What Is TikTok's "Everything Shower" Trend All About?

“[It’s] the worst experience, but kind of the most euphoric.”

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If you have a bathroom filled with countless beauty products for every single purpose and possible concern, it doesn’t come as a shock to say that all showers are *not* created equal. And with perhaps the most relatable trend circulating TikTok at the moment, creators and scrollers alike are connecting over their “everything shower” routines. And with five billion views (and counting) on the #showertok hashtag, it’s clear that beauty lovers take their glow up regimes very, very seriously ... but let me backup a bit and explain what exactly an everything shower means, ICYWW.

Personally, I have a few different shower modes I turn to any given week. There’s the quick rinse, which usually involves the bare minimum effort as a daily refresh (I’m talking hair pulled into a claw clip, a quick face wash, some body wash, and done in minutes). Then, there are the hair wash days which are a bit more involved and use quite a bit more products, though I’m still not at max capacity. And finally, I have my overwhelmingly time consuming everything shower, which includes a hair mask worn hours before showering, a hours-long developed tan that rinses off, shaving *literally* everywhere, a deep cleansing face wash routine, exfoliating, lots of moisturizing post-shower, a face mask, an at-home blowout, a lip mask, slugging before bedtime ... you get the idea. Everything.

And while those everything shower days take endless time, effort, and motivation to get through — there is something so lovely about dedicating so much time to nurturing yourself, and of course, using the more luxe shower products in your lineup.

Karleigh, a NYC-based creator, says this of the everything shower: “[It’s] the worst experience, but kind of the most euphoric. The girls, gays, and theys just get it — we understand the torture of it.”

Another TikTok creator by the name of Evie shares how exhausting the everything shower is, which sparked comments like: “Harder than any gym workout,” “I thought it was just me that felt dizzy,” and “I feel seen.”

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