You Can Now Add Captions To Instagram Video Stories — Here's How

Finally, subtitles for your Stories.

Here's how to add captions to your Instagram Stories and Reels.
Johnce/E+/Getty Images

Whether you’re hard of hearing or forgot your earbuds at home, navigating Instagram without the audio can be a major roadblock to making the most of the platform. But you can kiss that problem goodbye when you learn how to add Instagram “Captions” stickers, the platform’s just-launched auto-transcription feature that adds subtitles to your video-based content with the touch of a button.

The feature debuted on May 4 and allows you to easily include closed captions in your videos like you would any other text or sticker. The launch marks a shift towards accessibility for users who are deaf or hard of hearing, and also makes life easier if you prefer to flip through your friends’ Instagram Stories sans audio. The captions feature is currently available to use in Stories but will launch in Reels soon, according to Instagram.

Ready to give it a try on your own IG? First, record a video in Stories or pull one from your camera folder. Select the “captions” sticker from the sticker gallery to automatically transform your audio into text — this is where you’d go when adding your location, a gif, or music. Then customize away like you would any other Story — you can edit everything from the position of your caption to its style, color, and text, unlike TikTok’s similar auto-caption feature (something the platform just introduced in April), which you can only switch on or off.

Captions are currently available in English for English-speaking countries, though, according to a release, Instagram expects to expand the new feature to other languages and areas soon.