How To Get Dog Hair Off Of Clothes, According To Laundry Experts

Enjoy furry friends without furry clothes.

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There are few better things in life than spending time with a dog, whether you’re a pet parent or just a fan of petting pups. Of course, the downside is their hair and its tendency to cling to clothing. If you want to know how to get dog hair off of clothes, I’ve broken down the best options, whether you're looking to remove fur from your jacket while you walk out the door or need to give your sweaters a thorough wash after a day spent snuggling with your pooch.

The Experts

Ana Andres is a co-founder of London-based domestic cleaning service TidyChoice.

Matthew Connelly is the founder and CEO of on-demand dry cleaning and laundry delivery service ihateironing.

What To Look For When Trying To Get Dog Hair Off Of Clothes

The first thing to consider is when you need to get dog hair off of clothes — whether it’s tackling clean clothes you’re about to wear or dirty clothes that you’re about to wash (or both). If your focus is on clothes that are otherwise ready to wear, Ana Andres, the co-founder of London-based domestic cleaning service TidyChoice, has simple advice: “Go over your clothes with a lint roller or a fabric brush. They are the easiest tool to use to remove fur and different lints from clothes.” Some rollers are more portable than others, which is something to keep in mind if you need something that you can take with you.

You can also pre-treat your clothes with a garment steamer before using a fabric brush or lint roller if the hair is stubborn.

If you’re trying to get dog hair off of clothes after wearing them, there are plenty of pet hair removers for laundry, but you’ll want to avoid trying to remove that hair during the wash cycle.

“Our experts recommend that the best time to tackle removing dog hair from your clothes would be before your items go in the washing machine. This is because hair can get caught in your machine, ruining drain pumps or sticking to other items in the wash and become increasingly difficult to remove,” explains Matthew Connelly, founder and CEO of on-demand dry cleaning and laundry delivery service ihateironing.

You also need to decide if single-use or reusable dog hair solutions are best for you. Single use items, like classic tape lint rollers and dryer sheets, are extremely convenient and effective, but those sticky tape rolls need to be replaced. That cost can add up over time; in 2010, Americans spent over $100 million on lint rollers. If you prefer to avoid single-use products, there are also reusable dog hair solutions, like lint rollers made with grippy fabric and wool dryer balls. These options may have more of an upfront cost, but they can last for years and save you money in the process.

One of the best ways to keep pet hair off clothing is, of course, to prevent it from getting there in the first place. That’s where solutions like vacuums for pet hair, grooming tools, and pet hair removers for furniture come into play. But when that hair inevitably clings to your favorite black sweater, these tools may be the solution you need.

Shop The Best Solutions To Get Dog Hair Off Of Clothes

In a hurry? Here’s how to get dog hair off of clothes:

  1. Use An Extra Sticky Lint Roller That's Designed Specifically For Pet Hair: PetLovers Extra Sticky Lint Roller & 450 Sheets, $18
  2. Or Try A Reusable Garment Brush With A Self-Cleaning Base: OXO Good Grips Furlifter Pet Hair Remover, $18
  3. Loosen Stubborn Dog Hair From Clothes With A Garment Steamer: Hilife Steamer, 240ml, $30
  4. Keep A Super Compact Lint Roller In Your Bag For Touch-Ups: Flint Retractable & Refillable Lint Roller With 30 Sheets, $15
  5. Tumble Clothes With These Extra-Large Dryer Sheets That Repel 3 Times More Hair: Bounce Pet Hair and Lint Guard Mega Dryer Sheets (130 Count)
  6. Or Remove Pet Hair In The Dryer With These Sustainable Wool Dryer Balls: Handy Laundry Wool Dryer Balls (Pack Of 6), $14
  7. Get Hair Off Furniture (Before It Gets On Your Clothes) With This Bestselling Reusable Roller: ChomChom Pet Hair Remover, $30
  8. Remove Dog Hair Without A Lint Roller By Using Latex Gloves: Vgo... Reusable Household Gloves, $11
  9. Use This Special Dog Hair Removing Sponge That Doesn't Need Water: Gonzo Pet Hair Remover (2-Pack), $17


Use An Extra Sticky Lint Roller That's Designed Specifically For Pet Hair

Highlights: Single-use sheet rolls with two reusable handles; 450-sheet value pack means you won’t run out for a while

Best for: Heading out the door; everyday use

When it comes to a classic lint roller for removing pet hair, it’s hard to beat the PetLovers Extra Sticky Lint Roller, a highly rated choice on Amazon with over 15,000 five-star reviews. Ideal for everyday use and getting rid of pet hair before you leave home for the day, this lint roller features a 360-degree rotating handle and sheets with an extra-sticky formula that's specifically designed for pet hair. While the sheets are single-use, this particular value pack comes with 450 sheets, so it’ll be a while before you need to restock (and when you do, the refills are conveniently available on Amazon).

A helpful review: “We have tried many different lint/hair remover products. This is the most effective we've found. The rollers retain their stickiness longer, and therefore their effectiveness, longer than any other. We highly recommend this product.” — DWB


Or Try A Reusable Garment Brush With A Self-Cleaning Base

Highlights: A classic, gentle garment brush that’s made with grippy micro-bristles; the self cleaning base makes disposing of the hair easy

Best for: At-home removal; preventing fur from transferring onto your clothes from furniture or bedding

If you want to opt for a garment brush over a lint roller, it’s hard to beat the OXO Good Grips Furlifter, which has 6,600 five-star reviews on Amazon. A reusable, eco-friendly option, this garment brush uses micro-bristles to grip hair while you swipe it across your clothes, and it’s ideal for at-home use. It can also be used on furniture and linens, which means it doubles as a preventative tool to keep hair from transferring onto your clothes in the first place.

This garment brush comes with a self-cleaning base, which makes for seamless upkeep. Just open the bottom of the base to empty the hair into the trash.

A helpful review: “My dog has a lot of hair which gets on our clothing and sofa, so I bought this product in attempt to reduce the cost from replacing lint rollers every so often. The Furlifter from OXO is really great, and I consider it to be one of the best purchases I made this year. It pulls the fur out of clothing and such. Don't expect magic though - similar to a lint roller you will have to wipe the clothing from different directions to get all the hair out. It works better on some fabrics than others. I experienced it to work great on cotton, jeans, polyester blends, but not so well on fleece fabric due to the fuzziness of the fleece clothing.” — Michele S.


Loosen Stubborn Dog Hair From Clothes With A Garment Steamer

Highlights: Portable design; highly rated on Amazon

Best for: Using before a lint roller; at-home removal; travel; laundry day

If you find that your lint roller or garment brush isn’t enough for getting tough, clingy dog hairs off of your clothes, Andres suggests “steaming your clothes to soften the fabric before going through them with a fabric brush.” This best-selling travel garment steamer holds 240 milliliters in its tank, which is much more than similar models, and will steam for up to 15 minutes, which gives you plenty of time to soften fabric and help loosen that hair. This reusable hack is ideal for at-home use either on laundry day or before leaving the house, and its 9-foot cord gives you flexibility when it comes to where you use it.

A helpful review: “This is perfect for a quick steam on a garment. I love the bristles because they helps remove any dog hair at the same time. Heats up quickly, doesn't spit hot water, and is easy to use!” — ACook51


Keep A Super Compact Lint Roller In Your Bag For Touch-Ups

Highlights: Compact, portable design makes it easy keep in a bag or your car; perfect for touch-ups when you’re away from home

Best for: Travel; keeping on your person

If you find that your clothes often need a touchup while you’re out and about, it may be good to invest in a portable, retractable lint roller. This compact lint roller is 5.5 inches long when closed, and the tape is then encased in a sturdy plastic tube, which keeps it from collecting debris in your bag. Though highly portable and ideal for traveling, this lint roller’s sheet refills are a little pricey (at $10 for 60 sheets), but they’re available on Amazon.

A helpful review: “These lint rollers are AWESOME. The lint roller works very well and I no longer worry about having dog hairs all over my dark shirts. It is very portable as they are small and the lint roller hides inside the handle. No longer do I need a protective cover over the sticky paper, as it is not exposed to atmosphere. I keep one in my desk at work, one in my car, and one at home. My wife has one in her purse as well. I will recommend this to anybody looking for a great lint roller.” — Mackenzie M


Tumble Clothes With These Extra-Large Dryer Sheets That Repel 3 Times More Hair

Highlights: Extra-large dryer sheets are designed to repel hair; 130 sheets per box means you won’t have to repurchase for a long time

Good for: Laundry day

If you’re looking for laundry day solutions for dog hair, Connelly explains you should start with the dryer. “Instead of putting your clothes in the washing machine first, you can opt for the dryer sheets method which can help repel pet hair from garments,” he notes. “We recommend setting your dryer on a cool setting and a low spin cycle, as the movement of the drum will loosen the hair until it falls off and goes into the filter.”

These Bounce Pet Hair & Lint Guard dryer sheets are made specifically for pet owners, and the brand notes that they have three times more pet hair fighters than its standard dryer sheets. The sheets themselves are twice the size of a standard sheet, too, so even though these are a single-use product, you really only need to use one. These sheets are a pet-parent favorite with a 4.6-star rating on Amazon after 1,600 reviews.

A helpful review: “when we first heard about this as like any other people you wonder if it really works or not. We have been buying these for six months and yes they really work. I found out just how much dog hair is in everything we wear or use. We liked it so much we bought a year supply of it.” — Larry Peterson


Or Remove Pet Hair In The Dryer With These Sustainable Wool Dryer Balls

Highlights: Reusable up to 1,000 times; help loosen pet hair from clothes in the dryer; can also help speed up drying time

Good for: Laundry day

For a reusable laundry day solution, Connelly says to invest in dryer balls, like these wool dryer balls. “Dryer balls decrease the amount of static that your clothes experience during your dryer’s spin cycle. This is an added step to make it easier for pet hair to disband from clothes and go into the filter,” he explains.

These dryer sheet replacements can be used 1,000 times each, and they’re a best-seller on Amazon with 66,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating. They’re made with 100% wool and work to reduce static while also softening and shaking up your clothes in the dryer, which helps with pet hair. In addition to stripping your clothes of unwanted fur, these wool dryer balls work to lift and separate your laundry, which helps reduce overall drying time — an unexpected, money-saving benefit.

A helpful review: “I REALLY was NOT sure these would work. HOWEVER, not only did they cut drying time in half but they took the dog hair remnants down so dramatically that I rarely have to use a sticky roller!!! They also make my clothes static free so the hair no longer ‘attracts’ to me.” — Linda Padilla


Get Hair Off Furniture (Before It Gets On Your Clothes) With This Bestselling Reusable Roller

Highlights: Grippy micro-bristles designed to work on furniture and upholstery; single button opens up the chamber to make disposing of hair relatively easy

Good for: At-home removal; preventing fur from transferring onto your clothes

Sometimes, getting dog hair off of clothes starts with preventing it from getting there. With over 102,000 five-star reviews, the ChomChom Pet Hair Remover is the best-selling dog hair removal product on Amazon. It uses a grippy fabric that creates an electrostatic charge to pick up hair, which means you can use this over and over again. The dog hair goes into a chamber in the back, which you can then open with the simple press of a button to empty it.

Though its most common use is for removing pet hair from furniture and bedding, reviewers noted that it also works well on clothes. It’s both a preventative measure and a solution, which makes it a cost-efficient buy.

A helpful review: “So I’ve used this on top of my comforters, since I have two hairy dogs and this thing is a miracle worker! Not only does it get lint off of your comforters, your jackets, the flat sheets, but it also works wonders on clothes as well. It’s like a giant lint roller. That’s amazing. So easy to do. So easy to use and easy to clean. I was amazed how much hair had collected!” — Tanya


Remove Dog Hair Without A Lint Roller By Using Latex Gloves

Highlights: Over 12,000 five-star reviews on Amazon; heat resistant up to 122 degrees with an extra-long design that keeps hands and arms dry

Good for: Laundry day

For another alternative to lint rollers, Andres points out you can actually use everyday kitchen gloves to remove dog hair. “Rub your clothes with dampened latex gloves,” she explains. “The latex material is great at separating the fur from the fabric.”

These highly rated gloves are a great option for people looking for a hack or looking to avoid a product with the sole purpose of getting dog hair off of clothes. The grippy latex is thick and waterproof, which will keep you comfortable and dry while you rub away at your clothes — and it’s heat resistant up to 122 degrees, so you can even use these for hand-washing any garments. Plus, the extra-long design means you can wipe away at the width of a shirt all at once. These gloves are ideal for at home use, and because the hack involves using water, it’d probably be best to do this on laundry day.

A helpful review: “These are heavy duty, not the flimsy ones picked up in Walmart for as long as I can remember. They're extra thick, I barely feel that my hands are in scalding hot water. I purchased 10-pairs with the assumption that I would need to rotate them out after a week or two of use like I have to with the cheap ones I tend to pick up from the store. I feel like these are going to last me an absurd amount of time and absolutely give me my monies worth.” — Krissy


Use This Special Dog Hair Removing Sponge That Doesn't Need Water

Highlights: Designed to remove pet hair from clothes and furniture; meant to be used dry

Good for: Laundry day; at-home removal

“Using a separate kitchen sponge from the one you use for washing the dishes, clean your clothes from fur,” Andres suggests as another hack. And these Gonzo sponges are made specifically for getting pet hair off of furniture, carpet, bedding, and clothes. These reusable sponges are meant to be used dry, which means you can use them at home at any time — even before walking out the door. At about 7.5 inches long, these sponges could also be kept in a travel bag for on-the-go dog hair removal.

A helpful review: “I was amazed with this sponge. It cleans all the hair off furniture left by my German Shepard, it cleans the base boards and it also cleaned all the lint off of my friends block felt western hat and my clothes. I don’t use the sticky paper rollers anymore. I bought 4 and keep one in my car and one for cleaning hard surfaces and one for furniture and one for my clothes.” — Katsndogs