The 7 Best Pillows Under $50 — & Reviewers Are Obsessed

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Best Pillows Under $50

Believe it or not, you don’t have to spend tons of money to get a comfortable, supportive pillow. The best pillows under $50 are some of the highest reviewed options on Amazon because they offer both of those things (and sometimes even a few extras) at a great price. When you’re shopping for bedding at any price point, however, you should first consider both your primary sleeping position and your preferred fill material.

While most of the options below are well-suited for back, stomach, and side sleepers alike, your primary sleep position should impact your pillow choice. For example, back sleepers often need a more structured pillow, since the curvature of the neck requires support. Side sleepers usually benefit from a higher loft, since your shoulder keeps your head elevated, and stomach sleepers tend to do best with softer, thinner options because their faces are pressed downwards into the pillow. When in doubt (or if you shift positions during the night), consider an adjustable pillow.

Different fill materials are better for different sleeping positions, but they’re also a matter of personal preference. Solid memory foam tends to be the most structured, while shredded memory foam offers support and adaptivity at the same time. Down and down-alternative fillings are usually the softest and fluffiest options, not to mention the most breathable. However, down allergies are common.

These pillows are designed for different sleeping positions and have various types of fill, but they all have two things in common: They’re some of the highest-rated options on Amazon — and they all come in at under $50.

1. The Best-Selling Pillows On Amazon

With more than 140,000 reviews and an overall rating of 4.4 stars, it’s impossible to ignore these Beckham Luxury Hotel Collection bed pillows on Amazon. On the outside, they have a smooth 250-thread-count fabric, and on the inside, there’s a down alternative filling that is suitable for all three positions without shifting or flattening. They’re also fully machine-washable, OEKO-TEX certified, and come in a pack of two, all for $40.

  • Available sizes: queen, king

Recommended for: back, stomach, or side sleepers

Filled with: down alternative

One reviewer wrote: “I am super picky about pillows, and for 25 years I have used nothing but expensive goose-feather down pillows. [...] Best pillow I have ever used.”

2. The Best Budget Pillows

Since these bed pillows come in a pack of two for little more than $20, they break down to less than $15 each. But don’t be fooled by their budget-friendly price; they’ve managed to earn a 4.5-star overall rating after feedback from more than 9,000 reviewers, all because the microfiber filling is GREENGUARD Gold certified and mimics the breathability and comfort of down. In other words, no matter what position you prefer, these pillows are fluffy, supportive, and luxurious.

  • Available sizes: standard, queen, king

Recommended for: back, stomach, or side sleepers

Filled with: down-alternative microfiber

One reviewer wrote: “I was a bit skeptical considering how low the price was for two but they arrived quickly and I was very pleasantly surprised. They are the perfect zone between very firm and very soft. They definitely feel like upscale hotel pillows. They have front and center stage on my California King.”

3. The Best Adjustable Pillow Under $50

The Coop Home Goods pillow changed the way thousands of people slept, thanks to its adjustable shredded memory foam interior, which can be added or removed depending on your preferences. That said, a single pillow starts at over $60 — so this WonderSleep Dream Rite pillow is a great alternative. It also has an adjustable design but for significantly less, so you can change the loft and density to suit your specific sleeping position while still adhering to a budget. It also has a removable, washable bamboo-viscose-blend cover to help keep you cool.

  • Available sizes: queen

Recommended for: back, stomach, or side sleepers

Filled with: 80% shredded memory foam, 20% polyester fiber

One reviewer wrote: “We absolutely love the adjustable design of this pillow, it's very innovative. I've determined that prefer it firm and my wife likes it a bit softer, simply a matter of removing a bit of the memory foam stuffing until it's just the way you like it.”

4. A High-Loft Pillow That Won’t Go Flat

Tired of pillows that go flat after a few weeks? Once fully fluffed, these Utopia Bedding pillows are specifically designed to hold their shape over time, all thanks to their special gusseted design that’s both durable and helps to maintain the pillows’ structure. The poly-fiber filling works for any type of sleeper as long as you like a high loft, while the poly-cotton exterior is soft and breathable. The piping around the edges adds some visual interest, and it even comes in your choice of six colors.

  • Available sizes: queen, king

Recommended for: back, stomach, or side sleepers

Filled with: poly-fiber down alternative

One reviewer wrote: “After using a few months I am happy to report that these are great sleeping pillows. Am a sidesleeper and like how they are not too firm and nestle my head. They do not go flat.”

5. The Best Pillow For Hot Sleepers

For those who often overheat at night, the Nestl pillow is made double-sided with moisture-wicking bamboo rayon on one side and a silk material on the other to keep you cool while you sleep. Memory foam tends to trap heat, but the filling in this pillow is infused with gel to combat that while still providing plenty of support. This one has earned over 2,000 five-star ratings, and while you can also get it in a two-pack, the single king-size falls within the $50 budget.

  • Available sizes: queen, king

Recommended for: back, stomach, or side sleepers

Filled with: gel-infused shredded memory foam

One reviewer wrote: “I have terrible nights sweats, I'll wake up with my hair soaked but since I got this pillow (about 2-3 weeks) I am sleeping so much better. It's so big if I do get a little hot I just move my head over and it's soooo cool!”

6. A Pillow That’s Supportive On The Back & Neck

Many reviewers who experience back or neck discomfort have found this memory foam pillow to be very beneficial. Since it’s made from a solid piece of CertiPUR-US-certified gel memory foam, it’s significantly more structured than most — but it still has ventilation holes to keep you cool and a soft, adaptive texture that helps align the curvature of your spine. While it’s likely too structured for most stomach sleepers, back and side sleepers have reported great results.

  • Available sizes: standard, queen, king

Recommended for: back and side sleepers

Filled with: solid gel memory foam

One reviewer wrote: “This is the best pillow I’ve ever owned. The foam is soft, but firm enough to provide more than adequate support for my neck. I suffer from a lot of neck and lower back pain, and this pillow has helped me sleep so much better.”

7. The Best Genuine Down Pillows

Because it’s fluffy, adaptive, natural, and effective at balancing body temperature in any season, genuine down is a luxurious bedding material. As a result, down pillows are often pretty expensive, but you can get this set of two standard-size ones for less than $50. All of the duck feather and down fill is OEKO-TEX certified and covered in a 100% cotton casing. Plus, you can even machine wash them with cold water. It’s also available as a single standard-size pillow for less than $30. Just keep in mind that some can be sensitive to down and this one might not be the best for stomach sleepers.

  • Available sizes: standard, queen, king

Recommended for: back or side sleepers

Filled with: 95% Siberia feather, 5% Siberia down

One reviewer wrote: “For the price point, these are essentially perfect. I keep sending them to family members as gifts because they keep asking what the pillows are on my guest bed.”