Um, Is There A Pink Barbie Burger At Burger King?

Talk about a girl dinner.

We need to launch a formal investigation into the marketing budget for the upcoming Barbie movie ASAP. Cold Stone collabs, a Malibu Dreamhouse Airbnb, and now *checks notes* a pink burger from Burger King? Yup, it’s really happening, but don’t expect to grab one at your local BK anytime soon. The limited-edition treat launched exclusively at Burger King Brazil on July 12, and fans on Twitter don’t know how to feel about the pink meal.

Just when you thought the Barbie marketing machine couldn’t get any more outrageous, along comes a bite so confounding yet so captivating you can’t help but be intrigued. The Barbie-inspired Burger King meal is just that — a modern marvel — and according to CNBC, the surprising collab features a cheeseburger topped with bacon bits and finished with a pink smoky-flavored sauce. And if that wasn’t enough, the brand also released a pink vanilla milkshake with strawberry Nesquik powder to wash down your meal. You have to be a special kind of sicko (genius?) to create a combo like that. Marketing execs, take note.

Between the hype for the film and the bizarre yet lowkey appetizing aesthetic, the pink dish was like bait for people on Twitter. And because no one on the app can ever take things seriously, it wasn’t long before the Brazilian Burger King bite became the perfect kind of meme fodder that everyone can enjoy. In honor of the film’s opening weekend on July 21, here are the best memes and Tweets about the pink Barbie burger at Burger King.

Though it doesn’t look like the promotional meal will able available in the U.S., that didn’t stop Twitter users from dragging the burger before they even tasted it.


We all know where the inspo for the pink sauce came from.

Speaking of sauce, fans couldn’t help but notice the burger’s dressing looked a lot like TikToker @Chef.Pii’s viral Pink Sauce from 2022. Yikes.

Summer 2023 is the year of bizarre milkshake collabs, for some reason.

Girls trip to Brazil, anyone?

Hey, don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

Just because you can’t try the Barbie Burger King meal for yourself doesn’t mean you can’t still have opinions. But let’s face it: We’re all cracking jokes because we’re jealous we can’t test it, too. In the meantime, we’ll just have to settle for pink ice cream and blinged-out Crocs instead.