Your Guide To Charging Crystals With Intention

Good thoughts, good words, good deeds.

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A woman holds a crystal in front of her face. Here's how to charge crystals with intention.
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The spiritual healing powers of crystals have been revered for centuries. Each special stone has its own set of properties that makes it apt for bringing clarity and understanding in specific areas of your life, from love and relationships to money or career. If you’re growing your crystal collection, you want to make sure you’re taking all the right measures to ensure you get the most out of these magical gemstones. Charging your crystals with intention is an essential part of the journey. These gems are said to help with anything from sharpening your intuition, attracting romance, and manifesting the reality of your dreams — so you’re going to want to know imbue your crystals with your goals in order to unlock their true potential.

“When you program your crystals with a specific intention, it’s like coding a software system,” Mariah K. Lyons, founder of crystalline grounding footwear brand ASTARA and author of Crystal Healing for Women, tells Bustle. “You’re energetically coding the energy of the mineral with your intention and desired outcome.”

Ready to take the next step in your crystal practice? Read on to learn how to charge crystals with intention so you can reap the full benefits of these magical gemstones.

Why You Should Charge Your Crystals

Just like you need to charge your electronic devices, you need to keep up with charging your crystals. Charging them regenerates their benefits and restores their power, according to Lyons. “As crystals radiate, store, absorb, and emit information by way of frequency, when you program your crystals with intentions it creates a specific emanation into the quantum field that helps anchor that intention,” Lyons explains.

Not only will you program intentional energy into your crystal, but it’ll also prompt you to keep the sentiments of the crystal in mind. “Charging your crystals acts as both a physical reminder and energetic anchor,” she says, adding that just looking at the stone can recall the original goal you set.

How To Charge Crystals With Intention

Choose A Crystal That Calls To You

When you want to work with crystals to manifest a goal, you’ll need to choose a crystal that you feel called to, or one that deals with matters you’d like to focus on. “For example, if you’re working on heart healing, you may pick a piece of rose quartz. If you want to deepen your meditation practice, you may feel called to amethyst,” spiritual doula and co-author of Astrology SOS, Ellen Bowles, tells Bustle.

Align Your Intentions

In order to give your gem a proper charge, you’ll need to enter the right mindset. Get clear on your intentions and hone in on the benefits of your crystals. Say you want to bring a little more self-love into your life with a rose quartz crystal — to charge it, align yourself by envisioning the self-compassion the gemstone can bring you. Once you find clarity in a positive state of mind, you can pass that energy onto your crystal.

Recite A Mantra To Set Intention

Next, you’ll want to create mantras to cement your intentions for the crystal by declaring them aloud. “Hold the crystal in your left hand,” Bowles says, adding that the left side of the body is our “receiver.” “Then, close your eyes and take three deep breaths, feeling the crystal’s energy within your palm. Recite an intentional mantra aloud such as, ‘I ask for this energy to support the expansion of my heart’ or ‘I ask for this crystal to connect me deeper to my higher self,’” she explains.

Visualize Your Intention For Your Crystal

According to Bowles, the last step involves deeply visualizing your intentions for your gemstone, being as clear and thorough as possible. “Envision what you want that crystal to support you — it could be anything from developing self-compassion to awakening your creativity. Continue to breathe deeply and visualize what the achievement of that intention would look like,” says Bowles. “Once you feel connected to your stone, carry that piece with you daily or keep it in your sacred space to feel its energy until the manifestation is complete.”

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