The #OneThingAboutMe Trend Is TikTok's Easiest Trend Ever

Hyperspecific personality trait? Gotta share it.

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Much like the “do it for the Vine” energy of the 2010s, TikTok has seen users putting their blood, sweat, and tears toward going viral no matter how intricate (or dangerous) the latest trending challenge is. Take, for instance, the recent Celine Dion challenge that had TikTokers (including Mandy Moore) putting on their most melodramatic lip-sync performance. Or the #FlipTheSwitch challenge that saw Katie McKinnon and Senator Elizabeth Warren coordinating a perfectly-timed switch-up. But TikTok’s latest trend doesn’t require any bells and whistles in your performance or editing skills; the #OneThingAboutMe trend might just be TikTok’s easiest challenge ever.

True to its name, the challenge has seen TikTokers literally just explaining one (typically hilarious) thing about themselves. From exposing their gossiping habits, to offering rants defending their creature comforts, #OneThingAboutMe videos often pose a dissertation backing up or further explaining one’s quirk, set over a light jazz soundtrack. It’s the perfect come-as-you-are challenge that really just requires taking a quick selfie video and a dash of self-awareness.

The Origin Of The #OneThingAboutMe Trend

The #OneThingAboutMe format went viral in early April 2022. However, the general format was first created by @bugeater1101 as early as January 2021. A quick scroll through their profile will make it clear why TikTokers attribute @bugeater1101 as the creator of the trend: nearly all of their videos consist of text-heavy takes over a selfie video with light jazz playing in the background.

Unfortunately, as #OneThingAboutMe has taken off, many users haven’t given @bugeater1101 credit for originating the trend, and the creator has since distanced their account from the trend and its associated sound (which they used to frequently use in their content).

What Is The #OneThingAboutMe Trend?

Since gaining popularity, videos using the #OneThingAboutMe hashtag have garnered over 53 million views. Typically, the TikToks feature some kind of ultra-specific yet highly relatable trait.

Take, for instance, being a self-proclaimed diehard “floor person.” Or taking pride in being someone who “hasn’t seen it” — classic movies, popular shows, anything. Your “one thing” could be a random habit you’ve noticed, like your affinity for choosing the middle seat. Or, you could even share a personal philosophy, like always opting to be a “sauce girl.”

Most #OneThingAboutMe videos use the “Summer Background Jazz” sound and include a simple selfie video behind their text-heavy manifesto. Users also often format the paragraph with a series of follow-up questions and answers. (i.e., “One thing about me is I’m gonna follow TikTok trends. The #OneThingAboutMe trend? I will be posting one.”)

How To Do The #OneThingAboutMe Trend

Once you’ve got your “one thing” ready, the next steps are pretty simple. Just take a quick selfie video, add the Summer Background Jazz sound, and get to typing. Draft your paragraph beginning with, “One thing about me is,” and then describe your trait. Consider adding some follow-ups, like potential rebuttals to your argument, or questions you might be asked if your trait is truly bewildering. When your personal philosophy has been perfected, all you need to do is hit share and get ready for your fellow “sauce girls” (or whatever your quirk is) to flood the comments in support.

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