13 Super-Accurate Personality Quizzes That Reveal Where You Should Live

You might want to pack your bags.

by Brandi Neal, Syeda Khaula Saad and Lauren Grant
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10 Personality Quizzes About Where To Live That Are Actually Super Accurate
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It’s exciting to have the opportunity to move somewhere new. But when it actually comes down to choosing a city or state, the endless list of options can be overwhelming. Enter: personality quizzes that help you decide where to live.

These “Where should I live” quizzes ask a series of questions about your career goals, hobbies, and other lifestyle factors before offering a location that seems most suited to your preferences — and oftentimes the results are pretty accurate. If you’re a big going-out person, for example, then it stands to reason you’d be happiest in a bustling city instead of a quiet town. And if need to commute to work, you’ll probably want to live somewhere walkable or with great public transportation. The list of “musts” goes on and on.

While you can always make the most of where you are right now, moving somewhere more “you” could have a major impact on how you feel. In fact, there’s a term for this called geospatial medicine. According to a 2015 study published in the journal Health, Science, and Place, geospatial medicine helps physicians look at how their patients live, work, and play and how that affects their well-being.

When deciding on where you should live, a quick personality quiz can help you begin the process of narrowing down all your options so you end up somewhere that’ll help you to feel as content as possible. Want to get started? Here are 13 personality quizzes about where to live that feel so accurate, they’ll have you packing your bags in no time.



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Do you like cooler weather or sunny days? Are you a Whole Foods fan? What does your go-to outfit tend to look like? In just eight questions about climate, topography, shopping, eating, and style, Brainfall will help you determine which U.S. state is most likely to feel like home.



This personality quiz from Livingly covers simple things like your favorite foods and what you like to do on the weekends, as well as deeper questions to determine which city is your best fit. Answer all 30 Qs to find out which spot you should move to next. (The results are eerily accurate!)




The ProProfs quiz about where you should live based on your personality covers the basics, like what type of climate you prefer as well as how you like to get to work. While it may sound nit-picky, let’s face it — commuting really does have an impact on everyday life. If you’re a diehard subway fan, you’ll want to live in a city with great public transportation.



Next up is this quiz from HowStuffWorks. It asks your opinion on live music, your preference on the beach versus the mountains, and — perhaps most importantly — what pace of life feels most comfortable. It also asks this fun question to get an inside look at your psyche: “If your life were made into a story, what genre would it best fit into?”



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The Quizony test is a little longer than the others quizzes, but it’s well worth it. It asks pretty detailed questions including what qualities you look for in a home, where you like to vacation, and who you want to live with in the future. Do you see yourself living alone, with a partner, or maybe a group of artists? It all factors into where you might be most happy.


TIME Magazine

Another option is the “Mood Map: An Interactive Guide to the United States Of Attitude” from TIME magazine. It was designed by a multinational team of researchers led by psychologist and American expat Jason Rentfrow of the University of Cambridge, who wanted to define the regions of the U.S. more clearly. To do so, Rentfrow came up with state-by-state ratings of personality and temperament which, in theory, should give you a pretty accurate answer for where to live.



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While you’re at it, try this quiz from Buzzfeed. It asks about everything from your go-to TV show, a hobby you’d like to start, and even which historical figure you’d most like to meet. Your answers will lead you to the city that best fits those vibes.



Have time to answer 20 questions? Then try this QuizExpo quiz. It factors in things like your sense of style, the weather, and all the other little quirks that you might forget to consider when looking for a place to move. Hey, if you’re a Levi’s and T-shirts type of person, it really can say a lot about you!




The Kaplan quiz guides you through dream scenarios: In a perfect world, where would you work? What would you like to eat on your lunch break? And ideally, how would you like to spend your weekend? Add it all up and you’ll land on the town most likely to have those types of opportunities.



The MagiQuiz personality test declares that you don’t necessarily have to live in the same town forever, especially when there are so many towns and cities that could be a better fit. Answer questions about what you look for in a bar and how you’d spend an extra $100 to find your potential dream city.




This quiz from High Speed Internet asks you to click on a list of items that are important to you when it comes to where you live, and double click the ones that are positively essential. These include your political beliefs, your preferred weather, and if you care for affordable housing. It then quickly compiles a list of cities that match your needs, along with details on how safe the city is, its walkability, its population — and yes, whether it’s equipped with high-speed internet.


City Personality Test

The City Personality Test is a 14-question quiz that asks everything from what you like to do in your spare time to your religious beliefs to determine which city is the best match for your personality traits.




Now for a big one: If you’re considering moving abroad — especially if you now work from home — then this quiz from Zoo might help you zero in on the country that would be a good fit.

For the best results, answer each question truthfully, instead of putting what you think you should say, and you’ll get one step closer to figuring out which area is the best fit for you.

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