Bustle Newsletter: May 18, 2022

On Lance Bass’ favorite way to work out, the zodiac signs with “that girl” propensity, and more.

American dancer, actor, film, television producer and singer, Lance Bass, of the American boy band, ...
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Lance Bass Says This Workout Machine Has Changed His Life

It’s not likely that you’ll catch the former boy bander saying “Bye Bye Bye” to his wellness routine, even on bad days. “I just don’t feel as good if I skip a green juice or workout,” he tells Bustle. After dealing with chronic pain from what he thought was years of dancing, in 2017 he was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, a disease that causes joint inflammation and skin irritation, so his workouts have changed in the past few years — for both that reason and the fact that he and his husband welcomed twins last fall. Here, he tells us all about his daily breakfast order, the ’90s song he can’t not dance to, and new workout machine he loves (and no, it’s actually not a Peloton). Read More

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4 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be “That Girl”

Everyone knows “that girl” — she prioritizes her own well-being above all else by practicing rigorous self-care, i.e. meditating in the morning, drinking water all day, not texting her toxic ex, and probably falling asleep reading rather than filling up countless shopping carts online. Anybody can be that girl, but these four signs seem to have a natural propensity for it. (Why am I not surprised about anyone on this list?) Read More

Here’s Exactly What To Tell Your Stylist Get The Ombré Of Your Dreams

Ombré: Maybe not the trendiest dye job out there, but it’s certainly the most low-maintenance way to play with hair color. Here are tips from the pros for how to figure out your perfect shade to achieve that “Yeah, I spent all summer outside” look. Read More

That’s Dr. Taylor Swift To You, Pal

Earlier today, NYU gave Taylor Swift an honorary doctor of fine arts degree, and she delivered a speech to its graduating students, which might mark the first time NYU’s tuition has been worth it. (No NYU shade, student loans just suck.) She’d previously told Vogue that getting an honorary degree was a lifetime goal, and it marked the first time she got to wear a cap and gown. See all the highlights from her speech here. Read More

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Hot girls, you’ve had your day in the sun. Thanks to TikTok’s aesthetic of the week, summer 2022 is now going to be all about touching grass, living in overalls, and dusting off your “Hoedown Throwdown” moves. Read More

5 Easy Ways To Minimize The Pores On Your Face

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