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The 14 Coolest Tech Gifts You Can Buy This Year

Make screen time less boring.

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The best tech gifts of 2023, according to Bustle editors.

Regardless of what your screen time stats say, a lot of your daily life likely revolves around looking at screens. There’s no way around it. While texting and scrolling are unavoidable, it doesn’t all have to feel basic and boring. Plus, the way we interact with technology is no longer just about computers and phones — there are tons of ways it can be used for self-care, relaxation, and even peace of mind.

Maybe you’re feeling stuck when it comes to shopping for your tech-savvy bestie, or you just want to invest in some devices that could make your life easier. In any case, this list has it all. From apps that are actually worth paying for to intuitive gadgets that will make your Instagram grid aesthetic totally aspirational, don’t sleep on these 14 must-buy tech products.

Read on to see the items your favorite influencers use to film their daily vlogs, smart home products that will keep your space in tip-top shape, and an infrared blanket that will feel like a portable spa day.

1. Be Your Friend Group’s Personal Pap

There’s a chance this Canon is what your favorite influencers use for their high-quality Instagram photos and clear-as-can-be vlogs. It’s easy to navigate for the camera beginner, but if you were a PowerShot girly back in the early 2000s, you’ll also be impressed by how upgraded it feels. It features a touch screen with different filters and plenty of options to ensure your lighting is perfect every single time.

2. For Influencer-Approved Posts

Forget the rigmarole of getting your photos onto your computer and then onto your phone to post on the ’Gram. Instead, this cable allows you to plug your SD card straight into your iPhone and download your snaps in a flash. Read as: When the group chat starts begging to see everything you captured from the night before, you can do it instantly.

3. Nostalgic Phone, Modern Features

A flip phone in 2023? Yeah, you read that right. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip5 offers the fun and nostalgic aspect of a flip phone with all the features needed to make it feel modern. One Bustle writer says it has made her selfie game stronger than ever, which is pretty impressive and super important for EOY photo dumps. Not to mention, the way it folds can double as a tripod for self-timed photo shoots, so go ahead and start practicing your poses.

4. No More Emotional Baggage

Last year, mishandled or misplaced luggage reached an all-time high. While it won’t stop any potential mishaps in the first place, an Apple AirTag can give you some peace of mind knowing you’ll always be able to locate your bag if it goes missing. Pro tip: Place it in a hard-to-reach or unsuspecting pocket so it stays put.

5. An Everything Shower Must-Have

Your everything shower routine will live up to its name with hai’s Smart Showerhead. Not only can you customize how your water falls when you bathe, but you can add an infusion attachment to make essential oil tablets part of your experience. Choose from scents meant to help you feel energized, relaxed, or recovered.

6. Cottagecore Meets Chronically Online

Founded by internet it girls Devon Lee Carlson and her sister Sydney, Wildflower Cases are the ultimate cool chick accessory. The pair taps their influencer inner circle to design limited-edition photo cases that take “IYKYK” to a new level. Spotting one in the wild can be an immediate conversation starter and the designs are oh-so-cute. This one by Taylor Giavasis features adorable storybook-like illustrations of baby animals that will look so mystical on your device.

7. Inhale The Good Stuff

“Inale the good sh*t, exhale the bullsh*t” will take on a whole new meaning with this product. The Bloom Air Purifier does exactly what it promises by capturing 99.97% of airborne pollutants. Even better, it’s not an eyesore like some air purifiers can be. Instead, it can be used as a flower pot or convenient storage. Double win.

8. Play It By Ear

Listen: You should probably be cleaning your earbuds way more often than you actually do. In fact, you should be cleaning them after every 72 hours of wear time. Instead of trying an at-home hack that might damage your pricey airpods, buy this cleaning kit that comes with 11 pieces, including cleaning spray, soft brushes, and cleaning wipes. They’ll be good as new in no time.

9. No Distracting Arm Candy Here

There’s something about the thick black rubber band of your fitness watch that can seriously ruin the vibe of any photo shoot. It doesn’t have to be like that, thanks to this FitBit band collection made in collaboration with jewelry brand Gorjana. Choose from platinum or gold stainless steel to count your steps without giving up your aesthetic.

10. So You Can Always Be A Hot Girl

This FARA heater is the definition of small but mighty and is ideal for hiding around the chilly spots of your home or even on your office desk. It’s also a smart device, so you can control its temperature settings from your phone, making it easy to adjust — and hands-free for when you’re especially cozy on the couch. What’s more, it’s designed with tip-over protection so you don’t have to worry about it falling over and causing a fuss.

11. Love At First Click

Folks who are constantly working on a laptop should seriously consider using a wireless mouse rather than depending on their trackpad. Using an external mouse could help your productivity and comfort levels during long workdays, and this one from Microsoft is easy to connect to your device via Bluetooth while being compatible with people who are right- or left-handed.

12. Be The Best Plant Parent

If you take being a plant parent very seriously, the $35.99 price tag for 12 months of the Planta app will feel priceless. The app will house all of the information you need for your plants to thrive, including individual watering schedules and reminders, plant identification, a light meter, and treatment plans if your greenery looks like it needs some extra TLC.

13. Bring The Spa Home

HigherDOSE’s Infrared Sauna Blanket is a great alternative to traditional spas if you love the effects of them but can’t always pack an appointment into your schedule. It’s an investment, yes, but can offer the same benefits as a sauna — sweating out impurities, increasing blood flow, and boosting mood. Just note you’ll want a barrier between your body and the sauna blanket, like a towel or one of HigherDOSE’s inserts, before you can go ahead and relax for 30 to 45 minutes.

14. Film Camera Without The Hassle

Yeah, all the cool Gen Z girlies on Instagram are rocking their disposable cameras, but let’s admit taking the photos is way more fun than having to go get the film developed. Analog Camera Company cuts out the middle man and sells disposable cameras with a prepaid return label so you can send them back and receive digital scans straight to your phone in a flash. Pun fully intended.

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