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Here’s How To Make The Spotify Music Festival Lineups Taking Over Instagram

It's only a few clicks away.

The last few weeks of the year typically means Spotify Wrapped season is coming, as evidenced by its release date in years past. Ahead of the official Spotify Wrapped roundups, you may have seen the festival lineup-style graphics posted on your Instagram friends’ stories. These customized graphics are made using Instafest, and here’s how to get your own so you can join in on the fun.

Every so often a new way to see a breakdown of what you like to listen to on Spotify pops up online. Remember those Spotify Pies from June 2022 that broke down your listening habits into colors on a pie chart? Instafest is a similar concept, but instead of a color-coded graph, it presents your results in a photo that looks exactly like the Coachella or Bonnaroo lineup announcements you see posted every year.

If you’re curious to know what a music festival based on your favorite artists would look like, you’ll want to use the Instafest app which you can find by simply searching for “” in your web browser of choice. From there you’ll be prompted to sign in with Spotify, Google, or Facebook depending on the accounts your Spotify profile is connected to. Once you sign in and give the app access to your Spotify information, it will curate a photo of the festival lineup of your dreams.

You can get a breakdown of which artists you’ve been listening to the most over the last four weeks, last six months, or of all-time. Then, you can choose a style of photo, either Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight, or Mojave Dusk— which look like a beachy scene, nighttime city lights, or serene desert, respectively.

Finally, you have the option to name your festival. It will automatically populate your Spotify username into this field and add “fest” after it, but you can change it to be something more unique if you prefer. You can also simply check off the “hide my username” box which will title your lineup “Instafest.” This might be a good option if you want to post your festival on Instagram but don’t want all of your followers to be able to find you on Spotify. (Hey, not everyone needs to know how often you listen to Olivia Rodrigo, you know?)

Once your Instafest is stylized to your liking, you can press the “Save and Share” button so you can see your final lineup and download it to your photos. From there, you can upload it to your Instagram story so your followers know your music taste is superior, send it to your group chat to compare results, or keep it for yourself so you can manifest your dream Coachella lineup.