: If you’re someone who likes to have the option of multiple desk layouts, you may want to pick a corner desk that’s designed with a side table that swings out to provide extra workspace. Equipped with locking wheels, the side table can be kept at a right angle or swiveled inward so it can be tucked under the main desk for out-of-the-way storage. That way, you can enjoy the extra surface area when you need it, then free up that space when you’re done working.

It may be stating the obvious, but it’s always important to measure the dimensions of the corner of your room to ensure you get the right desk for your space. While many corner desks are designed to be placed flush against the wall, others have a rounded edge, so you can place a standing lamp between the wall and your desk.

With all that said, check out the best corner desks for small spaces below.

Shop The Best Corner Desks For Small Spaces

In a hurry? These are the best corner desks for small spaces:

  1. An L-Shaped Desk With Lots Of Storage: Homieasy L-Shaped Desk With Storage Bag
  2. A Compact Desk With A Keyboard Tray: ODK Triangle Computer Desk
  3. A Desk With A Clip-On Monitor Stand & A Drawer: CubiCubi L-Shaped Desk
  4. A Minimalist Desk For Super Tight Spaces: FURINNO Turn-N-Tube Corner Desk
  5. A Versatile Desk With A Side Table That Swings Out: Little Tree L-Shaped Rotating Desk
  6. A Streamlined Desk With Closed Shelves: Tangkula Triangle Corner Desk
  7. An Elegant Desk With A Drawer & Shelf: Target Marketing Systems Corner Desk

1. This L-Shaped Desk With Lots Of Storage


  • 2 shelves and side file holder provide ample storage
  • Adjustable foot pads for uneven floors


  • Slightly bigger dimensions may not be suitable for some spaces

Designed with two open side shelves and a built-in file caddy for papers and notebooks, this is one of the best desks for small spaces with storage — there’s even room for a few personal knickknacks. It has a sturdy, reinforced metal frame and features an engineered wood surface that comes in both bare and painted finishes. Plus, the legs have adjustable foot pads to ensure the desk remains stable on uneven ground. Note that it doesn’t have a keyboard tray, so it’s not as ergonomic as some of the other choices — but the wide surface provides a generously sized workspace.

According to a reviewer: “Lovely little desk that can fit into the corner of my little bedroom. There is plenty of space both on top and underneath. I love the little pocket in the side that I store files on. It is very sturdy and wasn't too difficult to assemble.”

  • Dimensions: total width 46.5 inches, total depth 32.5 inches, height 29 inches
  • Available colors: black, black oak, white, white oak, rustic brown

2. A Compact Desk With A Keyboard Tray


  • Slide-out keyboard tray
  • Small footprint


  • Only has one small storage shelf

Aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic, this small corner computer desk has a built-in keyboard tray that encourages proper typing posture. The frame is made of sturdy metal, while the desk’s surface is made of waterproof, scratch-resistant wood that comes in natural, painted, and marble finishes. Its compact size lends itself to especially small spaces, although you won’t have as much room to spread out as you work. There’s also only one small storage shelf below the desk, so this option is best for a minimalist desk setup.

According to a reviewer: “I love this desk, I wanted something small for a corner of my living room that was functional but also looked cute. This desk fits my large monitor and laptop without any issues. Super great quality and very sturdy.”

  • Dimensions: width of each side 28.3 inches, depth from front of desk to back corner 22.5 inches, height 30 inches
  • Available colors: white, black, rustic brown, marble

3. The Desk With A Clip-On Monitor Stand & A Drawer


  • Movable monitor stand, storage drawer, and headphones hook
  • Adjustable foot pads for uneven floors


  • Slightly bigger size might not be suitable for some spaces

For those who need a bit more desk space, this curved corner desk is a great choice. Rather than provide shelves beneath the work surface, this desk includes other storage solutions like a pull-out drawer, a clip-on monitor stand, and a hook for your headphones. The metal frame has adjustable foot pads that remain stable on uneven floors, while the work surface itself is made of lightweight engineered wood. When placed in your room’s corner, the rounded edge creates just enough space for a floor lamp to fit between the wall and the desk — but keep in mind that the design will take up a bit more floor space than other options.

According to a reviewer: “I am using this for my business and it's the perfect size for the corner of my room. [...] I have had a corner L shape desk before and it was a little to bulky and long. This size is made perfect for a compact area. Good price, good product.”

  • Dimensions: width of each side 51.2 inches, depth 19.7 inches, height 29.5 inches
  • Available colors: black, white, deep brown, walnut

4. A Minimalist Desk For Super Tight Spaces


  • Smallest option on this list
  • Easy assembly with no tools required


  • Not as much workspace as other picks
  • Minimal clearance for knees and feet, which could be uncomfortable for some

Despite its space-efficient size, this small corner computer desk still provides you with three different shelves for storing books, files, knickknacks, and more. The particle board platforms and plastic legs can be put together without any tools, which is ideal for those who want a hassle-free assembly experience. Note that this pick doesn’t offer as much desk space as others on this list, and the shelves below offer minimal clearance for knees and feet — which might be uncomfortable for some. Besides that, its wallet-friendly price and built-in storage make it a solid choice for tiny corners.

According to a reviewer: “This desk is perfect for a small space, or weird shaped corner. Most tiny desks don't have a storage area, so it's nice that this one has that. Also, assembly is SO simple- love that. No tools needed and it's sturdy.”

  • Dimensions: width of each side 22.5 inches, depth from front of desk to back corner 22 inches, height 28.5 inches
  • Available colors: espresso/black

5. This Versatile Desk With A Side Table That Swings Out


  • Rotating side table offers more workspace and tucks in for out-of-the-way storage
  • Built-in keyboard tray


  • Not ideal for carpeted floors
  • Cannot be placed flush against the wall

The big benefit of this modern corner desk from Little Tree is that you can rotate the side table into a number of positions — offering plenty of versatility in your small room. And when you’re not using it, the side table can be tucked under the main work surface for out-of-the-way storage. With helpful features including a keyboard tray and an open storage shelf, the desk is great for those who need more room for their belongings but don’t want to sacrifice precious floor space. It has a sturdy steel frame and engineered wood surfaces, which give it a sleek, modern look.

Some things to keep in mind: The desk’s rounded edges prevent you from placing it flush against the wall, and the wheels on the side table will have an easier time rolling over hard-surface floors than carpeted ones.

According to a reviewer: “I have a small apartment so space is at a premium. This was perfect. It fits in the corner of my bedroom. The desk expands and goes back to its original size after you're finished using it. It's very sturdy and functional, and I'm very pleased with it.”

  • Dimensions: width 47.24 inches, depth with side table tucked in 21.85 inches, depth with side table rotated out 41.5 inches, height 34.84 inches
  • Available colors: black, white

6. This Streamlined Desk With Closed Shelves


  • Closed shelves create a tidier look
  • Cable management hole helps with concealing wires


  • Less clearance for knees and legs

Those looking for closed-shelf storage space will find much to love about this small corner desk with storage from Tangkula. Made of durable engineered wood, the desk features two storage shelves of different heights — both of which are concealed by side panels for a workspace that looks more streamlined. Another useful feature? It has a cable management hole that keeps your device’s wires nice and tidy.

This desk doesn’t include a keyboard tray, and the under-desk storage doesn’t provide much clearance for knees and legs. But other than that, this is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants something that blends in with their room’s decor rather than distract from it.

According to a reviewer: “It’s such a nice corner desk. I love it so much! Working perfect for a small bedroom/office space. It’s very easy to assemble by myself and the quality is great. All parts and tools are included. I’m very happy with it so far.”

  • Dimensions: width of each side 33.5 inches, depth from front of desk to back corner 32 inches, height 29 inches
  • Available colors: black, rustic brown, white

7. The Elegant Desk With A Drawer & Shelf


  • Includes a storage drawer
  • Simple yet elegant design


  • Has a smaller work surface area than other options

Arguably the most elegant option on the list, this compact corner desk serves as a functional and charming piece of furniture. The painted wood pieces require minimal assembly upon arrival, so you can most likely put it together by yourself. Storage-wise, the simple desk has both a spacious pull-out drawer and a small shelf that sits at around knee-height. Its triangular edge fits neatly in the corner of your room, so it won’t take up much space at all. While this desk might be too small for those with more complicated work setups, it’s a fantastic, reasonably priced choice for those who don’t need a large work surface.

According to a reviewer: “Love it! Lovely creamy white, with a generous drawer and fits perfectly compact in the corner! Can hold my Mac, mouse, notebook and a few other things! [...] Perfect for an instant, small, “have to from home” office!”

  • Dimensions: width of each side 29.5 inches, depth from front of desk to back corner 27.5 inches, height 30 inches
  • Available colors: black, white, cherry