Bustle Newsletter: June 30, 2022

On the summer beauty products our editors swear by, SJP's semi-radical approach to aging, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
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35 Summer Beauty Products Bustle Editors Swear By

In order to focus on the important things this summer (like tropical getaways and rooftop parties), you’ll want to stock up on a few beauty products that’ll help keep the warm weather elements from sabotaging your lewk. We’ve got our fave sunscreens of course, a redness reducer that’ll help soothe heat-ravaged skin after a beach day, the ultimate leave-in conditioner to repair dry strands, and perhaps most crucially: an under-boob sweat solution. Read More

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Here’s Your July Horoscope

Want the good news first? Early next month, the vibes will be exactly right for you to achieve that big goal you’ve been working toward all year. The bad news? Later on in July, you might be dodging some ramped-up feelings of greed and jealousy. Read More

Is The Insta-Famous Always Pan Actually Worth It?

The Always Pan has more than 200,000 reviews online and has gone viral on TikTok because its defenders claim it can do the work of eight pieces of cookware, Oprah endorsed it, and as far as pans go, it’s really pretty. But is it actually all that, or are we all just being conned by Big Pan? Read More

14 Linen Pants That Give Off The "Coastal Grandma" Aesthetic

There are plenty of things to admire about TikTok’s aesthetic du jour, but my personal favorite is its commitment to comfortable, breathable, wide-leg pants. The pants are important because if you don't have a cute little garden or a sprawling beach house estate to tend to, a great pair of linen pants will at least make it look like you do. Read More

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Sarah Jessica Parker Has No Desire To Get Rid Of Her Wrinkles, FYI

Unlike Carrie Bradshaw, SJP has never even stepped foot in a plastic surgeon’s office (though, to be fair, Bradshaw only did it as a favor to Anthony). “No, never. Nope nope nope,” she says. “I’m not willing to devote a lot of real or psychic time to it.” She told Bustle all about what she does instead to “feel OK” when she walks out the door. Read More

How To Help Your Parents Talk About Mental Health

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who *can* talk to your parents about how your therapy appointments are going, but for a lot of people, talking to mom and dad about mental health concerns feels akin to wandering into a minefield (especially if the goal of the convo is to get them to take theirs seriously). Here’s how to do it thoughtfully in a way they might actually hear. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

A call for catharsis. Read More

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