This Incense-Infused Smart Showerhead Upgraded My Shower Game

Bring the spa home to you.

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Incense-infused hai showerhead review.
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If you like self-care, then you’ve likely tried all the tricks in the book when it comes to upgrading your shower. It often starts with a sprig of eucalyptus tied to a curtain rod, then moves on to aromatherapy tabs dropped near the drain. To fully turn your shower into a spa, though, it might be time to try an incense-infused showerhead. Yup, infused.

As a long-time eucalyptus girly, I’m all about making my shower smell extra nice. Nothing beats a steamy bathroom filled with relaxing scents, which is why I was so excited to find out about the hai Infusions Smart Showerhead. Hai not only has an app and Bluetooth capabilities, so you can keep track of how much water you use like an eco-friendly queen, but it also has a little chamber on the side of the showerhead that holds essential oil-infused tablets. When you turn on the water, the tabs melt into the shower stream and coat your skin with nourishing ingredients — while also making your bathroom smell a-mazing.

The hai showerhead is definitely one of those things I didn’t know I needed until I had it. I’ve been using it now for a few weeks, and as an everything shower enthusiast, I have a lot to say. Read on below for my honest review, as well as more info on what hai can do.

Fast Facts

  • Price: $248.00
  • Best for: Upgrading your shower, skincare, aromatherapy, water conservation
  • My rating: 4.5/5
  • What we like: Easy to install, smells great, saves water, feels luxurious
  • What we don't like: Not budget-friendly, works with most showers but not all of them

What Is Hai?


The hai Infusions Smart Showerhead combines aromatherapy, skincare, and water conservation into one high-tech gadget. Like a lot of showerheads, it allows you to adjust the water flow from a steady rain-fall stream to a relaxing mist with a quick slide of a button. It also has a hose so you can take it down off the wall, spray it into all your nooks and crannies — and truly rinse your hair.

One thing that sets hai apart is the Fuse add-on that attaches to the showerhead and holds tiny essential oil-infused tablets. All you have to do is pop off the cap, pop in a tablet, and take your usual shower. Again, as the water flows, the tablet melts directly into the stream so that you get skin-boosting benefits, as well as a spa-like aroma.

The tablets come in three scents: Energy is formulated with caffeine, mandarin, and nourishing vitamins like B12 and E to brighten your skin and help you get moving in the morning. The Repair scent is ideal after a workout. This one is made with eucalyptus, vitamin D3, and citric acid to refresh your skin as you rinse away sweat. And then there’s Relax with lavender and sandalwood essential oils. This one is perfect for your evening wind-down routine.

To get the tablets, you can subscribe for $24/month for deliveries, make a one-time purchase for $30, or try the discovery set for $20. There’s also a shower membership option that gives you access to more shower stats and new product drops.

Speaking of stats, hai has Bluetooth technology installed in the showerhead, as well as an app, so you can keep track of how much water you use. The showerhead controls flow to save 30% more water without affecting the pressure, and it also alerts you to how much you’ve been using. According to hai, we each spend about 150,000 hours of our lives in the shower and it’s common to use up to 20 gallons of water at a time — so it makes sense not only to upgrade your system but to keep track of how much water you use from an environmental standpoint.

The app lets you see the impact your water usage is having on the planet so you can set gallon limits. When you’ve reached your set gallon limit a green LED light turns on, and that’s your cue to finish up and turn the water off. The LED light also flashes green when your water is at the right temp so you won’t stand around waiting for it to warm up.

My Experience

I half expected the hai showerhead to show up in a giant, unwieldy box full of equipment that would be tough to install. Instead, I received a perfectly manageable package with cute, easy-to-follow instructions. I got the showerhead, hose, and Fuse add-on assembled in seconds, which made me feel very handy, and then successfully attached it all to my shower pipe.

I went for the rose quartz color, but it also comes in yellow, red, light blue, charcoal, and white. I love that it isn’t just a regular silver showerhead, but one that allows you to add a little more pizzazz to your bathroom. Once I had it up and working, I downloaded the hai app, which also has installation instructions. This is where you go to keep track of your water usage and set goals.

While I can definitely luxuriate during my everything showers for twenty minutes or more, I’m usually an in-and-out type of person for regular bathes. It was good to see it confirmed in the app that I don’t use an excessive amount of water. I’m so into the conservation aspect of hai, and love that they’re thinking about it.

I’m also a big fan of their aromatherapy. For my first shower, I went for the Energy tablet and was immediately hit with what smelled like a squeeze of orange. The water felt like my usual shower water but with an added dose of scent. If you’re a shower enthusiast, get ready to shed a tear over how luxe it feels. My bathroom was intensely scented and when I got out, I noticed that my skin and hair felt softer.

A few days later, after a particularly long week, I popped in the Relax tablet and let myself stand under the water for a little bit longer, like some sort of exhausted character in a movie. A few minutes later, I was soothed, relaxed, and ready to take my lavender-scented self to bed where I quickly fell asleep. Ah, the magic of aromatherapy.

The Takeaway

Over the past few weeks, I’ve felt more excited to shower, since it means I get to try a new scent. I love that I can match the scents to my mood, the mood I hope to be in — or simply use a tablet to add a dose of luxury to an everything shower.

My skin definitely feels softer, too, thanks to added ingredients like vitamin E. When I step out of the shower, my legs and arms don’t need quite as much lotion as they once did, so I now consider the tablets as part of my skincare routine.

If you’re in the mood to upgrade your shower, save water, and turn your bathroom into a spa, then I’d definitely recommend trying hai.

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