How To Remove A Sound On TikTok

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How to remove a sound on TikTok.

TikTok has a lot of automatic settings that can make navigating your way around the app a whole lot easier. However, some of its automatic features aren’t exactly ideal — and opting out of them can be far from “convenient.”

One of the most finicky automatic TikTok features is its auto-population of sounds. Whenever you try out a filter by clicking on it through someone else’s video, TikTok automatically applies the original video’s sound to your video.

This can be especially convenient if a filter and sound are being paired together for a certain trend you’re trying to copy. But, if you’re hoping to completely your own “Sicilitanian Categories” quiz and don’t want to hear the last guy’s guesses while you’re playing, it’s not exactly ideal.

If you’re ready to shake loose of an unwanted sound, here’s everything you need to know about removing a sound from a TikTok.

How To Remove Sound From Your TikTok

If you try to use a filter from someone else’s TikTok, TikTok will often auto-populate the sound of the original video into your TikTok. If you realize while shooting that the original user’s sound is applied, you can easily fix this.

Just tap the music tab in the top of your center screen (which will say the title of the sound). Then, tap the “X” next to the sound at the bottom right of your screen. The sound will be removed to your video.

How To Add A Sound Into Your TikTok

If you want to keep the sound automatically applied to your TikTok along with your own audio, you’ll still need to remove the original sound. Shoot the TikTok as you normally would without the sound. Then, while editing, tap the music tab at the top of your screen that says “Add Sound.”

Search for the sound you want to add back in, and tap the red check mark to the right of it. Once it’s been added to your video, you can click the scissors icon to the right of the sound to edit which clip of the song plays.

You can also adjust the volume by tapping the bottom right corner, where you can adjust the levels of your original video and the audio. Say, if you want your “story time” to be audible, but also think that it needs “Running Up That Hill” playing in the background for dramatic effect.