The 3 Most Compatible Matches For Life Path 7s, According To A Numerologist

These spiritual seekers need lots of space.

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Exploring the magic of numerology and calculating your life path number can help you to unlock all sorts of fascinating information about yourself and your spiritual purpose. And if you want to take it a step further, knowing your life path number can shed light on your compatibility with other people, too. If you’re a life path 7, then according to numerology, your life’s mission is to seek the truth and look beyond the surface of things — and it’s important that you build relationships with people who give you space to grow, observe, and tap into your spiritual side.

Life path 7 people are natural investigators who are drawn to life’s mysteries, and they’re constantly challenged to explore the world using a combination of their analytical skills and intuitive gifts. However, this numerological journey requires lots of introspective reflection time, so having lots of freedom is a must. “7 life paths are unique in the sense that their path is more internal than others’,” master numerologist Josh Siegel tells Bustle. “Still waters run deep with them, and they value truth and intelligence above all.”

When it comes to numerological compatibility, it’s important that life path 7s partner up with people who can encourage their investigative approach to life while giving them plenty of room to do their own thing. “7s are very independent and require a lot of space, which can be a problem when paired with some life paths,” Siegel says. He notes that people with life paths of 3s or 6s, for example, might have a more difficult time with a 7 because they “need more emotional interaction to feel connected” — which could make the 7 feel tied down or smothered.

If you’re ready to explore your most powerful numerological matches, here’s the scoop on the life path numbers most compatible with life path 7 in numerology.

Match #1: Life Path 4

Life path 7s are just as pragmatic as they are mystic-minded, so they value deeply intelligent partners who can help them stay grounded. That’s why stable and hardworking life path 4 people can be such a solid match for them. “7s share an analytical streak with 4s, which can create a mutually appreciative intellectual connection — and from there, things can grow slowly into a more emotional bond,” Siegel says. “4s also tend to be more practical and won’t challenge the 7s too much emotionally.” The mental compatibility between life path 7s and 4s is the foundation of this numerological relationship, as their logical ways of thinking help them to bond and build trust with one another over a longer period of time.

Match #2: Life Path 9

It’s vital for life path 7 people to focus on their intuitive development and find deeper meanings in things — and altruistic, ethereal, and service-oriented life path 9 people know exactly how to light up and honor this spiritual side of them. “Although 9s seem more empathetic than 7s, the fact that they are attracted to more meaningful pursuits can be stimulative to a 7 life path,” Siegal says. “They can work well if they share similar views on life’s meaningful questions, as the 9 can concentrate on their goals without needing to worry too much about the 7, who’s fine with space.” Life path 9 people easily inspire 7s and bring out the best in them, while 7s offer 9s the structure and insight they need to carry out their missions more effectively.

Match #3: Life Path 5

If a life path 7 is looking for a good time, then a life path 5 might be their best bet. Life path 5 people are all about having fun, seeking variety, and immersing themselves in pleasure. Their high-energy sense of adventure can offer life path 7s all sorts of mind-expanding experiences, while 7s can easily give 5s all the space they need to do their thing and express their desires. “5s are known for being the ‘free spirits’ of all the paths, and 7s also enjoy a freedom-oriented lifestyle that allows them more space,” Siegel says. “However, 7s are typically sensitive about trust issues, and these can get triggered by some of 5s behaviors and dynamics.” While the vivacious energy of a life path 5 can bring 7s plenty of opportunities to learn and grow, they’ll have to be extra communicative about boundaries to ensure there’s a solid foundation of trust underneath all the excitement and passion.