Your Guide To Harnessing Scorpio Season’s Intense Energy

Embrace your power this month.

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It’s a good time for Taylor Swift to re-release Red, because Scorpio season 2021 will have all of us in our feels. We’ll move into the water sign on Oct. 23. The month will be prime time to think about personal transformations. Read on for more do’s and don’ts for Scorpio season.

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DO: Indulge In Your Sensual Side

Scorpio is ruled by the eighth house, so don't hold back in terms of exploring pleasure during Scorpio season. Pencil in sultry date nights with your partner and test out new moves or toys. And remember, solo dates can be just as steamy.

DO: Explore Your Passions

As Mars, the planet of action and passion, moves into desire-driven Scorpio on Oct. 30, expect an extra oomph of inspiration in your interests, whether that's sewing or hiking. This season is all about losing yourself in what brings you joy.

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DO: Communicate With Sensitivity

Scorpios are known for being motivated by their emotions, so the collective may be particularly sensitive — especially as Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into this sign on Nov. 5. Be extra mindful of your words and speak with empathy.

DO: Connect With The Mystical

Pluto-ruled Scorpio is all about the supernatural world. It's a great time to get acquainted with all things magical by visiting local metaphysical shops, exploring tarot, or following your cosmic curiosity through a personalized astrology reading.

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DON’T: Avoid Your Emotions

Scorpios have earned the nickname "the deep feeler" for good reason. Your intentions and actions may feel emotionally charged during this season, so it's a good idea to sit with them. Opt for nights indoors to reflect through journaling.

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DON’T: Suppress Your Power

We’ll shift from mellow energy to an edgier mindset as Mars, the planet of aggression, moves out of Libra and into Scorpio on Oct. 30. Channel your strength through exercise, meditation, or adding bold pieces to your wardrobe to assert your power.

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DON’T: Respond With Impassioned Emotions

You may feel extra receptive to your feelings, which may cause you to react hastily to certain emotions, especially with Mercury and Mars in Scorpio. Step back and assess your moods rather than react to others the heat of the moment.