The 5 Best Sheets That Don't Pill

Amazon shoppers swear by these sheets that are comfy and last for a long time.

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While most sheets will feel great right out of the package, after a few months of wear and washing, most will lose their soft, smooth texture. That’s where pill-resistant sheets are a worthy investment. While no sheets are totally pill-proof, the best sheets that don’t pill are made from a single natural material, with long fibers and a tight weave to prevent the fibers from breaking or tangling.

What To Look For In Sheets That Won’t Pill

Long natural fibers: Avoid synthetic fabrics if you’re concerned about pilling because the shorter fibers can fray and tangle easily. Natural materials like silk, linen, and bamboo have longer fibers that are less likely to pill, as do long fiber versions of cotton (sometimes called “long thread” or “long staple”).

A tight weave: Beyond fiber length, look for a tight weave that fibers can’t escape from easily, such as percale. When the weave isn’t listed, look for other signs of durability, such as high density, sometimes measured in grams per square meter (GSM). GSM is often provided for flannel sheets, and anything above 170 GSM will have a tight, strong weave. For silk, density is measured in momme. Look for sheets that are between 19 and 25 momme for breathable durability.

One material: Above all, you’ll want to make sure your sheets are made from one material rather than a blend, as blends are more likely to pill. In a blend, the stronger material will pull at the weaker material in the weave, causing it to break and tangle around the stronger fibers, and hence, forming pills. However, the material you choose will depend on your needs. For hot sleepers, a light, breathable fabric like soft bamboo, moisture-wicking silk, or breezy linen is ideal. For cold sleepers, a thicker flannel sheet will keep you warmer. Cotton percale sheets should work for any type of sleeper, since it has a tight yet breathable weave and a crisp feel.

Shop The Best Non-Pilling Sheets

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for pill-resistant sheets.

  1. A Set Of Long-Staple Cotton Percale Sheets: Quince Classic Organic Percale Sheets
  2. A Set Of High-Density Cotton Flannel Sheets That Don’t Pill: Royal Hotel Soft Cotton Flannel Sheets
  3. A Set Of 100% Bamboo Sheets: Bamboo Bay 6-Piece Bamboo Sheet Set
  4. A Set Of Stone-Washed Linen Sheets: Sijo 100% French Linen Bed Sheet Set
  5. A Set Of 100% Mulberry Silk Sheets: Colorado Home Co Mulberry Silk Bed Sheets

1. A Set Of Long-Staple Cotton Percale Sheets

Quince’s set of cotton sheets feature long-staple cotton in a percale weave with no synthetic fibers blended in — three criteria that are a must for shoppers who want a pill-resistant sheet. While low-quality percale can be stiff or starchy, the long-staple cotton is typically very soft. This means that these sheets should have the crisp feeling that so many people love about percale sheets, but won’t be too rough for sleepers who prefer a softer feel.

These crisp, cool sheets come in eight different colors and customers have the option to buy additional pillowcases separately if the two already included in this set aren’t enough.

According to one reviewer: “These sheets are soft, yet crisp. They fit on our mattress easily without a lot of wrestling but aren’t loose. I’m very happy with my purchase and the reasonable price for a high quality product. Definitely going to be shopping here again!”

  • Available sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King

2. A Set Of High-Density Cotton Flannel Sheets That Don’t Pill

With a 4.5-star overall rating after more than 1,000 Amazon reviews, this set of cotton flannel sheets from Royal Hotel is a favorite among shoppers who want the plush, cozy feel of high-density flannel. They boast a 170 GSM weave that keeps you warm while you sleep. Plus, unlike lower-quality options that blend in synthetic fibers, these are made from 100% cotton. Together, the high-density weave and all-cotton material should make for a durable, pill-resistant fabric that still has that uniquely soft, thick feel that people want in a flannel sheet.

Shoppers can get these high-quality cotton flannel sheets in 14 color choices ranging from solid neutral tones to rustic floral or woodsy prints.

According to one reviewer: “The first time I put these on the bed, I thought I was in heaven! I've never slept more comfortably! You must buy these sheets. I've had them for quite some time now and they're still in great shape. No pills, still soft. I just wash them on normal and they come out great every time.”

  • Available Sizes: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split-King, California King

3. A Set Of 100% Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo Bay’s 6-Piece sheet set is a great deal for high-quality bamboo sheets and pillowcases. Most standard sets come with just two pillowcases but here, you’ll get a total of four with most sizes of this set. Even better, everything in the set is made entirely from bamboo viscose with no synthetic materials blended in. This makes it incredibly soft but still breathable and lightweight. Most importantly, the 100% natural bamboo is durable and pill-resistant.

With 11 solid colors to choose from, these soft, breathable sheets can be easily matched to your décor. The 6-piece set is a popular choice for both hot sleepers and anyone who wants a softer sheet that feels more like linen or Egyptian cotton. The set has earned a 4.6-star overall Amazon rating after more than 2,100 (and growing!) reviews.

According to one reviewer: “There are many cheaper bamboo sheet sets out there, but if you read the fine print they're a sateen weave, not twill. Sateen weaves will have a tendency to pill over time, whereas twill will not. These sheets are unbelievably silky soft and have stayed that way for 18 months and counting. I can't find more reasonably priced twill bamboo sheets and am super happy with these (I've bought 3 sets now for various beds.)”

  • Available Sizes: Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King

4. A Set Of Stone-Washed Linen Sheets

With an overall 4.5-star Amazon rating after more than 1,000 reviews, these linen sheets by Sijo have proven to be a crowd-pleaser. The pure French linen is a naturally long fiber that shouldn’t pill easily, and these sheets have also been stonewashed so they’re super soft from the get-go. Shoppers have lots of options to choose from, including seven beautiful colors and a range of sets and individual pieces. For those who never use the flat sheet, you can opt for a three-piece set that just has the fitted sheet and two pillowcases. You can also buy a flat sheet on its own if you don’t need the rest.

According to one reviewer: “This has been my only set of sheets for about 5 months, washing weekly (I wash on warm, dry on low or medium). They are PERFECT. No pilling, washes well, keeps me cool in the summer (I don’t have ac in my bedroom) and cozy in the winter. As long as I put them on the bed right when they come out of the dryer there is very minimal/gentle wrinkling which I think gives a cozier vibe. 100% recommend and plan to buy a second set this year.”

  • Available Sizes: Full, Queen, King, California King

5. A Set Of 100% Mulberry Silk Sheets

These luxurious silk sheets by Colorado Home Co are made from 100% mulberry silk, OEKO-TEX Certified, with a durable 22-momme density. Mulberry is the highest quality silk on the market in terms of durability, texture, and color. While all silk is pill-resistant, mulberry silk has extra-long strands which makes it even less likely to pill. As a bonus, silk is also a great choice for sensitive skin or curly hair.

These super-soft sheets come in nine different colors to perfectly match the rest of your bedding. With an overall rating of 4.5 stars, it’s clear that these sheets are a worthy investment, but to save some additional money, you can opt for the three-piece set without the flat sheet. Finally, the brand offers a 12-month warranty.

According to one reviewer: “I'd never used silk before, and I'll say this helps me sleep rather comfortably, both in summer and in winter. I used to wake up hot and sweaty, especially my head, even with one of those fancy pillows that breath so your head doesn't get hot, with the pillow cases from this set I do not have that issue at all. It's expensive, but in my opinion, totally worth it. I've had this for several months now and have had no quality issues.”

  • Available Sizes: Queen, King

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