How To Find The Best Music For Your Zodiac Sign On Spotify

Enjoy the Charli XCX, Aries.

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In the age of invisible audiences and algorithms, many internet users have developed an insatiable passion for being perceived. After all, who doesn’t love getting to brag that your TikTok algorithm predicted that your sense of humor would perfectly align with ElmoTok, or that Instagram ads just knew you were in the market for Phoebe Bridgers tickets? Sure, the feeling of being watched can be pretty eerie — as many meme-ers have mused about their “FBI agent” watching their online behaviors. But when being surveyed by AI technology comes with tailored content catering perfectly towards your interests? Well, being perceived can have its perks. If you’re someone whose always eager to show off their compartmentalized personality in cute infographics (see: your yearly countdown to Spotify Wrapped Day), then Spotify’s Zodiac Affinity plug-in is written in the stars for you.

Designed to create a perfect playlist for you based on your zodiac sign, the platform scans your Spotify library and recent likes to create a short playlist of songs that most align with the traits of your zodiac sign, which you select from a drop-down menu on the website. So, you might expect some emo Olivia Rodrigo songs on your Cancer playlist, or some fiery Charli XCX in your lineup if you’re an Aries.

How To Use Spotify Zodiac Affinity To Find A Playlist For Your Sign

To get started, head to the Zodiac Affinity website. You’ll first need to log into your Spotify account on the website, which will authorize the website’s access to view your account data (name and username, profile picture, how many followers you have on Spotify, and your public playlists), as well as your account activity (what you’ve saved in Your Library and your top artists and content). You can always revoke the website’s access to your data in your Spotify account later on.

Zodiac Affinity

From here, you just need to choose your sign from the drop down menu, then click “Next.” You’ll see a list of five songs in your Spotify library that align with your zodiac sign traits. PopSugar reports that it’s unclear how these songs are selected, but I’d like the think the planets might have some ruling pull over our Spotify libraries. From using the feature, it also seems like the songs are usually pulled from your recently liked songs on Spotify.

Zodiac Affinity

Once you’ve found your own personalized playlist according to your sun sign, you can try out loved ones’ signs to test out how accurate they feel — or, might we recommend making a sweet zodiac playlist for your S/O? If you’re looking for an ultra-personal representation of yourself, you can even make a full birth chart playlist using your big three signs (sun sign, moon sign, and rising) to get a more encompassing embodiment of your musical vibe.