6 Dos & Don'ts During The Great Conjunction In Aquarius

Positive changes are coming if you tread lightly.

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The dizzyingly crazy astrology of 2020 will have an epic finale on December 21, as that's when we'll experience the Great Conjunction in Aquarius, a rare cosmic event that hasn't taken place in hundreds of years. This powerful connection between cosmic giants Jupiter and Saturn only happens every couple decades — but this particular meet-up in Aquarius is much more rare, and it's marking what many astrologers consider to be the the kick-off to the Age of Aquarius. Our entrance into this new cosmic era will catalyze deep shifts in our collective consciousness that'll permeate through the coming years. Knowing some of the do's and don'ts of the Great Conjunction 2020 will help you make the most of this significant astrological moment.

"Astrologers are expecting a 'great awakening' to happen as a result of this important conjunction," astrologer Narayana Montúfar tells Bustle. "Considered the only 'social' planets in astrology, Jupiter and Saturn set the stage for the way we relate and function collectively, as well as the ambitions that drive us at a personal level." Jupiter rules over growth, philosophy, and higher knowledge, while Saturn rules over structure, rules, and life lessons. And when these two planets come together in a new zodiac sign, it changes the way we relate our boundaries, mind-expansion, and growth as a society.

Because the planets are coming together in the innovative air sign of Aquarius and staying here through the coming year, there's a sense of forward-thinking progressiveness that will shift the way we operate personally and as a society. Aquarius energy loves to rebel against the status quo, look toward a more innovative future, and focus on the good of humanity. Aligning ourselves with this unconventional vibe can help us integrate the cosmic lesson the planets are trying to teach us as we usher in the Age of Aquarius.

Here's everything you should and shouldn't do during the Great Conjunction 2020 if you want to fully embrace the Age of Aquarius vibe.

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DO: Expect Changes On A Societal Level

Jupiter and Saturn are the largest planets in our solar system, and they play a big astrological role in the way we collectively relate to each other and structure our society. That said, we can expect their meet-up in December to catalyze changes that span far beyond our personal lives. "The Great Conjunction is a major turning point in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, which has traditionally helped shape historical trends," Montúfar says. Given that many astrologers consider this the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, we can expect revolutionary societal shifts to take place — including a heavier focus on humanitarian issues, a greater emphasis on community-building, and unexpected advancements in technology that support the needs of the people.

DON'T: Shy Away From Speaking Up On Social Issues

The fixed air sign Aquarius is the most collective-focused sign of the zodiac, and having both Jupiter and Saturn begin new journeys here will inspire us to embrace our inner social justice advocates and fight for a more equal future for everyone. No more staying silent on issues that matter to you and your community — commit to finding ways to speak up, educate others on injustices, and make a difference for people through your actions.

DO: Challenge Yourself To Think Outside The Box

The Age of Aquarius will make way for a rise in unconventional thoughts and innovative solutions to society's problems, so it can be helpful to personally align yourself with this energy by consciously thinking outside the box. Now's a great time to experiment with new ways of doing things and stretching your personal boundaries. The Great Conjunction reminds us that the things that make us unique are actually our strongest qualities, so challenge yourself to embrace your individuality and practice opening your heart to the differences in others, too.

DON'T: Resist Evolving With The Times

"The Great Conjunction is happening at zero degrees of Aquarius, a degree that is known for starting new cycles and bringing new beginnings," Montúfar says. Any time a planet is at zero degrees of a sign, it's charged with the energy of a fresh start — and combined with the forward-thinking vibe of Aquarius, this cosmic event will usher us directly into an exciting, unknown future.

That said, don't resist the changes that come along with progress. Staying stagnant isn't an option, even if we're unsure what the future holds. Bravely charge forward into a more innovative and open-minded future, and focus on adapting and evolving into a new and improved version of yourself.

DO: Embrace Your Inner Rebel

Aquarius energy loves to challenge the status quo, and the Great Conjunction in this sign (as well as the planetary aspects it will form over the coming year) will galvanize our need to rebel against social norms and refine our nonconformist beliefs. "Jupiter and Saturn will be forming a square to Uranus in Taurus through the entire year of 2021," Montúfar says. "Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, giving this planet-sign combination a resonance that will only intensify the rebellious, freedom-seeking, and innovative flavor of the Great Conjunction." Whether it's through experimenting with new looks, getting real about your spiritual beliefs, or pursuing an unconventional career path, now's the time to break out of what's "normal" and do you.

DON'T: Get Overly Caught Up In The Material World

Jupiter and Saturn have just spent the past year clustered together in the pragmatic, money-focused sign of Capricorn, forming the intense Capricorn stellium that defined 2020. While this cardinal earth sign is hardworking and practical, the planetary party here has put a heavy emphasis on the importance of financial security and material wealth. But the Great Conjunction is a breath of fresh air that'll shift our attention away from tangible matters like money and wealth. If you want to truly vibe with the Age of Aquarius during the coming year, try not to let yourself get too caught up in thinking about material matters, and focus more on your thoughts and friendships instead.

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