Cleanfluenced: 12 Clever Organisers To Tidy Small Kitchens

Charlie Mock opens her cupboards and shares her best reshuffle tips

by Charlie Mock and Sarah Lakos

I'm a sucker for before and after pics. Not of hair transformations, or celebs as kids in a game of 'what do they look like now' (although this is a great google-hole to fall down). Instead, I'm elbows deep in the insta-feeds of people sharing before and afters of organising their kitchen shelves, cupboards and fridges. What a turn this year has taken.

And it's not just me getting inspired by the act of sorting and decluttering. "We’ve seen a real increase in kitchen storage over the past few months. As our shopping habits have changed... people have recognised the importance of getting the kitchen organised with fridge boxes and canisters." Simon Glanville, Managing Director at A Place For Everything told me.

Our pots and pans are also getting decluttered and organised, "Kitchen storage has also been boosted as people have more time to cook from scratch and bake." Glanville explains.

So, why would peering into someone else's pantry or cupboard feel so soul soothing right now? For me it's the gleeful contrast of seeing someone's kitchen chaos, followed satisfactorily with the 'ta-da!' moment of a perfectly organised snack drawer or condiment helpfully displayed on lazy Susans. Organising gives instant gratification and washes an 'all is right with the world' feeling over me.

Feeling inspired by these home organisation 'reveals' I set out with just a few items to help me organise my own pantry, fridge and under-sink cupboard. Yes, you really only need a few trays, storage boxes and nifty organisers to find that higher plane of home org.

Here's how it came together

Here's a Reel I created to show how quickly and easily these areas were tidied and reorganised. Below, you'll find a break down of the products I used to make my fridge, pantry cupboards and under sink areas work harder for storage.

Fridge Shelves

Be honest, when was the last time you cleaned out your fridge? If you, like me, have a bar fridge you need to bend or squat down to see into - you might be over looking how much space there is to take advantage of. Start by taking everything out, and giving your fridge surfaces a wipe down. Then, think about what you access on a day-to-day basis. Here's mine.

My hero product

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Pantry Cupboard

This cupboard is above a bench - and I frequently 'lost' jars, cans and food packets in the back of it. I decided to make an 'easy grab' section in the middle for all my snacks and everyday food. I'm obsessed wit my new turntable spice rack, along with the tiered cans.

My hero product

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Under Sink

My name is Charlie Mock, and I own a lot of cleaning product. So it was only a matter of time before I needed to reorganise the space to actually fit everything. With a variety of box shapes and formats, I've managed to make the most of it!

My hero product

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If this Cleanfluenced article has inspired you to reorganise your kitchen or home spaces, DM me on Bustle UK and share your before and afters!