How To Charge Your Rose Quartz For All The Self-Love Vibes

So you can get the most out of the love-promoting gemstone.

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How to charge your rose quartz for maximum self-love.
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If you’ve wandered into the realm of healing gemstones, you know how important it is that your crystal babies get recharged every now and then. If you’ve just picked up your first rose quartz at your local metaphysical shop, no need to fret — learning how to charge rose quartz is pretty simple.

Before getting into the charging options for this particular stone, it helps to have some context on the majestic crystal. “Rose quartz is a natural healing crystal that is associated with the heart chakra space,” Ellen Bowles, ancestral healer and co-author of Astrology SOS, tells Bustle. “It has a gentle and compassionate energy that is supportive to relationships.” And it’s helpful for a boost in both love for others and for yourself. “It’s great for cultivating self-compassion and offering comfort during grief. If you need assistance with love or romantic matters, this crystal is a must-have for your practice!” Bowles adds.

Much like your smart devices, crystals need to reenergize by way of a charge. Think of charging crystals as a way to cleanse them of unnecessary vibes so that they can be as effective in their healing prowess as possible. Luckily, all you really need for your rose quartz is moonlight and good intentions. Keep reading for intel on how to charge your rose quartz in order to maximize its love-boosting powers.

How To Charge Your Rose Quartz

Being in a positive and clear headspace is the first step. “Try reciting self-love and relationship healing affirmations aloud as you meditate with your rose quartz in your left hand or on your heart space,” says Bowles. “This sets the stone with intentional healing heart chakra energy.”

Next, you’re going to want to take advantage of the moon cycle. “The full moon specifically is a great time for charging and resetting your crystals. Place your rose quartz in direct moonlight to get the full benefit of the moon cycle,” says Bowles. You can do this by setting the gemstone outside or on the windowsill. Just be wary about setting it out to charge during a full moon eclipse, since this type of lunation’s energy is notorious for chaotic emotions and drama — and that’s likely not the vibe you want your delicate rose quartz to absorb.

To take your rose quartz charging ritual to the next level, try incorporating some sound waves. “Use an ‘F’ note music track or a sound bowl to amplify your rose quartz’s heart chakra connection,” says Bowles.

As for the best time to charge your stone, Bowles advises looking to Venus. “Rose quartz has naturally feminine energy, so using feminine elements to charge this crystal is ideal. Because it is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, charging this crystal on a Friday — the day Venus rules over — is a great idea,” says Bowles.

Step your crystal game up even more by wearing your stone as a necklace or by keeping it in your bag or pocket when you go out. “This will create a supportive and compassionate mood throughout your day,” Bowles explains. As long as you’re in a positive mindset looking to promote self-compassion, your rose quartz can help take you far in all areas of love.

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