Bustle Newsletter: February 1, 2022

On whether or not it’s cringe to use dating apps now, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
HIMYF actor Tien Tran
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Is It Cringe To Use Dating Apps Now? We Asked Gen Z For Their Take

When Tinder came out, the sheer novelty of being able to swipe through pictures of people who maybe wanted to date you was a thrilling prospect. And while couples who met online in those early years had a chip on their shoulders about their origin story — after all, up until then it was just a thing for divorced parents — apps pretty quickly became the default way to meet people. Now, 10 years later, they’re almost a necessary evil, a slog that singles must endure for a few weeks at a time until some ludicrous message prompts them to delete their account in one fell swoop. Gen Z’s approach to the apps though is reminiscent of those early days of Tinder swiping, and they think millennials might find a little more joy in the process if they didn’t take it all so dang seriously. Read More

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