7 Dos & Don'ts For June's Full "Strawberry Moon”

You'll want to channel Sagittarius energy.

The full Strawberry moon occurs on June 3, 2023. Here are seven dos and don'ts.
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On June 3, 2023, la Luna passes through adventurous Sagittarius. During June’s full Strawberry moon (named as such since it takes place around the time that fruit ripens), you’ll be perfectly positioned to take on new adventures. The fearless archer will encourage you to conquer all of your biggest dreams. Sail off with these full moon dos and don'ts.

DO: Speak From The Heart

Feisty Sagittarius influences our ability to say what's on our minds, so open your heart! If you've been putting off an important conversation, now's the time to air your grievances and find solutions that honor your feelings.

DON’T: Be Too Blunt

While Sagittarius' energy is all about being direct, it's all about how you say things. Honor your emotions, but stay gentle with your delivery, especially with Saturn's presence making friction all the more palpable.

DO: Dream Big

Jupiter, aka Sagittarius' ruler, has a major motto: go big or go home. The jovial planet plays a major role in areas surrounding luck and abundance. Safe to say, this is a powerful full moon to manifest all of your biggest dreams. Don't hold back!

DON’T: Shy Away From Vulnerability

A supportive trine between the moon and Mars will support you in delicate situations. There's power in being vulnerable with your emotions, and with Sagittarius’ bravery and passion, it might be easier to find the courage to open up.

DO: Slow Your Roll

Although the fire sign's influence is typically fast and action-forward, la luna will make a square with tough love Saturn. This transit will remind us that good things take time, and rushing into anything involving work or relationships is a recipe for drama.

DON’T: Make Hasty Decisions

This lunation is all about making moves, but remember to play smart. Consider your decisions from all perspectives. Growth and expansion are inevitable — just be sure that your actions are sustainable.

DO: Put In The Work

Sure, luck might be on your side under this full moon, but with the moon square Saturn, it's best to stay focused, especially when obstacles rain on your parade.