10 Personality Quizzes About Where To Live That Are Pretty Spot On

The results are super accurate.

10 Personality Quizzes About Where To Live That Are Actually Super Accurate
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I know firsthand that where you live can have a big impact on health and happiness, which is why choosing a place to live that makes you feel good is pretty important. Wondering how to decide? It might be as easy as taking a “where should I live” quiz. That's right, there are personality quizzes about where to live that are actually super accurate. Deciding where to live has a bigger impact on your state of being than you may realize. Where you live in relation to the state of your wellbeing is so vital that there's actually a term for it. It's called geospatial medicine. According to a study in the journal Health, Science, and Place: "Geospatial medicine provides physicians with a more precise clinical understanding about where patients live, work, and play, and how a patient’s movement and place history can reduce exposure or risks to environmental or social hazards that adversely personal health."

Certain mental and physical health problems can be related to the environment. For instance, if you have seasonal affective disorder (or SAD), you're probably not going to like living some place where it's rarely sunny, like London. If you suffer from migraine headaches, a super changeable or foggy climate, like New England or San Francisco, could result in more weather-related migraines, which is not going to add to your happiness. When deciding what state you should live in, turning to a tool like an online personality quiz can take all of your personal preferences and recommend a place to live where you'll be both healthy and happy. Want to get started? These personality quizzes about where to live are pretty spot on. And, I'm going to take them all so you can see just how accurate they are.




The Brainfall quiz about which U.S. state you should live in based on your preferences is scary accurate. In just eight questions about climate, topography, shopping, eating, and style, Brainfall determined that I should live in California, which is exactly where I moved five years ago. You can take the Brainfall quiz online is less than 10 seconds.



Livingly's quiz on where you should live asks some pretty extensive questions: Where you want to live, if you want kids, what your favorite sports are. After 25 questions and much contemplation, I got Los Angeles as an answer. As a city girl, I'm totally fine with this answer and pretty impressed. If you want to take a few minutes to break down what you really like and where you should live, you can take the quiz online.



The ProProfs quiz about where you should live based on your personality got a little more detailed. This quiz asks about everything from whether or not you like sports to your preference for getting around the city. I got Los Angeles, which is where I live. For me, this was 100 percent spot on. You can take the ProProfs quiz online faster than you can say Hollywood.



The Quizony test about where to live based on your personality is a little longer than the others quizzes. It asks pretty detailed questions about everything from your preferred alarm clock (my phone all day), to what you like to do on a first date to your political affiliation, which is pretty important. Again, this one was 100 percent accurate and determined that I should live in California. You can take the Quizony test online in about 90 seconds.



QuizExpo helps you discover the best place to live by asking 20 questions that factor in things like your sense of fashion style, weather, and all the other little quirks that we forget to think about when looking for a place to move (like which brands are privvy to the area that you're moving to). Take QuizExpo's Where Should I Live quiz.


TIME Magazine


OK, scratch what I said before. The TIME magazine quiz about where to live based on your personality was 100 percent inaccurate for me. Based on this quiz I should live in North Carolina; that's pretty unlikely to happen. See if you have better luck. Take the TIME quiz in 10 seconds flat.



The Kaplan quiz about where to live based on your personality also concluded that Los Angeles is the place for me. Seriously, come to L.A. Nothing is weird because everything is weird, and sometimes you see Lauren Graham while grocery shopping in Los Feliz or Lady Gaga when you're grabbing coffee in Malibu. Curious about your results? You can take the Kaplan quiz online in about a minute.



The MagiQuiz about where to live based on your personality also thinks I should live in North Carolina. Maybe I'll consider looking into it when I'm ready to enter the Golden Girls phase of my life and I decide it's time to live in a row of affordable tiny houses with my besties. You can take the MagiQuiz online faster than you can say Betty White.


My Real Personality City Personality Test

The My Real Personality City Personality Test is a short, 14-question quiz that asks everything from what you like to do in your spare time to your religious beliefs to determine which city is perfect for your personality. This test is short but mighty accurate as it said I should be living on the West Coast (aka the Best Coast). Take the My Real Personality City Test in under five minutes.


uQuiz has a quiz that can help determine which cities are best and worst for you to live in. The cool part about this quiz is that it can be pretty precise, because it asks you questions about what is important to you when it comes to the area you live in. These include your political beliefs, your preferred weather, and if you care for affordable housing. Then based on this, the quiz quickly compiles a list of cities for you and includes details on the city's safety, walkability, and population. I was shown cities like San Francisco, Berkeley, and Seattle, which I can totally see myself in. Try the quiz out for yourself and see if you can find the place you're destined to be.

Most of these quizzes don't factor in health issues, so before you pack your bags and head to Boise, make sure you do a lot of research, and visit your intended home first so you don't end up someplace meh instead of some place that stokes your mojo.