6 Rituals For Manifestation That Energy Workers Swear By

Make it happen.

A woman practicing spirituality. These rituals for manifestations help you attract your dream life.
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Nowadays, it seems like the belief in the Law of Attraction is commonplace. Whether it’s summoning good vibes with a rose quartz gemstone, or making vision boards, more people are discovering that they can create the reality they want by strongly envisioning it — and they’re developing their own strategies to help breathe life into their ultimate desires. With all the advice jumping out online and IRL about manifestation, it can be hard to pin down the practices that work best for you — but once you find the rituals for manifestation that fit, the journey to making your dreams a reality will be smooth sailing.

“Real-life manifestations happen when there has been enough energy dedicated to a certain outcome that something formulates, and it is consciousness, accessed by us through our minds, which directs this energy,” Dana Lord, an energetics expert, tells Bustle. And according to those who practice it, in order to successfully fulfill your manifestations, you need a ritual that can stick.

Have you ever fantasized about getting promoted at work, just to find yourself being congratulated on the position you wanted a few short months later? Suddenly, you’re decorating your office the way you imagined when you wrote your dream out in your journal. This is the art of manifestation, the hidden power that can be carried out through practice and dedication.

Ready to make your deepest desires a reality? Keep reading for rituals for manifestation recommended by experts to help you live your best life.

What Is Manifestation?

If you’ve ever had an intense desire come true, you’ve likely spent your time laying out the schematics of what life would be like if those dreams manifested. According to the practice of manifestation, being able to attract your biggest goals involves getting down to the nitty-gritty details of your desires and convincing yourself the life you’re living now is the dream life you want.

“Manifestation is the process of bringing your desires, intentions, dreams, and goals into your 3D reality,” Imani Quinn, an astrologer, and co-author of Astrology SOS. “We manifest through the law of attraction, as in what we speak, we create.” Quinn is also a quantum mystic, meaning she uses the mechanics of quantum physics to help individuals connect to their conscious selves and manifest their goals through ritual work, astrology, dreamwork, and other forms of divination.

Rituals For Manifestations

People observe their manifestation customs differently, so adopting a ritual in your spiritual practice depends on what you’re comfortable with doing, what energies you’re called to, and what turns results. “Rituals are a sacred act of magic that connects you with the universe, spirituality, and energy,” says Quinn. “Incorporating the elements earth, air, fire, and water can be very powerful within ritual and is something we see within divination of tarot and astrology among other mystic practices,” says Quinn. You don’t technically need to have any fancy tools to bring your desires to life, but you should make a consistent effort to fuel the belief that what you want is already real.

Speaking It Into Existence

One of the foundations of manifestation is the power of putting things out into the universe. Academy award-winning singer Lady Gaga can attest to this — back in 2012 in an interview with Fuse, she opened up about how repeating affirmations like “music is my life,” and “fame is inside of me,” over and over again to help bring it to life.

“We manifest through energy and frequency. Within Quantum it is said that everything has already happened and we are living through the future in the present. This is why it can be beneficial to speak your desires as if they have already happened,” Quinn explains.

If you wanted to attract a certain job, you can start manifesting it by saying something like “I’m so excited I get to work for X,” or “I’m enjoying my new job X.” Repeat your manifestation mantra a few times during the day. Talk to your friends about it as if it’s already happening, or speak it into existence via social media.

Candle Magic

Manifestation may be the only permissible time to play with fire. Using candles (safely!) as part of your manifestation routine can help breathe some life into your desires.

“Light a glass candle using the element of fire as a way to bring your desires forward and identify signs from the universe as you work towards your goals. Write your intentions, desires, and manifestations on a piece of paper, and be specific!” says Quinn. “Read this paper out loud every time that you light your candle. When you have to leave your candle, don’t blow it out! It’s like blowing away your wishes. Instead, snuff the candle.”

Do you want to manifest more money? Candle magic works well for this. Before you prepare your candle magic ceremony, script the exact amount of money you want to manifest on a piece of paper, then begin the candle lighting. As you light your candle, repeat something like, “Money naturally flows through me,” or “I easily attract money and prosperity,” while you envision the money hitting your bank account.

Moon Magic

Who knew the moon does more than pull the tides? Using the lunar phases as part of your ritual can help draw your manifestations closer. While any time to manifest is a good time (except possibly a lunar or solar eclipse), some days are supercharged than others. “A monthly new moon is a great time to start a new candle magic practice for manifestation,” explains Quinn.

“Every new moon you can set your intentions, manifestations, and desires that you want to bring in and the new moon will assist you in new beginnings. Utilize the full moon to release anything that is no longer serving you and blocking you from your manifestations,” says Quinn.

Earth Magic

You don’t need a special occasion to give back to the planet, but according to experts, doing so can help you visualize your goals. Think of it as a win-win situation by incorporating earth magic into your manifestation ritual.

“This is a grounded and slow and steady way to manifest,” explains Quinn. “You can do this by purchasing a plant and taking care of it, with the intention of your desires and manifestations. Watch how the plant blooms and grows as you take care of both the plant and your goals. The plant will tell you what type of care it needs, which can be signs for what type of care your manifestations need.”

If you’re manifesting a blossoming social life, you can do so by planting seeds with a strong social group in mind. Visualize the effort and care that is needed to put into a friendship and allow your new plant baby to symbolically personify your future friendships.

Day Dreaming

A critical part of manifestation is visualization, and daydreaming is the perfect exercise to get clear on the details of your desires. After all, you need to know exactly what it is you want before you can cast it into reality.

“Take some time in meditation and get clear on what you want using your senses. Ask yourself, what do my desires feel like when they arrive? How do they make me feel? What do they look like? The more tangible you make this daydreaming the more you bring your manifestations to life with your 3D senses!” Quinn explains.

If it’s a loving relationship you’re manifesting, get to the details of it. While you daydream, try to imagine the dates you would go on, how you spend your weekends together, and other specifics of the relationship with your future partner. This helps you get clear on what you want and help you recognize it when it makes its way to you.

Practice Gratitude

One of the most effective ways of manifesting your dream reality is to celebrate the present reality that exists right now. Regardless of whether you feel like your life is peaking or you’ve hit a rough patch, counting your blessings can help you sustain that abundance and lift your spirits toward your aspirations.

“The key to manifesting your greatest happiness lies in the experience of gratitude because joyful emotion is the single most powerful ingredient for manifesting your dreams,” explains Lord. “An easy way to start this practice is to write down 10 things a day for which you are thankful, which will start to open your mind to see the world from a lens of reverence rather than a lens of judgment. Then you can take that juicy, pure, and creative energy and invest it in what you want.”

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the vision so much, you lose sight of the small details in the present that will make your future world possible. While you add a new ceremony into your manifestation practice, remember to remain aware and grateful for the present moment. After all, there was once a time you wished to be in the exact place you are now — so soak it all in!