Bustle Newsletter: April 14, 2022

On New Girl's nonsensical but beloved drinking game, Venmo horror stories, and more.

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How A Nonsensical Drinking Game Became New Girl’s Most Beloved Bit

For years after the roommate crew first played True American, YouTubers, media outlets, and one Reddit thread (that’s still active, BTW) did their best to piece together the rules. Jake Johnson said he’s been asked how to play “100 times” in interviews. We talked to the cast and writers to get some answers, and the gang came through. Read More

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The Chic, Semi-Sheer Nail Polish Color That’s All Over TikTok Right Now

Normally, “milky” is not an adjective that connotes glamour, per se, but these stylish “milky white” manicure ideas are proving that wrong. Read More

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I Found Out He Cheated On Venmo & Other Horror Stories

Theoretically, Venmo exists to make asking your friends for money *less* weird and awkward, but unfortunately it seems to have the opposite effect on some people. To be fair, though, that’s exactly what makes the money app’s feed so juicy. Read More

Why It’s Impossible Not To Fight Over Stuff In A Divorce

Sure, it’s understandable why people end up arguing about who gets the house and the car — they have significant monetary value, and having joint custody of a boat isn’t a thing (probably). But even in divorces between younger people who might not have as many capital-A assets, these kinds of disputes arise, because it’s never *really* about the couch. Read More

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