The Best Ways To Charge Your Amethyst, According To Experts

The purple stone is known for helping you manifest.

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Amethyst crystals in a circular pattern. This is how you charge amethyst crystals.
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Looking for some mystical protection? If so, amethyst crystals have your back. These ultraviolet gemstones are used to ward off negativity and are revered as essential to have in your crystal collection. Besides being aesthetically pleasing to look at, there are tons of benefits to keeping amethysts around.

“Amethyst is a master healer and is a crystal that everyone should begin their crystal healing journey with. They’re widely used for protection, healing they open the brow and crown chakra. In Chinese medicine, this stone is associated with the point Yin tang or the third eye,” crystal expert Elizabeth Trattner tells Bustle.

When people say “healing,” however, the benefits refer to spiritual and emotional healing. While some claim that amethyst crystals are able to boost your immune system or help migraines, there isn’t much, or any, research to that back it up. Still, that doesn’t stop people from carrying around these majestic stones in their pockets or giving them to loved ones to repel bad spirits. Some report that these crystals can also help sharpen your intuition and promote a centered and calm state of mind.

Ready to open your third eye? Read on to learn more about this precious stone and how to care for it so you can make full use of your amethyst crystal.

The Spiritual Powers Of Amethyst Crystals

The healing powers of amethyst crystals have been the subject of legend and lore over centuries. These violet stones are thought to foster peace and ease worries, helping you to restore your spiritual energy so you can take on the material world with a renewed sense of hope and perspective. Having a rough time or feeling hazy on some decisions you need to make at work or in your relationship? Using an amethyst can help you gain clarity so you can move forward with a better sense of the situation.

But mindfulness isn’t the only power of this crystal. If you’re feeling down on your luck or have been struggling with racing thoughts, crystal healers might advise you to sprinkle some amethyst magic in your life. “Amethyst is a protective and calming crystal that increases your self-awareness and access to your intuition,” writer and crystal practitioner Rae Fagin tells Bustle. This violet crystal is a great tool to unlock your third eye, so you can better understand yourself, your wants, and your needs. “This crystal helps you connect with your intuition by calming all the noise surrounding you, allowing you to clearly tune into your own inner knowing,” they add.

How To Cleanse Your Amethyst Crystal

In order to ensure that your amethyst crystal is working its magic, you want to be sure it’s not attached to any negative energy by cleansing your gemstone. There are a number of ways to do this that don’t involve anything other than what’s in your home or backyard.

Fagin recommends using the elements to cleanse your amethyst. If you don’t feel particularly drawn to a specific element (fire, water, air, or earth), try a cleansing method based on the element of your astrological sun sign.

“If you feel connected to the element of water, cleanse your amethyst under some running water. Not all crystals are water-safe, but amethyst is!” Fagin notes. “If you are connected to the earth, bury your crystal in the dirt for a night or in a bowl of salt, which is incredibly cleansing,” they add. “For fire, you can burn incense or herbs to cleanse your stone. Metaphysicians drawn to air elements will sit with the windows open and blow on their crystals to cleanse them.”

“Because amethyst is a harder stone, it can be placed in salt, in the earth, under the moon, and my personal favorite — to retune with sound,” adds Trattner. “Sound helps reset the dominant oscillatory rate,” she adds, which basically refers to the crystal’s frequency and vibrations.

How To Charge Your Amethyst Crystal

In the same way that we need to rest each night and charge our batteries, crystals need to charge in order to maintain their energy. Charging your crystal is pretty low maintenance, and sometimes it’s about timing. Some mystics prefer to use the full moons to charge their amethyst crystals. Just double check that there’s not an eclipse that full moon — eclipses are all about confusion and can carry negativity, so you don’t want any of that energy attaching to your crystals. You can set your crystal on the windowsill under the moonlight to recharge it.

Need to attract peace of mind or a calming environment ASAP? Fagin says there’s a way to charge your gemstones if you’re in a hurry. “Sometimes we need the magic of amethyst now and we can't wait for a particular moon phase,” says Fagin. “Sit with your crystal in your hand, and taking a few deep breaths, allow yourself to get grounded and call in the energy of amethyst. Once you feel connected to its energy, ask it to help you with whatever you need. Then say something like ‘I charge this amethyst with my intention’ and state your intention,” they add.

How To Use Your Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst crystals are used best when your intentions are clear. Once you have a handle on your intentions — like improving your communication skills or nourishing your mind and body — you can watch the magic ensue.

You can use amethyst in your meditation practices to help you stay present and centered by placing your crystal in your palms while you meditate. Take your mindfulness a step further and use your amethyst as part of your self-care routine. Next time you have downtime, take a crystal bath with your gemstone. Not only is this a great way to bond with your crystal, but it can also help promote relaxation.

Another way to use an amethyst crystal is to incorporate it into your manifestation practices. Since these stones are said to open up your third eye, you can get a better sense of how to manifest the things you want with a clearer understanding of yourself. While holding your crystal, close your eyes, picture what you’re trying to manifest as if it’s already happened, and speak those manifestations out into the universe.

“I like to carry a small tumble stone with me in my pocket but it can be worn as jewelry,” says Trattner. “Amethysts can be used in a huge geode for Feng Shui. Any way is perfect as amethyst is one of the most diverse and easiest crystals to use!”

The uses for this mystical gem are endless, TBH. In addition to these tips, carrying your amethyst with you in your bag or pockets while you go out can help fend off bad energy and help you keep calm. Whether you’re feeling out of sorts or want to take your mystical practices to the next level, use the magic of an amethyst crystal in your routine and watch your manifestations come to fruition.

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