Lotus "Explosion" Cookies & 14 More Easy AF Biscoff Bakes To Make At Home

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They're sweet, crumbly, and beautifully bite-sized but did you know that Lotus Biscoff biscuits (as well as the Biscoff-flavoured spread) are also great when added to cakes, bakes, and other sweet treats? I've scoured the internet to find the best Lotus Biscoff recipes that you can try at home.

Home baking is a long-held pleasure for many and can be hugely therapeutic in times of stress. The list below offers recipes for all abilities and tastes, including everything from cookies and cupcakes to shortbread and even homemade doughnuts.

Those with plant-based diets will be happy to hear that Lotus Biscoff biscuits are actually vegan. As a matter of fact, they're listed on PETA's "accidentally vegan" list alongside Oreos and other much-loved snacks. This means that many of the recipes below are suitable for those who choose to avoid all animal-based products.

Keep reading to discover some of the most mouth-watering bakes you'll ever try.


Biscoff Fudge

Fudge made in a slow cooker that needs no baking and is packed full of Biscoff? Where do I sign?


Biscoff Brownies

This recipe from Sugar Salt Magic is a perfectly fudgy, melt in the mouth brownie which goes excellently with a coffee.


Vegan Biscoff Brownies

This delicious recipe from The Forkful makes use of not only Biscoff spread but another vegan favourite: a flax seed egg.


Biscoff Millionaire's Shortbread

Jane's Patisserie comes through here with an unbeatable recipe which is a Biscoff twist on a classic sweet treat.


Biscoff Cheesecake

This recipe from the Biscoff website involves white chocolate, biscoff biscuits, and heavy cream. Enough said.


Biscoff Cupcakes

Baking Mad's Biscoff cupcake recipe is perfect for baking novices – it's easy to make the ingredients list is mercifully small.


Biscoff Explosion Cookies

Cleobuttera' insanely delicious 'explosion' cookies are filled with Biscoff spread... Just, wow.


Biscoff Banana Bread

Here's a twist on the classic recipe from Mrs Bishop's Bakes & Banter, which will kick all banana breads to the curb.


Biscoff Truffles

These delightful bites come courtesy of Hungry Happenings and contain only three ingredients. Almost as easy to make as they are to gobble in one bite.


Buttery Biscoff Bars

Household favourites B&M shared a recipe that will drive anyone with a sweet tooth absolutely wild.


Biscoff Cinnamon Rolls


Shoutout to icons of the supermarket world Sainsbury's for this recipe that will leave you with sticky fingers and happy tummies.


Biscoff Doughnuts

Just when you thought you baking couldn't get any more exciting, Baking A Moment came through with this recipe for a homemade Biscoff doughnut.


Vegan Biscoff Cheesecake

This vegan Biscoff cheesecake from Baking Mad is almost too easy to make and a total crowd pleaser. I'd be astounded if anyone was able to notice the difference between this and a regular one.


Three Ingredient Biscoff Tray Bake

Any recipe with few ingredients is a crowd pleaser because not only will everyone get to enjoy eating it, but you'll be able to enjoy the ease of baking it too. This recipe comes from Good Housekeeping and is one of the easiest recipes I've ever come across.


Biscoff Rocky Road

Biscuit, chocolate, marshmallow — what more could you want alongside a cuppa? Kitchen Mason's recipe is super quick and simply delicious.

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