6 Sex Education Costume Ideas To Try This Halloween

Because who doesn’t want to be Jean Milburn for the night?

After an almost two-year wait, Sex Education finally returned for season three in September and took no time at all in reaching Netflix’s top spot. Following a group of students at Moordale High (a fictional British school with a distinctly American vibe), the show takes an open and honest approach to sexual desires, relationships, identity, and growing up, which has resulted in a loyal legion of fans.

But it’s not just the storylines that has kept fans interested for three seasons. Sex Education is known for its bold beauty looks and enviable fashion assembles, with the students of Moordale High managing to look far chicer than we ever did during our teenage years (well, at least until Hope introduced school uniforms).

With this in mind, it’s likely that fans of the show may be inspired by Sex Education’s characters for Halloween 2021. Although distinctly un-scary, the looks from Sex Education are fun, on-trend, and pretty easy to pull together. To get you started, we’ve created guides on how to dress like six of the Sex Education characters, starting with a typical Moordale High student (post-Hope, that is). Then we have specific looks for Maeve Wiley, Otis Milburn, Ruby Matthew, Lily Iglehart, and – lastly – Jean Milburn (because who wouldn’t want to look like her for the night?). Below you’ll find suggestions for all the clothes and accessories you need plus information about where to find beauty routines for some the characters.

1. A Moordale High Student


Sadly, there is no official Moordale High uniform available to buy but the outfit itself is easy to recreate. The collection below is for the girls’ uniform but just switch out the necktie for a grey tie, customised with yellow and red ribbon, for a boys or gender neutral costume. You can also customise the blazer with red ribbon.

2. Maeve Wiley


Though her style has been dampened down in season three by Faith’s oppressive uniform regulations, we will always remember Maeve’s iconic ‘bad girl’ outfit and bright hair colour from season one. Grab a leather skirt, and a leather jacket, fishnet tights, boots, hoop earrings, some necklaces, and (if you’re fully committed) a bit of pink hair dye and you’ve got yourself a classic Maeve look. And if you want to go above and beyond, you can find out about how Sex Education’s make up artist created Maeve’s make up aesthetic – including what products she used – here.

3. Otis Milburn


Otis is known for two things: his insightful sex advice and what Ruby deemed to be a “hideous” jacket that he always wear. eBay sellers have got you covered with a near-perfect recreation of the jacket – just pair it with a colourful striped shirt and some brown khakis and you’ll have Otis Milburn down.

4. Ruby Matthews


Grab anything colourful and you can become the iconic Ruby Matthews but she looks particularly good in yellow so grab a white jumpsuit, yellow blazer, a pink bag for lipstick, phone, and maybe a dog, plus round sunglasses and hoop earrings and you’ll be the most popular person in school this Halloween. Find out more about Ruby’s make up looks here.

5. Lily Iglehart


Lily’s fashion is all about layering bold colours and kooky patterns. Start with a polo neck and build up from there – not forgetting a few unique accessories and maybe a nod to the extra terrestrial, too. Find out more about Lily’s make up looks here.

6. Jean Milburn


While there is no way to embody the iconic Gillian Anderson, you can try to do so by becoming Jean Milburn. Wine glass in hand, just wear a bright coloured dress and a white/blonde wig that you can style like hers, and make sure to throw in some ‘therapy speak’ too. Find out more about Jean’s make up looks here.