The 5 Best Husband Pillows

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best husband pillows on amazon

Often referred to by many different names — a pillow chair, reading pillow, a study pillow, or even simply a backrest — a husband pillow can deliver much-needed comfort to your back. Whether you spend a lot of time working from bed or just want a bit more structure while lounging on the couch or floor, the best husband pillows provide the right amount of support with a design aesthetic that matches your home.

Similar to a bed rest pillow, these are meant to offer you a more rigid place to keep you comfortably upright as you watch TV, read, or just simply relax. For that reason, most come filled with shredded memory foam, which is breathable, supportive, and, in some cases, even customizable since you can add or remove fill to get your desired density (although you may pay more for this feature). The same can be said for those that come with removable covers — it may be worth paying a little extra to be able to machine wash it, instead of spot-cleaning. If you're not into the feel of memory foam, there are some other unique reading pillow options that have a bit more "give," like one inspired by a bean bag chair (though with this fill, you won't be able to adjust the density).

In addition to choosing a color or fabric that brings you joy, you'll also want to think about its size. Reading pillows can range from super compact to extra-wide, so check the dimensions to ensure it's the right size for your needs, while also fitting into your space. Additionally, one that comes with a removable top cushion can offer a high enough back to support your neck. Comfort can also stem from convenience, so beyond a carrying handle, you may want a pillow with pockets to keep your remote or your phone closeby.

Ahead, you'll find five of the best husband pillows on Amazon that will take your lounge game to the next level.

1. A Versatile Husband Pillow With A Cup Holder (& It Comes In So Many Colors)

For a husband pillow that packs in plenty of cool features, this Nestl Bedding pillow is definitely convenient. Its plush, microfiber cover is filled with comfortable shredded memory foam fill that can easily be removed or re-adjusted more to your liking. There are 44 rich cover colors to choose from, each of which is removable and washable, however, the real versatility comes in when you take account of all of the thoughtful extras. In addition to a carry handle, you'll get two pillows (a neck pillow that can fasten to the top and a bolster that's perfect for placing under your legs as you lounge), and plenty of pockets to stash your stuff — two side pockets on each arm, a larger pouch in the back, and, the one that you can only find on this pick, a cupholder.

Available sizes (back width x arm depth x height):

  • Premium Edition Large with neck bolster attached: 15 x 12 x 29.5 inches (pictured)
  • Medium: 12 x 12 x 17 inches
  • Petite: 9 x 8.5 x 14 inches

2. An Affordable, No-Frills Reading Pillow

If you're looking for a husband pillow that gets the job done without any extra frills, this option comes at a great price. While it has shredded foam filling and a top handle like many of the options on this list, there's only one velvet cover to choose from, it's not detachable or washable (spot clean only), and you can't remove or add any filling. However, you can easily move the foam around from the outside to get a more customized cushion — simply knead and compress the pillow until it suits your liking.

"This pillow! I've been wanting one to sit up and watch tv in bed," raved one shopper. "Well it has turned into my sleeping pillow and I haven't woken up with neck and shoulder pain since I started using it and I've stopped snoring according to my husband! Buy this! It's worth it! It gets even more comfortable the more it wears."

  • Available size (back width x arm depth x height): 15 x 11 x 18 inches

3. A U-Shaped Bean Bag Lounger That Doubles As A Lap Desk

A modern take on the classic beanbag chair, this U-shaped pillow is as innovative as it is comfortable. It's filled with polystyrene beads and has a four-way-stretch, cotton-blend cover that's zip-removable and machine-washable. There are 19 colors to choose from, but you can also buy extra covers separately if you want some variety or if one needs washing. And, while it's great as a backrest, you can also spin it around and use it as an ergonomic lap desk, too.

  • Available size (width x arm depth x height): 23 x 33 x 13 inches

4. This Extra-Large Version That Comes In Tons Of Cool Prints

With a wider-than-normal arm depth for a traditional husband pillow, this extra-large backrest offers all-encompassing comfort and support. It has a soft cover that's zip-detachable and machine-washable and is stuffed with shredded memory foam — but keep in mind that the filling is non-adjustable, so you won't be able to add or remove it (but can easily fluff it up to move the foam around). This chair also has a top handle for carrying and a back storage pocket. And, if leopard print isn't your favorite, you can choose from 33 other fun prints, like floral, skulls, geometric, and more.

Available sizes (back width x arm depth x height):

  • Extra Large: 23.7 x 15 x 40 inches (pictured)
  • Small: 14.5 x 10.5 x 28 inches

You May Also Like: This Adjustable Wedge Pillow You Can Use So Many Different Ways

If you're seeking back support but don't need armrests, opt for this adjustable wedge pillow. It's technically three pieces in one — a dome pillow and two wedges — that are Velcro-detachable and can be arranged in 12 different ways depending on what kind of support you need, like as a low-incline wedge pillow or separated for use as a pillow and a leg rest, and so on. Each piece is filled with solid memory foam and has a soft velvet cover that's removable for washing. Likewise, it has a top handle and comes with a convenient carrying case for storage or travel. You can also grab the same pillow in brown.

  • Available size (width x depth x height): 22 x 12 x 22 inches (width x depth x height)