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16 Home Gift Ideas For The Friend Who Loves To Throw A Party

Including a statement mirror you’ll want for yourself.

The Ultimate Holiday 2022 Gift Guide
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Turning a studio apartment or a fixer-upper house into a home may seem like a daunting task at first. Fortunately, making a living space an oasis for calm self-care nights or a lavish space to host your friends can be accomplished with some mindful purchases — all of which require no construction. Oftentimes, the best home-making can be done when you focus on the details: delicate glassware, intricate dishes, and candle scents that match your mood (which, BTW, won’t put a security deposit at risk).

If you’re looking to purchase a gift for someone who recently moved or is in the process of turning their new house into their forever home, there are plenty of items out there to make their lives even easier. Keep in mind that big pieces like furniture and art can be so specific to one’s taste they can be tricky to gift, so instead turn to smaller presents that fulfill a purpose — think fancy bar cart additions, handmade pottery that can upgrade a tablescape, or cleaning supply kits that will undoubtedly be put to use. Read on to see some of the best home gifts of the year that’ll run you as little as $25.

1. The Cult-Favorite Water Bottle

If you’re on TikTok, you’ve definitely seen the viral Stanley Quencher cups on mommy bloggers’ pages or featured in shopping hauls — and TBQH, the bottle is totally worth the hype. This second edition of the Internet-famous cup adds a silicone shield so there’s no chance of water spilling out when you’re using the straw lid, which is a huge win for the clumsy who like to stay hydrated.

2. For DIY Infused Booze

The Crew Bottle is another Internet darling, and for good reason. With this bottle, users can transform plain alcohol into sangria, berry mojitos, spicy margaritas, or just a uniquely-flavored liquor. Crew Bottles unscrew from the bottom so you can add spices, sprigs, sliced fruit, or whatever you may want to have in your custom drink. Although Crew Home sells kits to help brainstorm new alcoholic options, the bottle can also be used for non-boozy kitchen endeavors like infused olive oil or flavored water.

3. The Ultimate Smart Home Essential

Alexa gets a big upgrade with the Echo Show 10. With a 10.1" HD screen that’s designed to move with you, video calls, recipes, and shows are always in view and always with pristine audio quality thanks to premium, directional sound. Learn what all the hype is about at Amazon today.

4. To Help Take Care Of Business

It’s easy to want to refresh a kitchen or bedroom, but the bathroom often gets thrown to the wayside. One way to add an upgraded detail is to invest in a Tushy, a bidet that’s easy to install (like, under 10 minutes kind of easy) and will absolutely change the way you... do your business. With a stamp of approval from Goop, I can confirm this is not a weird thing to purchase for someone on your shopping list.

5. For Satisfying Packed Lunches

Those satisfying lunch packing videos you see online can be brought to life with the right lunchbox. Plus, having something cool to bring your food to work in will entice your loved ones to actually pack something instead of spending another $13 on a sad office salad. This PlanetBox stainless steel contraption has partitions for different sides and looks sleek in any backpack, briefcase, or purse.

6. A Must-Have Cleaning Kit

Believe it or not, cleaning supplies can be made into a fun gift to open during the holidays, and Scrub Daddy is proof. Not only are they cute (I mean, look at their smiles!), but they really get the job done. With this All-Star kit, the recipient will get scrubbers, sponges, screen cleaners, and a caddy, plus a whole new outlook on cleaning.

7. A Bold And Sustainable Cutting Board

The right cutting board can brighten up a kitchen, especially when it comes in colors like light blue, mustard, emerald green, or coral. The reBoard from Material is made with kitchen plastic scraps and renewable sugarcane so you can feel good about your purchase. Not only is it sustainable, but 50% of profits go to Heart of Dinner, an organization that donates meals to Asian American elders in New York City.

8. Non-Basic Champagne Flutes

During the holiday season, there is much champagne to be had. Ditch the basic gift of typical champagne flutes and opt for something a bit more modern, like these from The White Company that may resemble shot glasses but are meant for bubbly.

9. A Bowl Made For Soup Season

Shopping for someone that takes soup season very seriously? These handmade noodle bowls are genuinely gorgeous to look at as well as being super functional — there’s even a divot on one side of the bowl to hold chopsticks. Pair this with the recipient’s favorite flavor of Top Ramen and you’re sure to make their day.

10. An Upgrade To Your Spice Rack

Spice up the stocking stuffers you buy this year by getting something from Loisa, a Latinx-owned business that makes organic seasoning and sauces to use in all sorts of recipes. The best part? They’re all shelf-stable until they’re opened, so they can be used well into the new year.

11. A Kit To Make Your Candles Last Even Longer

A candle for the holidays isn’t very original, but this Etsy candle care kit will come in handy for the person you’d typically buy another vanilla-scented-something for. It comes with a trimmer, a snuffer, and a wick pick that will help improve a candle’s longevity — which is every home fragrance lover’s dream.

12. For The Maximalist Aesthetic Lover

These candles stray on the not-so-basic side when it comes to gift-giving. They’re the perfect decor for the maximalist in your life, and in such bright pink and orange hues, the duo can add some color and sass to any room.

13. A Sassy Throw Pillow

Beloved character Alexis Rose was the best deliverer of one-liners, one of which is the ever-iconic “Love that journey for me.” If that quote resonates or is an inside joke between you and someone on your holiday shopping list, this needlepoint throw pillow should be added to your cart ASAP.

14. A Statement Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the best gift-giver of them all? You, probably, especially if you wrap up this funky mirror (that comes in black, green, and lavender) for someone you love.

15. A Portable Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers don’t always come in such pretty packaging, but this Vitruvi x Mejuri collab is truly showstopping. The gold color is super metallic but the design itself is covert, so it can be tucked away into the corner of a room if needed. Plus, it has a charging pad so it can be moved around while diffusing the most amazing scents all around a home without a tangle of cords.

16. Decor For The Artsy One On Your List

Doormats don’t have to be boring. This Keith Haring print adds a pop of personality — especially for the art nerd you’re not sure what to buy. Ruggable also has a genius design for their doormats: They come in two separate pieces so that the rubber bottom can easily be wiped clean while the design-covered top layer can be thrown in the wash.