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15 Concert Instagram Captions That Will Give Your Followers Tour FOMO

Last night was a music video.

Check out these 15 Instagram concert photo caption ideas.
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Months after you bought those tickets to see your favorite artist on tour, the day of the concert has finally arrived. You’ve had your outfit picked out for weeks, and you’re ready to use that TikTok transition you’ve been seeing all over your FYP. Once the show is over, you’re probably (definitely) gonna want to commemorate the event on the ‘gram. But in order for your post to be as memorable as the concert itself, you’re going to need the perfect Instagram caption.

The Renaissance Tour may be coming to a close at the end of September, and the Eras Tour may have already wrapped its 2023 U.S. dates back in August, but as long as your favorite artists keep putting out music, you’ll hopefully never run out of concerts to look forward to. (The GUTS World Tour starts up in February, after all.) Whether you plan to camp out in the pit or spend the night screaming from the top of your lungs in the nosebleeds, you’re gonna want to share the experience with your IG followers — and maybe even fill them with a little FOMO, too. Stories are great for capturing the concert in the moment, but if you want a record of your attendance that won’t disappear after 24 hours, a grid post is the way to go. And if the show leaves you speechless, let these 15 concert caption ideas do the talking, no matter what genre you’re into.

“Last night rocked.”

This caption is simple, to the point, and even has a double entendre. Use the horns hand emoji for added character.

“Life is short. Buy those tickets.”

Words to live by.

“Sorry if you heard me screaming last night. Actually — no I’m not.”

Sorry, not sorry.

“Home is where the tour is.”

Where to next?

“Playing this night in my head over and over again like it’s my favorite song.”

Don’t mind me, just reliving the Renaissance tour in my head.

“The post-concert blues are real.”

Too real.

“No voice, no problem.”

Did you even go to the concert if you didn’t lose your voice?

“Your favorite artist could never.”

Let the stan wars begin.

“BRB: building a time machine so I can relive this night.”

Watching videos on my phone is not enough.

“Find me where the music is.”

This is the perfect caption for a cute solo pic in front of the stage.

“Pretty sure I was the loudest person in the stadium.”

You might as well own it.

“The album version is great and all, but I prefer the live version.”

Nothing beats live music.

“More nights like this please.”

This caption is begging to be used for your group photo.

“I swear the drummer winked at me.”

This is a fun and cheeky caption where you sat in the front row or were planted in the nosebleeds.

“You just had to be there.”

You wouldn’t get it.