Here’s How To Find Your Apple Music Replay For 2022

FOMO no more!

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It’s the most envy-inducing day of the year: the release of Spotify Wrapped, when your entire social feed is littered with people showing off their chaotic listening habits. When you’re an Apple Music user, no one knows that you, too, listened to Renaissance for dozens of 24-hour stretches. In 2021, Apple Music released its own version of Spotify Wrapped. Deep in the recesses of the iPhone-native app, there’s a feature called Replay, which charts the 100 songs you listened to most this year as well as your top artists. The best part? Your 2022 stats are available starting on Nov. 29.

While Apple Music’s Replay won’t give your harmonic habits an aura reading like Spotify Wrapped will, you can take a stroll down memory lane with the playlist. You’ll see the songs you listened to most over the course of 2022, in order of how much you listened to them. (Will Harry Styles’ “As It Was” be among them? Only time will tell.) You’ll also see how many hours of total music you played last year and how many different artists you listened to. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find your Replay mixes going back to 2015, when Apple Music launched.

It’s a little tricky to find your Apple Music Replay by clicking around in the app. The easiest way to get the feature is to go to the Replay website and log in with your iCloud account. You can do this either on your laptop or iPhone, since your music syncs across your devices. Once you’re logged in, the playlist will auto-populate, and you can scroll down the page to see your other Apple Music stats. To share your Apple Music Replay, you can screenshot the stats you find most interesting or revealing and upload them to whatever social platform you desire. Your Replay updates itself weekly, so you can check in on your progress throughout the year — add it to your library so you can navigate to it by clicking on “Playlists.”

Spotify Wrapped still takes the cake for the level of detail in your year-in-review. The streaming platform also tracks your listening habits when it comes to podcasts, and shows how your listening to a particular artist compares to other people’s. But Apple Music subscribers don’t have to sit idly by while Spotifiers humblebrag about how much Hamilton they listen to. And with Apple’s classic wired headphones coming back, there’s no reason not to flex your Apple Music subscription. They say a screenshot’s worth a thousand words, so go ahead and share your Apple Music secrets from 2022.

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