Lotus Is Launching Chocolate Bars Stuffed With Biscoff Spread

And crunchy biscuits.

Courtesy of Lotus

Not content with driving fans wild with their moreish spread and delectable biscuits, the development team over at Lotus have been at it again and are set to add another string to their bow of deliciousness. This time round, with a brand spanking new Lotus chocolate bars.

According to the brand's half-year statement, "the range will consist of two varieties: milk chocolate with crunchy Biscoff pieces and milk chocolate with smooth Biscoff spread filling." If that's not enough to get you going, then this might: "both varieties will be available as bars and in a mini version."

Now before you rush out the door like your life depends on it, there's a catch. These bars aren't available until autumn and even then, they'll only be stocked in Lotus' native Belgium. Boo hiss. All, however, is not lost. If memory serves, the ice cream and spread itself also weren't initially sold in the UK, so one can only hope they'll hit these shores sooner rather than later.

“I am particularly pleased with the strength of Lotus Biscoff and the extraordinary growth that we have achieved," says Jan Boone, Lotus CEO. In light of this, he adds a not-so-subtle hint that the bar might be stocked overseas pretty soon. “I am convinced that the introduction of our latest innovation, Biscoff Chocolate, will further boost Biscoff’s global potential.”

Until you can get your mitts on the bars, why not check out some easy AF Lotus Biscoff recipes to get you in the mood? Or just buy a jar of Biscoff and a chocolate bar and go wild with your own DIY bar? Now there's weekend plans sorted.